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As I promised, here is my new and my first blog post. It will be about my current situation, goals, activities out of poker, etc. :) For those who don't know me I am 22 year old girl from little country Slovakia and I am trying to do my best in poker and I play as a full-time player from March.

There have been several changes. I'll start with the most important one, that I have changed format and moved to 6max hypers. My stacker offered me to start playing 6maxes from the beginning of the next year, but as I was thinking about that more, I made some calcs and realize that if I'll start right now, I can shot SNE next year. First tables, I was probably the biggest fish on the tables and had problems with 6-tabling while I used to play 17 tables on 9m hypers :) I felt really bad, didn't have a clue about what I am exactly doing and what ranges I should play and so on.. And the results was pretty same as my game, terrible :D .. But I reviewed every session, had some coachings and now its a lot better and I know better what I am doing :) My biggest goal now is to work on my game hard and I want to beat 30s and 60s pre-rb next year, where very good regs are playin. :)

As most of you know, physical condition is also very important to focus and higher your winrate. There is nothing comfortable when you want to play your A-game 6-8hours a day with an awful pain in your back, what lower you focus and taking sooo much energy.. So I decided to work out again, I hired the best Slovakian crossfit woman and also World champ in karate as my personal trainer :) so I am client of Optimum performance training now. It is program created by James Fitzgerald, winner of the first Crossfit Games in 2007 and we have only 2 OPT coaches here in Slovakia.  So I am going to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I am sure it will help me with my SNE goal :) and maybe I will go to some competition as an athlete next year if the progress will be so good, who knows :D

As I am a Slovak Foosball Champion, I would like to go to some World championship series and I want to go to some EPT (I don't know why and what to play, but I want to go there :D if anyone is interested in stacking me, let me know :D ). In April we are going to Torino to represent Slovakia to World Cup (National team competition in foosball where only National champs are allowed to play).

Btw, this girl is my idol last 3 years, this year CF Games champ :) for me it is very inspiring and motivational video.


Also I want to work on my mental game more, I read some books about psychology, a lot of books about nutrition, now I read Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman and I have some other books which I want to read :)

I'm thinking about making some blog about my journey to SNE, training in a gym, mental game, foosball, books, life, maybe nutrition etc.. let me know if you are interested in :) I believe it can be some kind of motivation for some of you and also it would be motivating for me to complete my goals. 

I wish you good luck at the tables and I hope you will write down some ideas or feedback. Thanks :)

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