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we usually see graphics and huge profits here in tiltbook, but how is the day a day of the players? come and read the summary of my year!

 For the first time, I reached the supernova status. It isnt easy, thousands fail when trying to manage but thousands make it also, and it is only 1/10 of whats needed in VPPs to reach supernova elite. And now I will tell in detail how was my year so far, and likely my goals for the future.
  In January I didnt know exactly if I follow the rest of the year playing poker full time or would split time with a college. It was worse than I thought, if I dont pass in college, would also not sure that would follow full time on poker.I unfortunately not spent for UFRGS, and happily they accepted me playing poker for the rest of the year.

  My first goal was to be top at some Sharkscope ranking, in the beginning I battled for second place against other regular satellites as "44hell44" and was always behind  "MAPA3MATuK" at count in sngs. Unfortunately the month of January wasnt very good within the limits above $3.75, but the bankroll continued to grow and in February I tried to move up to the $ 18.75.
  My bankroll bordered the $2k, and in the first day I've faced one down then up of 30 buyins. On the second day came the horrible news who could have finished with my future in poker:
  I removed the picture from google, but it is the same image that appears when you go broke. When she appeared I was still with about 20 open tables and didnt know if I cry, break everything, abandon the tables or try to recover some of the money. Fortunately I held back and ended up with about $350. My desire to die was too big, I wondered why it happened to me every passing moment ...
  So I decided to create this blog and begin playing sngs of $3.75 to get $20k, and try at all costs get supernova elite.Again things didnt start as I wanted, I got 10k sngs breakeven, which made ​​me leave the satellites. I tried to play 6 max hyper turbos 25BBs, even went well, but I was not a big fan of this type and I ended up returning to the satellites.
  I built my bankroll up to $3.5K, and then one day opening the Maisev forum (from brazil) in order to just open a topic for people follow me and bring me greater motivation, I saw I had a chance to open a prop bet. Quickly all the action I could cast off ($3k) was reserved, and the bet happened.
  I will not speak much about this because I've some specific posts in my blog (www.hyperturbos.blogspot.com). The point I want to emphasize is the difficulty in winning at poker. On the first day of the bet, I ended up with more than $500 of damage, having to rescue the vip stellar rewards' money to keep playing the next day. The downswing prevailed for 15 days of bet, I get exactly 30k of sngs breakeven. I didnt give up, I coudnt give up, then I moved on and found a huge upswing ahead, making me end with $4k profit on bet!
  After the bet, I rested only for 3 days, so you can see my desire to win and achieve my goals, and then started playing sngs from $ 6 to $ 18.75, but now with much more bankroll to handle the variance. Pratically three months since the bet went, I played 36k sngs fault of the smaller number of tables opening in the higher buyins sngs, and also the highest number of hours I spend studying, and I still cant settle down in these values.
  The whole year I was tested, I broke, I suffered when I couldnt stop playing even for a day, and now I am $5k below EV, which is almost $300 buyins of the highest value that I play, and more than 470 average buyins. What I learned is that we cant give up our dreams, I've thought a thousand times what would have happened to me in poker if I had taken a different course, but are just thoughts, I chose and took this course and today if I have some bankroll it was because of my choices back there. What I will say is that you shouldnt give up, there are thousands of players giving coach and much material on the internet to help people to get started in the game. No pain no gain.
  Now my biggest goal is try to make improvements in my strategy and try to slightly decrease the variance. So soon you will see me playing satellites of $37.50.  Now that I reached the supernova, my goals are few, most of them are already listed with the next year, but I know that if I stop now or decrease my yield, I can  derail my goals for 2015. Sorry for the giant post and thanks for following my blog, good luck to all!
p.s.: sorry for my english, he isnt very good. :(
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