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6max hyper/turbo, MTT grinder Degenerate Alcoholic


502 days ago
Good old days.. Hello xxxx, We are writing to inform you that we have suspended your chat privilege for 24 hours as a result of your chat on 2010/05/01. Name-calling and disparaging remarks about another member's race, nationality, gender, or sexual preference is against the Card Room Rules. When asterisks are seen during chatting, it is a warning that what is being put into the chatbox is not allowed. Using spaces or other characters, or otherwise defeating the censor is a violation of the Card Room Rules. Your chat privilege will be reinstated automatically once the suspension period is over. There is no need to write to support. Our goal at PokerStars is to be a fun place to play, where everyone can feel comfortable. Abuse and other disruptions to the games takes away from everyone's enjoyment, and therefore will not be tolerated. We thank you for your cooperation. Regards, PokerStars Chat Moderation Team The following chat was observedty f4g 1D10T make me make me son lmao

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