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PokerJocko: Okay, for the beginning... i am not familiar with your actions or anything, haven't googeled about your etc... How come you just became so successful poker player? What lead you into poker and kept you in it?
September 16, 2013 20:46
Lol, I'm not famous so a google search probably won't yield too much :) As for why I'm successful I worked hard, and kept working hard.. Poker has no barriers to entry and no politics... For a business minded individual looking to generate $1M quickly to get his life started, poker is likely the best bet..
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:18
johnan1988: Hi, first of all, i want to say - impressive resulst! Now for the question, i am currently strugling with my daily routine, what is yours? At what time do you wake up, how often do you take breaks, how long do you usualy play and what do you do to keep you from sliding towards B game during long sessions? Or do you just randomly play when you feel up to it? .) thx for an answer!
September 16, 2013 20:59
I basically play when I feel like it, I don't play enough but I am heavily involved with my stable/coaching... So I don't think I should be as competitive as I have been, but I think my competitions routines must be very lax in order for me to be competitive at high stakes..
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:16
Voicu: hello in last year i relly did think alot of playing hyper turbo sngs 6 max and i did read some things about this kind of game and i would like to know more from a pro of hyper turbos ..... how i am supposed to play them ? i know that they are all in or fold kind of games because u risk alot of ur stack to raise pre flop whit some cards so can u please give me more details about this game how to start up ? bankroll management ? bankroll needed for starting very low how many buy ins i must have to play safe? ty
September 16, 2013 22:11
I'd recommend 2+2 for answering all your questions
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:15
ChoboPokeR_r: When you're on a dowswing, do you just make it rain in the strip clubs to blow off steam?
September 17, 2013 01:02
Lol, no
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:15
Scarmaker: Hey Jordan/BBZ! :) Thanks a lot for doing this, it is well appreciated :) Masuronike, who is a tremendous players in 6-max hypers himself considers you to be one of the best there is. Do you consider yourself one of the best there is? And furthermore, I wonder how much room left do you think there is for improvement when it comes to top players like you in sngs? Do you think the edges and differences between players at your level are getting supersmall?
September 17, 2013 02:44
I do think I'm one of the best, I think my results indicate that... I don't think I'm "The Best" exclusively and I think finding who that would be is a waste of time.. I'm good enough and I have a lot of improving to do, the games aren't solved..
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:15
fulixas: Hi Jordan ! :) what do you think is better to play SNG or tourneys? and why? ;) Who learned you to play poker? :) And what was your biggest win here ? :) ty alot.
September 17, 2013 12:43
Depends on your tolerance, if you're trying to build a bankroll (Or a business) it makes sense to do something where your expectations and your results will be consistent... In MTT's that isn't the case, so SNG's would be better to do that... Even the toughest MTT regulars often play staked, that isn't true for cash or SNG regs where expectations mirror results more closely.
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:13
xAnGelxEyEzx: As a winning reg speed mtt sng reg at the $15 buyins, I want to move up to the next level, but there is no traffic on the reg speed, so if I want to move to the next level I will inevitably have to start playing turbo's. I started playing some turbo's, at 45 mans, and had some profit but find myself getting tilted throughout the session. What would your best advice be, for a reg speed player, wanting to transition to turbo's and move up through the stake levels?
September 17, 2013 15:15
Study and don't overestimate your opponents (Don't underestimate them either)
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:12
kyramai: hi jordan!! i want to ask you what is your favourite hand ??and what was the worse hand that you played and win a big pot? thank you!! good luck in the future ! :D
September 17, 2013 20:22
AA and probably 72o
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:11
sierinsh: Hey, Jordan ;) I have few questions :) How many times have you gone completely broke over the course of your poker career? Do you agree that “sunglasses is to poker as steroids is to baseball”? What skill is more important in Holdem: discipline in the range of hands you play, or the ability to read the other player? What is the most dangerously deceiving starting hand for an amateur player in Texas Holdem? When I say dangerous, I mean most likely to make a stupid call when they have no business calling.
September 17, 2013 22:06
I've never gone broke, I don't wear sunglasses, and I think discipline is most important by a land slide...
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:11
Scarmaker: Hey again :) Can you share with us the most common leak/the leak you win the most money off when it comes to higher stake regs? :P
September 18, 2013 03:19
They don't table select when they should
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:10
nicusor93: Hi Jordan, first of all, hi from Roumaine !:) 2st : What are your's future plans ? Because i think you don't want to stop at 180K profit. You will play only online poker , or you will gonna play some live MTT?
September 18, 2013 10:15
Rakeback forms the backbone of my profit, not game profit.. But my future plans generally ride on the back of whats in my best interest long term, I'm not sure where that will lead me yet..
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:09
steliansis: Hi Jordan. Do you have some sort of a ritual while playing poker. What is your nightmare connected with a poker hand. When you are on a winning streak like 3-4 hands in a row do you continue playing some weak hands like 45suited ? What is your best poker experience. Do you have a dream for which you are playing, i mean like to collect money and buy something good like a car a house etc. Thanks for your time :)
September 18, 2013 11:06
I just treat it like a business, everything is done in the interest of improving my life financially (When it comes to poker) - Sometimes my long run interests will conflict with short term ones but thats how I make decisions.. My strategies don't shift if I run hot or cold..
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:08
fulixas: Hi , Jordan ! We all now everyone wants to get these 20 $ from TiltBook. And I want . And i dont ask many questions just a several. :) When do you started playing poker? What was the most memorable and the most shocking moment in your poker career? And what is poker in your life ? Hope get the answer soon :) Good Luck at the tables :)
September 18, 2013 14:45
dexon303: Hi Jordan. What are 3 important steps in becoming a professional poker player? What can I do to become better at reading my opponents? How do you balance your poker career with your personal life? If you had to start all over again, would you do anything differently? Thanks and may the flop be with you :)
September 18, 2013 18:02
Bankroll management and accurate expectations is the most important step.. If you have wild expectations that aren't reasonable you'll be disappointed and could be making a huge mistake. To get better at reading ranges, play more.. I wouldn't change anything outside of how reckless I was with staking initially... Lost a lot being careless
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:06
pLAYERsvk: Hello. i am 15$ 9man sng reg. Since you played a lot of highest stakes in 9man sngs, can you give some advice? In what areas are regs beating 100$ games better than regs playing low/mid stakes? Are high stakes much tougher compared to mid stakes? Would a reg beating 15$ stakes with 10% roi be profitable playing 100s?
September 18, 2013 19:37
I moved up incrementally and I'd advise anyone else do the same, don't jump from $15 to $100... If you move up slowly and make sure you're beating each game all the way up, you shouldn't have a problem.. If you'r winning @ 10% @ $15 I think you should be profitable @ $30.. And just keep going in the same fashion
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:04
pLAYERsvk: How do you transition from turbo 9mans to 6mans to 6man hypers to 18man turbos... How can you play so many formats at highest level?
September 18, 2013 19:42
I study a lot - Each format has different ICM so I spend a good amount of time studying that, but in general aside from the ICM differences each format has a lot in common, its not as difficult as you'd think
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:02
Ramalhah: hi Jordan, how are you? i have one question, i like (a lot) playing hypers but on my head i think " ohh a ace, that must be good on position right?" the guy calls my all in with any better hand, is this correct? any ace is good? or 2 guys shove and i have an A10 or something, i should fold on a MTT but on hypers i really dont know, what do you advise me ?
September 18, 2013 20:00
MTT's and SNG's have a lot in common, if you're good at one the skill set would transfer over...
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:23
Bigbluffzinc: Hey guys hope everyone is doing well :) Gonna get started
September 18, 2013 20:02
PaullyTM: Hi jordan, my questions for you is how old you were when you started to play poker? , who teached you to play poker, what stakes you play and what's your target now? Good luck at the tables :)
September 18, 2013 20:02
I learned to play poker online studying the same videos you guys can study... I started playing in November of 09
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:06
masuronike: Hi Jordan, Im soooo happy to have you here in AskThePRO and Im going to use this opportunity. I heard just good things about your stable, it looks like you are awesome coach because a lot of your students are really hard to play, but you are mostly backer of your students. Did you have bad experiences with some students/horses or you are good in finding right ones? Isnt problem for you that your students play as high as you and you cant play every table because of them? According to your results, do you care about redline? Do you think redline in HEM is accurate (I mean just allin situations, i know there is a lot of things what HEM doesnt calculate)? What software do you use, HEM 1/2 or PT4?
September 18, 2013 20:10
I use PT4, and thanks glad to be here.. I've had plenty of bad experiences that have cost me mid six figures.. (Expensive) And yeah it can be a hindrance to play the same games with my students - But more than that it keeps me motivated, when my students become competitive top tier thinking regulars, in order for them to want to work with me I need to improve at a faster rate... So I constantly get better... So far its worked in my favour
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:20
As for red line, I'm no expert in the matter so my opinion would just be an echo of someone elses...
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:21
masuronike: I know you table select strictly and never seen you in any bad table, what do you think, how much % can table selecting add to your roi?
September 18, 2013 20:12
No clue as to specific numbers, but from a logical perspective someone needs to lose... Unless you really think you're that much more competitive than your opponents there's no reason to just lose to the site...
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:18
Voicu: a turbo player can move to hyper turbo games ??? or they will not be the same profitable in hyper like in turbos ?
September 18, 2013 20:31
The games don't vary as much as people think... Similar stakes are going to be slightly more competitive in hypers, but by and large there's a myth that different formats vary wildly.. The ICM changes but everything else is pretty consistent...
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:34
**Assuming the blind structure is the same/etc**
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:35
Voicu: thank you for your answers :D and for ur time
September 18, 2013 20:36
:) No problem
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:37
masuronike: What do you think about TiltBook? What would be here to convince you to use it regularly?
September 18, 2013 20:37
To be honest I just hadn't heard it mentioned that much before - I'm really busy with the business of studying poker/coaching poker/playing poker/investing the proceeds from the previous three... This seems like a good way to circulate the site though (I posted in several places throughout the interview saying I was doing this, forgot to do it beforehand lol) So this seems great, outside of that I just have a lack of familiarity with everything so couldn't say one way or the other how it could be improved
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:40
masuronike: Thx Jordan, I hope you will visit tiltbook from time to time and spend here some time because I just dont want you at tables :D tbh its much easier to play vs mossos
September 18, 2013 20:44
Lol, it seems like a really cool tool so hopefully I'm able to spend more time using it :) And I don't play that often as is so I think you should be able to sneak some games in without me there!
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:46
limels: Did u spend many time studying the game? And if u have volume goals, do you left that aside?
September 18, 2013 20:47
Yeah I have spent more time studying poker than any of the players I know personally by a landslide... I don't know that many players though :) I think volume goals are a really helpful tool, and I have a business plan for everything I do - But my goals at the moment are less volume related due to the staking/coaching I do
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:49
limels: And do we make a deal?? ahaha gl at the tables :)
September 18, 2013 20:57
Thanks lol, you too
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 20:58
Bigbluffzinc: Thanks for having me guys, gonna sign out :) Good luck at the tables!
September 18, 2013 21:00
Le_Blem1: will you marry me?
September 18, 2013 21:02
Yeah sure if you get out of makeup :)
 photo Bigbluffzinc September 18, 2013 21:03

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