ITSF World champs and World Cup report

 photo 0ivka: Nerd female grinder on her way to the top.. https://instagram.com/0ivka/
Last week I was playing the world championships in table soccer and World cup - nations team competition..

We arrived Monday evening after 14 hours in car to Torino and Tuesday we were walking the center.. Torino is beautiful city with about 2M people and it was pretty crowdy everywhere.. and the traffic there is so so crazy :D the view on the mountains behind the city is so awesome.. 

 Torino city

Wednesday was a first playing day, but it was only the warm-up day. The most important day for me was Thursday, when I was playing the Women Singles event qualification, Women doubles qualification and then singles elimination. I had big ambitions and get through the singles qualification so easy, but after 16 qualification matches without eating I was really tired and exhausted.. Then I played first elimination match against the Swiss girl which I won against in qualification but I hadnt enough power to beat her again and she was one of the most experienced girls there. The other day we were playing against Swiss in the women nations competition and I beat her 8:7 and 5:0 and that was the best moment of the tournament :P here is the photo of that match and some others. There will be more photos from the event later..
Cindy Moser

women doubles

slovakiaAnd the Slovak national team at the ceremony :D

Slovak men national team ended with the second place in the division 2 at they were so close to win :) @WWO16 is the guy with the trophy :)

We left Torino at Monday morning and the journey was neverending.. We travelled 16 hours by car with the stop in Bibione to get some lunch and we had to jump to the sea and it was soooo cooold!! 18°C and windy weather :D 

Now I can come back to grind and focus only on that :) maybe I will write some post about poker soon, beacuse I havent been posting much this year. GL to everyone!

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