Shit that annoys me

I decided to write a blog about what non-poker people say to me about poker that annoys me.

Im sure you all have been there. You tell someone you play poker, and they ask you a dumb question. Or people you´re already friends with say something about poker that´s either offensive or just not true. Well I decided to make a blog about it. Here are the top 3 things that annoy me:

3. Hand histories

Contrary to the popular belief, I don´t care about the one time you played a $1 poker tournament with your friends. What I really hate about hand histories is that people don´t really wanna know what you think about the hand and whether they played it well. They just kinda tell you the hand as a way of keeping the conversation going. And what I find quite amusing is when they tell me "Man, I lost like 20k chips.". Like that fucking matters. When I ask "What were the blinds?", they look at you like you´re retarded.

When someone tells me they work as a cashier in a supermarket, I dont tell them about the one time I sold a chewing gum to the class retard. When someone tells me they are a lawyer, I dont tell them about the one time I was arguing with my mom and won. So, please, if I tell you I play poker, dont tell me about the one time you lost a hand.

2. "Dude, just stop playing and go out"

A friend calls you, asks what youre doing and you say "Playing poker". People think it´s the same as "Watching tv" or "jerking it". They dont understand that you can also have some goals or commitments, although not to someone else, but to yourself. They think I make money playing poker just by default. They probably think I dont even need to play at all, I can just go out every day and money will just magically appear in my bank account. 

1. "How much money do you make?"

This is my least favourite question in the world. When you meet someone for the first time and they tell you their job, you dont ask them how much they make. Its too personal, its awkward and its just not ok. But, when it comes to poker, people feel incredibly at ease when asking this question, as if Im obligated to answer. And when I say "Thats kinda personal, isnt it?", they dont even think they did anything wrong.

What are your least favourite things people say/ask? Do you have a similar experience, or am I just friends with retards? 

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