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fulixas: What 3 words describes in poker? :)
August 27, 2013 19:37
Calculated, free and obsessive
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:04
Scarmaker: Hey Stephen, first of all, thanks a lot for doing this! :) I wonder how, as a MTT player do you deal with the fact that you rarely have a significant history with most of your players and there are not probably THAT many stats/notes you can use. Have you tried to develop any kind of a "general" strategy or approach towards unknowns?
August 27, 2013 19:45
Hi Scar, no worries - I love talking about Poker! With regards to your question, there is a lot of factors in poker and stats/notes is just one of them...the trick is to realise what factors are important in each situation and correctly analyse the data you do have, people's bet sizing give a lot more information away about people's holding than lots of people notice and you can also pick up information from using sharkscope or things like people's alias' (who is more likely to play aggressive "OldmanBill72" with a picture of a child as his profile picture, or "Checkraise93" with two guns as his profile picture). Generally to stay out of trouble though in unknown situations though, here's some old school guidelines: Small size pot? Small hand. Middle size pot? Middle hand. Big size pot? Big hand. I don't really have a set poker strategy because it evolves all the time and I change it depending on lots of factors, such as stack size/opponents/etc.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:12
PokerJocko: Pros and cons of Online and Live MTTs? (In your opinion)
August 28, 2013 00:12
Hi PokerJocko :) Hmmm...on line you can play a lot more games at a time (I'm not stimulated enough only playing one game!), can start whenever you like, you have a bigger schedule to choose from and can play in the comfort of your own living/office/bedroom (where ever you are most likely to get into the "zone"), you don't have to worry about live tells or people seeing you sweat out a big bluff etc. The two biggest advantages that on line players have over live players is that they can accurately review hands using poker tracking software and they can accumulate a vast amount of playing experience in a short periods of time (which also helps to manage variance). The disadvantages of playing on line is that it is pretty anti-social and you can easily fall into a self dwelling, beard growing, sun evasive degenerate...so for anyone planning on playing on line poker for a living - make sure you have a good poker/life balance planned! Live poker is more social, and for me personally its more fun to win a live tournament (for some reason it feels more rewarding), for live pro's: generally the fields are a lot weaker live than on line due to the reasons above and obviously you get the live read's available to you (however so does your opponent, so be sure to study up on this so that you have an edge!). The big con for me about live games though is that I find it hard to stay stimulated and play my best, also the amount of games you can play over a period of time is significantly lower which impacts your profit margins. I do a few live games, like in Vegas or sometimes a GSOP/EPT/UKIPT (I try to satellite into these then consider it a holiday :D I love travelling, won a tournament in Morrocco on 888 the other day lol!)...mostly play on line though.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:28
AceKing9999: How many times have you gone completely broke over the course of your poker career? :) need to win 20 $ :))
August 28, 2013 12:22
Hi Aceking (suited or unsuited?). Just one measly time...sigh it was pretty bitter, I quit my job not to play poker but just because I didn't like being in an office and after playing poker for a bit decided to live in Vegas for a few months playing poker every day (my friends gave me some money).....unfortunately I didn't do too well and the next 2-3 years of my life I had to accept the consequences of this with pretty significant impacts on my day-to-day lifestyle. However I am happy that it happened, because I learnt a lot from it and almost feel it was necessary (for me personally, maybe not for other people) otherwise I wouldn't be the poker player I am today. If you need to win the $20 then sounds like you need the same lesson lol :)
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:32
AceKing9999: If you could sit down and play a game of poker with any five people in the world (living or deceased), who would you pick?
August 28, 2013 12:22
hmm Derrenbrown definately, I bet he has some jazz that could spice up my game! Megan Fox...but it would have to be strip poker, then Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson to learn from and test my skills - and finally Eli Elezra (ehhyy I need fish there so I can potentially win some $$$!). Stu Ungar would also be pretty interesting to play against.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:36
AceKing9999: What is the most dangerously deceiving starting hand for an amateur player in Texas Holdem? When I say dangerous, I mean most likely to make a stupid call when they have no business calling?
August 28, 2013 12:23
Hmm good questions, I want to answer it in 3 parts: Firstly, you paid the buy in, it's your game, you can do what you like...don't let other people tell you that you "can't do this" or "you should do this" - you are free to do what you like with what hands you play, what bet sizes you do, etc. (+if you do what everyone else's tells you...then how are you going to win eh?). Stupid is what stupid does, what's your business is your business, you can do what you like :) The second part is about understanding the strengths and weaknesses of starting cards, where they play well - which ones are good for say 3 betting (if the starting cards even matter) and which ones are good for potentially barrelling, which ones are good for implied odds, etc. and a lot of starting cards strengths and weakness are impacted by the effective stacks and the villains in the hand, it is quite an in-depth topic. The third part is, to answer your question without being complicated: any non-premium hands where you will be out of position post flop.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:43
atunazzz: What was first, Chicken or egg?
August 28, 2013 12:28
Chicken after evolving from a monkey
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:44
steliansis: When you were an amateur and got tilted how did you managed to get up and continue playing poker
August 28, 2013 13:06
Hi Steliansis, I have a massive passion for poker that has driven to me to play whether I'm winning or losing (so I'm probably just an addict lol! To defend myself what interests me about poker is not the gambling aspect but the fact that there is so much to learn and I feel that I can always improve)...however to be more specific, the way I deal with running bad and losing streaks, etc. is to review my poker goals and focus my energy on factors that I can control. For example at the end of a session, I review how I played, where I could have improved, what mistakes I made and try to figure out why I made those mistakes. Sometimes I can walk away from a session of say 10-15 MTTs without cashing any but feeling really happy because I feel that I played well and am improving in the areas I want to improve in and am working towards my goals....there is only a certain amount of energy your brain can apply (you can increase this by having good health, preparing, working on mental game etc.) - worrying about bad beats or elements that you cannot control is just imo: wasted energy. It is important to be honest with yourself though when reviewing and although horrible to do, mark up then watch back your mistakes (preferably with a competent poker playing friend) and learn from them (or you will keep making the same mistakes). You are responsible for your own success! I get frustrated a lot more by my own mistakes than by bad beats. I highly recommend watching this video from youtube about the mental game of poker and reading the guy's books (Jared Tendler): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyuXKei6gIU
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:47
Scarmaker: I always admired those who play MTTs full-time as you always have to deal with the biggest of swings and the longest of sessions :D I wonder why did you pick MTTs despite this? Both ring games and sngs seem much much more flexible... and comfortable too.
August 28, 2013 14:00
Scarmaker: Guys, do not forget to check out Stephen's coaching thread at http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/187/tournament-sng-poker-coach-listings/1-1-online-mtt-coaching-1322423/ !
August 28, 2013 14:00
Hmm, yes :)
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:49
darrenyuan: What will you do when you have QQs UTG at the first hand of a MTT?
August 28, 2013 16:44
QQ's are pretty good...raise ! :D Maybe 3x bb? I wouldn't get too excited postflop or if I was three bet preflop though, especially multi-way....subject to how deep you start. First hand of a cheap rebuy tournament I'd probably just ship it or limp then ship.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:56
JCC: Why is being sponsored "backed" better than using your own money
August 28, 2013 16:47
Good question: I wouldn't necessarily say "better", it depends on your personal goals and ambitions, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. For some people it's better, for some its not. The main disadvantage of being backed is you are obviously giving away a % of your profits and maybe rake/bonuses. The two main advantages of being backed though; first is the fact that your bankroll is managed for you (which means you can focus more energy on playing/improving) by someone who believes in you/has the same goal as you: which is to make as much profit as possible and pursue your continuously improvement, and it is also important to realise/accept that your bankroll is being managed by someone who, although their understanding of poker strategy may not be as good as yours, their understanding of business and money management may well be far superior - especially if they are backing/managing a lot of players (if you are not being backed, then having a good understanding of this will help sustain your poker long term, "treat your poker as a business" by Dusty Schmidt is good book on this topic). The second main advantage, which I think is under-valued/neglected a lot is the amount of resources a backer provides to help you improve (and if this is not available then request it!) in forms of a poker community of winning players to discuss hands with/forums/articles/software/videos/coaching/etc. This is invaluable to a serious poker player! Another point is that you may be able to play bigger buy in games that you would be uncomfortable or unable to afford without a backer.
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 19:52
psrenna: Why doesn't anyone fold anything better than King high in MTTs?
August 28, 2013 17:15
Hmm I can't answer for these king-high self proclaimed hero-callers, but what I can suggest is that if you find a player that is calling with king high...then try to avoid bluffing him and instead value bet him with ace high ;) Also review the lines you have taken in the pots were you have seemingly been hero called and make sure your line makes sense (to your opponent...not to you). Some advice I read a long time ago, I can't remember where from, but it was along the lines of asking yourself these questions before calling or making a bet: Is he capable of bluffing? (if not what is he value betting?), and is he capable of being bluffed? (if not then quit bluffing him yo!?!) glglgl
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 20:01
steliansis: Who is your poker idol and why? If you can have the chance to play in whatever live tournament you want which one will you choose? Is there a poker pro which you doesnt like at all?
August 28, 2013 19:31
Phil Ivey is a ledge! although I feel his passion for the game has faded a bit now and he is more interesting in promoting "Ivey Poker". However Phil Galfond I have recently grown a lot of respect for, just to note from watching interviews and reading blogs, etc. the most common trait of successful poker players is the fact that they have an open mind and discuss hands regularly with other top players - Phil Galfond says he was discussing hands with Tom Dwan while working his way up the ranks....unfortunately we don't all have a Tom Dwan in our neighbourhood lol:) but if you really want something, you can make it happen. A Poker player I'm not too keen on is Phil Hellmuth, yea he's a good player but the guy is such a Douche! ...He's probably alright and just does it for TV / to make the game more fun :)
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 20:10
Scarmaker: Can you name any biggest "aha" moments when it came to your understanding of key elements of the game?
August 28, 2013 19:43
Loads! Usually in the shower, on the toilet or when my GF is chatting garbage - then when my brain turns off something suddenly makes sense. I think the best one was realising that if I focus my energy on always improving my poker then everything else will just fall into place (it covers everything, bankroll management, strategy, mental game)
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 20:04
nicusor93: What means for you poker? And what it's your advice for us, how you must start? Cash games / sng / mtt ? Your opinion. Thanks a lot, hi from Romania !:)
August 28, 2013 19:47
Hi Nicusor from Romania :D Poker means just about everything to me! (although I do have other hobbies like bboying, chess n playing guitar, so I'm not a complete degenerate), if I could go back to starting over with my experience now - the first thing I'd do would be read the Jared Tendler book's on the mental game of poker (1&2) and place myself in the right situation to understand how to learn and improve fast and effectively. Then have a quick check on guidelines about bankroll management on line (although remember you don't have to do what people say, do what suits you best, everyone is unique and you can't be a leader of a pack if you are a sheep) and start with low stakes cash....from Cash/MTTs/SNGs I think cash will be the hardest to beat, but if you can beat it you will find yourself with very sound foundations for transitioning into other types of poker (whichever you enjoy most) due to the deepstack and multi street play - in my opinion cash is influenced least out of the three by variance because less decisions are influenced by your stack/blinds size. Good luck !
 photo 24Caliber August 28, 2013 20:41
Andre: Hi there Stephen. I have a couple of questions: 1. Who is the craziest poker player you have ever played against at a poker table? 2. Can you give a specific example of something crazy they did?
August 28, 2013 20:07
fulixas: Hi , stephen ! We all now everyone wants to get these 20 $ from TiltBook. And I want . And i dont ask many questions just a several. When do you started playing poker? What was the most memorable and the most shocking moment in your poker career? And what is poker in your life ? Hope get the answer soon :) Good Luck at the tables :)
August 28, 2013 20:15
Scarmaker: AskThePRO with Stephen 24caliber Burt is now officially over! Thanks a lot Stephen for doing this as well as thank you all for participating! The winner of $20 for best question posted will be announced tommorow! :)
August 28, 2013 22:09
24Caliber: Hi all, thanks for your questions - sorry I wasn't able to answer them all in time. If you'd like to consider coaching, my profile details are here: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/187/tournament-sng-poker-coach-listings/1-1-online-mtt-coaching-1322423/ and you can book sessions here: http://www.meetme.so/stephenburt Thanks and GL at the tables :D
August 28, 2013 22:42
Nomad: Hi, which MTT are the best for play?
August 29, 2013 19:05
Nuca: What made you choose poker? Tell about your poker career... how young you were when you decided to play poker? How did you started your poker career? Tell me about your up and downs, please! :)
August 30, 2013 20:57
Nuca: Whats the best way to start a poker career?
August 30, 2013 20:58
Nuca: What tournament tactic you recommend for amateurs?
August 30, 2013 21:00
Nuca: Has your poker career changed your social life? If yes, how?
August 30, 2013 21:01
landtuga: hello I started in poker will shortly ee've done several loads and never have been lucky to have already got $ 40 bankroll and lose forever this I wonder if you also perdias to start and how much of it recovered and is sometimes discouraging play sometimes with bad beats beside me they have luck and sometimes get angry and stupid and lose game hands ever think that poker is more a game and it is not necessary intelligence to see guys so dumb to play and win expect an answer.
August 31, 2013 17:03

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