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Trki: Let me welcome you at tiltbook! Its so awesome that you will be in AskThePRO. My question is: are you even human? 440K profit in SNGs? :D No kidding... :) Have you sometimes feeling that you hate poker ?? Lets say during very ugly downswing :)
April 8, 2013 20:23
Yes, as in any job, there are tough days. Luckily i only had 1 losing month sofar in 5-6 years but some days are horrible when you cant win. Even if i win but make too many mistakes it can be annoying as well. There are also great days when everything goes well or when I won a big tourney. But when I quit usually 10 minutes later i feel happy again.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:36
masuronike: What do you do with your poker income? Do you invest that money or just have it in your bank account?
April 9, 2013 07:37
I invested most of the money in an appartment and spend a lot enjoying life. I also like travelling and my fiance likes clothes:-). I also put some on a savings account and kept most of the money of Pokerstars account because I can never be sure someone will hack my account.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:33
fabinhofbo: Precisa ter nivel superior pra ser profissional do poker?
April 9, 2013 15:42
Spanish is not my first or second language but i will try to answer the question. The question is in my opinion (with help of translating program) what should be the level of a pokerplayer to be a proffessional player?There are different proffessional pokerplayers. Players that make millions a year and players that barely win enough to rent an appartment. I see poker as topsport and most topsporters earn an income that is higher then the average. If you can earn more money then the average income in your country for a period of 1 year and winning almost every month i consider you as a proffessional.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:45
wrto: Where do you think is the line between gambling and responsible playing in poker? DHave you ever crossed the line?
April 9, 2013 18:19
If you play for money that you dont have then you are not responsible. you should not be depressed after losing some money. if you do i would advise to either quit or play lower stakes. i was (am) trying for supernova elite (i am still in the running) and doing great in january at the highest stakes and terrible in february. I decided to move down because otherwise i might not have enough money for my wedding in june and honeymoon. I always take care of enough money and if poker is going terrible i play less and coach a little bit more. I never felt i crossed the line, because i could always lose all the games that i played without having any money problems
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:30
duvan606: I am glad you too like tennis which is is the most important thing you say to your students so they are a good poker players and what is the best strategy for someone just starting to play poker
April 9, 2013 19:19
if you just started yoy should play relaxed and enjoy the games. don't play stakes were you feel bad if you lose. there is so much information about poker on the internet. sites like this one, 2+2, jaxtrawpoker. The most important thing is that you think about the game and review your games. This way there is a big chance you learn from the mistakes and a lot of good players say poker is the game were you win if you make the least mistakes
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:25
Pelajas: Would love to hear an interview from this guy.Also would be nice to have an article about his sucess and some wise words about sNg
April 9, 2013 21:27
I will ask Masuronike if he is willing to do that
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
masuronike: What is the best advice for losing player who want to be winning one? Do you coach losing/starting players or just winning one who want to win much more?
April 10, 2013 07:06
Most losing players don't take coaching because that costs money and they don't want to use a part of their bankroll because it is already small. I would advise them to take coaching adn move down in stakes. The best players can win a lot of money at lower stakes as well, so there is a good chance a student will win that money back and more. The longterm is way more important
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:22
riorei: What time u play usually and which limits? would like to play against u some sng-s.
April 10, 2013 12:19
i play between 9.00 in the morning and 23.00 in the evening. Maybe 3 hrs a day on average and it can be any time. I plan poker around my coaching and social life. I play between 30 and 300s these days. depends on the action. soemtimes there are worser players at the highest stakes and sometimes worsser on the lower stakes
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:19
Seda16: You came across alot of students. With who you enjoyed the work most? Is there anyone that you looked forward to every lesson? Who is the best student that you had?
April 10, 2013 12:35
The students that showed their appreciation and the ones that were easy going i liked the most. It is nice if the talking is not only about poker. Ofcourse I don't charge a students that talk for 10 minutes about his honeymoon. The first name that came up was simon belanger, an allround pokerplayer that seems to enjoy live a lot.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:04
oKiNeK: Hi,how much time do(or did) spend with playing and studying (icmizer,review your HHs etc). I mean in %,60/40 etc
April 10, 2013 17:33
It is hard to say how much time I spend by studying the game, because sometimes i review sessions even if i am watching TV or in bed. Every hour I am coaching + preparations I also consider as studying. I read a lot of pokerbooks, worked with all kinds of programs and worked out my own strategy as well. If I should guess it is probably 70-30% (70% playing)
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 19:59
Meda1985: How do you deal with it, when you come across that extreme never-ending extremely bad variation? Time off, volume, do nothing different and wait for it to stop or something else?
April 10, 2013 19:45
time off definitely helps. i start working on my game and sometimes take some days off poker. i try to figure out if i am playing bad or just running bad or both
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 19:55
Toriun: Your first bankroll, and show your bankroll then you play?
April 10, 2013 19:49
i deposited around 50 bugs on pokerstars around 8 years ago and started playing 5 and 10 dollar buyin tourneys and SNG's
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 19:49
oKiNeK: What is most important to focus on 6max HT and be better player? I heard in vid's ILS007 that many players r so much focusing on ICM and some pushing charts.
April 10, 2013 19:54
lostInADream: How long did it take you to move from the micro stakes to the high buy-in games? What would you say was the key factor in achieving your success? Also, what would be your most important piece of advice for someone wanting to improve their game and move up purely playing hyper-turbo husngs? Thanks.
April 10, 2013 19:56
oKiNeK: Did u have coach? or some1 who helped u a lot?
April 10, 2013 20:02
I did not have a coach. But coached a lot of excellent players and worked together with LykD for a period and discussed strategy
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:02
oKiNeK: Who do u think r best sng players (6max/HU) these days?
April 10, 2013 20:03
Probably the ones on top of the leaderbords would be the best answer but I can mention a few players were i had huge problems against in HU: Skaiwalkurr, Treezer, Maverick, V2Tthe3. A few players in 6max turbo that i like are AndyAFC, Bigstealer, Fricirics and Nemmad. In 6max hyper I like AAwise.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:09
dexon303: Hi bernardc,
In your opinion, who are the best poker players of today?
April 10, 2013 20:09
Online I think the hu players are good in postflop and most of them are doing also very good in other games like Serkules, Treezer. I don't look too much poker on the TV so not sure who are best live
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
oKiNeK: What is your biggest advantage (postflop play I guess) and leak?
April 10, 2013 20:17
Thanks for your input. Postflop play for sure and biggest leak depends on the game. I sometimes overthink situations in HU (give to much credit too a regular while he is not on a high thinking level) and in 6max hyper I sometimes makes mistakes in ICM
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
oKiNeK: Which game do u enjoy most? HU / 6max - HT,turbo?
April 10, 2013 20:18
6 max turbo and HU's, but i like tourneys the most when they are going well
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 21:03
99PROBlEMSS: What type of hud stats do you use when playing 6max hypers? Also, thanks for do this interview!!
April 10, 2013 20:30
YW. preflop: SB raise, total raise, total limps, total hands villains plays, how many times villain plays back when you raise from stealing position, total hands i have on villain, 3bet %. I make notes for the postflop part
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
oKiNeK: Is hard to balance pokerlife with "normal" life for u? In global - friends who dont understand swings / lost respect to money etc
April 10, 2013 20:31
i explained my best friends how poker works and i feel tehy all understand. I didn't lost the value of money but I agree that I don't care too much about it since I always had enough to do whatever I wanted to do. I must say that i don't care about fancy cars (even sold the Audi) and expensive watches. Luxuary goods don't mean that much to me
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
oKiNeK: What would u probably do - if u know - for living instead of playing poker? Do u have college education?
April 10, 2013 20:37
I studied commercial economics but i didn't like it too much. I always liked working in hotels and restaurants. One day I will start my own (with my girlfriend) and I could play a little bit poker on the side
 photo bernardc April 9, 2013 21:27
johnaz: What do you think makes a difference between winning player and a breakeven player?
April 10, 2013 20:39
A lot of other good pokerplayers invest a lot of time in their game. If I look at myseIf I also see that I am almost never satisfied with my game. Keep working on your game even when you are winning. A lot of breakeven players win small amounts when they are running good and lose small or big when running bad and they feel they are always unlucky.
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 20:02
oKiNeK: What is most expensive thing u ever buy? :)
April 10, 2013 20:42
A girlfriend:-). Besides that I bought an Audi A3 after playing full time for 2 weeks in Vegas. Had a great run and needed a new car anyway.
 photo bernardc April 8, 2013 20:23
Seda16: If you could go back anywhere in your poker career and change anything you know now, what time would you choose?
April 10, 2013 20:49
The PCA in the bahamas. I won a ticket for the Main Event and was playing the first 7-8 hrs the best poker of my life. Crushing and dominating the whole table. I played one bad hand were i was unlucky as well and lost all my chips afterwards by playing terrible. At that time i wasn't ready too play live for such a long time
 photo bernardc April 10, 2013 19:49

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