Crushing SNGs in 2016

 photo AndyUK18: Mid/High Stakes 6max Hypers
A bit about me and my poker career...

My name is Andy, i'm from the UK, unfortunately not 18 anymore.

Pretty much started as most poker players do by depositing a few $ and donking around at NL5 and going to casino with friends. This changed after I graduated uni and really did not feel ready to dive into the 9-5 rl grind so decided to try and make a go at playing poker seriously (around late 2012/early 2013). At this point my knowledge of poker was pretty much limited to roughly knowing the value of my starting hands and being a massive nit.

My main game was the 6max sng on ipoker jumping from skin to skin rakebackwhoring. All I can remember from this time was how lolbad the structure was, going from average 70bb stacks at level 1 to average 5bb stacks in about 5mins. Just insanity. I was v bad at poker at this stage but still managed to make a couple Ks a month from the rakeback. Not being satisfied with my progress/prospects on ipoker I decided to jump ship to Stars and try out the hyper turbos on there instead.

Started right at the bottom in the 1.50s which where a total ****show and quickly moved to the $7 games. After a couple months of grinding $7s and $15s as a small winner I was lucky enough to meet the right people and got accepted into a startup stable coached by, without doubt, the best 6max hyper player in the world. With the knowledge available and a bunch of other guys with the same mindset to talk strat with I went from beating the $15 games to $500 games within a year. Unfortunately ran disgustingly bad at the $1k hypers and had to rethink where my career was headed as I was not mentally prepared to get hit by such big swings. I think the downsing really hit me hard and for a long time i just did not want to play poker. As a result my 2015 volume was extremely poor.

Fast forward to 2016 and spins + the death of SNE has seriously hurt the hyper turbos. It's kind of a wake up call to the volatility of this weird profession we have chosen and there really is no time to waste. That being said, here are my goals for the rest of 2016:

Play 12,500 more SNGs
Man up and start playing higher stakes
Start a stable

August goals

3000 SNGs
100 MTTs
Get the stable ball rolling

Anyway, tl:dr here's some giraffes.











(lolsample but they soooft)


Thanks for reading!

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