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masuronike: Do you think you have edge on Mossos?
April 23, 2013 14:55
'Nobody has an edge on Mossos' quote Mossos'
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:01
JoHnnn: read something about the regs as bernardc or zzztilt are now moving down and their main stakes are getting lower. What do you think about it? Is it true?
April 23, 2013 14:55
I haven't heard this but I could give my best guess. As the games are getting tougher (increased numbers of regulars) there are smaller edges (except for Mossos). Smaller edges mean lower ROIs which mean bigger swings. In terms of making the highest hourly rate you can whilst reducing variance, you might be better off 15 tabling at an average buy in of $40 than 5 tabling with an average buy in of $120.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:04
Micici: any successful 9max sng players struggle with the 6max format. What do you think is the biggest leak you see winning players make that do nog have 6max as there main game.
April 23, 2013 19:37
Usually it is the ICM. I've always thought that you should absolutely nail one niche in terms of your studying and once you feel like it's 2nd nature then branch out. There are exceptions to that of course. Tonkaaaa is an exceptional player who just plays everything and learns on the job. His ICM is really good now but to start with his intuition was what made him most of his money at 6max when he first started. 9 man players tend to be a bit tight also when they first start 6 max.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:06
Scarmaker: What other professions would the skills you have learned in poker help you the most you think?
April 24, 2013 16:58
I live with a trader and a banker. Both have mentioned that some of my skills could be applicable to their jobs although I'd need to do a lot of studying to make that transition. It's not something I've thought a whole lot about but with every day that passes poker players tend to be recognized as skilled entities rather than just gamblers.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:09
masuronike: Why you dont play hypers? I just dont dont know how anyone on this planet can play regular speed/turbo sngs and dont tilt. Do you think there is much bigger edge than in hypers?
April 24, 2013 16:59
Interesting question. I think it's a matter of time before I start playing hypers seriously. Right now there is still a good edge in turbos when games are selected efficiently. I've been mocked for my nitty selection of games but as I mentioned variance is a product of equity so the higher I play, the bigger my equity in the game will need to be for me to play it. Relatively speaking there is a huge edge in turbos compared to hypers PER GAME but the hourly those hypers grinders can achieve is insane...and I like money...hence I intend to switch...but not yet.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 16:59
Scarmaker: Can you tell us more about this 'Mossos' guy?
April 24, 2013 17:02
He's just a beautiful man...especially when he has baby oil on in the sun
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:09
Scarmaker: Who is gonna with the world snooker championship and who is your most favorite player?
April 24, 2013 17:04
Mr O Sullivan I hope
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:13
tiltmyname: Hello, give me advice how you can withstand play a lot of hours for a day? :) Sorry for my english
April 24, 2013 17:06
It's a short term thing. Hopefully next year I will play fewer hours but for now Im working my ass off for SNE.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:14
TheDrunklife: What are your guidelines for table selection? How do you choose your games and if you sit first how often will you unregister when the game is such that one oblivious reg could make it unprofitable for everyone? Does it depend on stake or how many tables you have up?
April 24, 2013 17:08
Nothing is set in stone. But as I mentioned below it is to do with the average buy in for sure. Your point about tables up is very apt. When my average stake is like $75 (low compared to yours) and lets say I'm 10 tabling and a really good 300 pops up, I will try not to get into any more games as my focus will inevitably be drawn towards the highest buy in. Distractions from the lower games will cost me $ so I will reduce table numbers to focus on the higher games if they occur. You'll often see me unreg games if there is a chance of a non selecting reg ruining the games and I'll often jump in last if an exploitable opponent joins 5th
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:17
masuronike: Who is the toughest opponent for you in any format you play?
April 24, 2013 17:08
One of them is right below this answer. There are a few good players out there. Some I really respect. I actually wrote out a list for this player who wanted advice on selection but I lost it. In terms of 6 max specialists Cejakas14 and WushuTM have to be up there as the very best then you have DrunkLife, Bernardc, Andyafc, Pokerkluka, Nemmad, tonkaaaa, Paccmr28, Foreman11, bigbluffzinc, Azemtzar, Spacegravy and lambonali (lol JK)...I've come across some horribly difficult players to play in MTTs too, but I don't play them enough to really have a big enough sample size (they probably just card racked me)
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:24
masuronike: How many fish/bad reg there have to be regged in a $500 sit and go for you to join it?
April 24, 2013 17:11
depends on just howwww bad the fish are and how exploitable the regs are. I can't really say any more than that but it really depends on players who allow me to make the most +EV decisions in a game. You won't see me sitting a 2 fish $500 this year though.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:27
TheDrunklife: How important to do feel metagame is in SNGs. Many players make decisions based on pure ICM in the current game situation, while others make what could be regarded as fundamental ICM mistakes in the name of 'metagame' What are your feeling on this and where do you fall?
April 24, 2013 17:11
Ahhh Mr Whittet. Well, we have our fun don't we? Metagame is apparent in all poker even hypers it's just a case of two competitive personalities clashing. But in SNGs certainly has it amongst the players who splash around. In terms of straying away from ICM, we have discussed this before and there are spots where it is more than apt to do so and indeed I will but I myself will not do it on a regular basis. I will not specify when I'll stray away but I can see merits for not being 100% in line with ICM although the 'gotta let'em know they can't shove into me model isn't one I abide by...
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:17
Scarmaker: No srsly, who the hell is Mossos?
April 24, 2013 17:13
Really? He's high stakes reg who is down $70k online this year and spent over $10k getting knocked out of the PCA main event. He tells people to die of cancer when he gets a bad beat. Don't really know what else there is to be said about him. I hope we play more!
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:33
gardjone: ow would play this hand--,,you have AK your opunent also AKdiamond,the flop is qj10-diamond,on have royal u have str,soo is your turn....?
April 24, 2013 17:21
StrafffiJ: What is the best way to improve your game ?
April 24, 2013 17:27
Study regularly. There's a lot of software out there that will aid your game...SNG Wiz, SNG Solver, ICMizer all help with ICM and having a player you respect who can review your game objectively can help loads too. Discussing different angles in hands is important to developing.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:36
mattusko: According to best players you wrote. What do you think about bobulo? Have you ever play against him?
April 24, 2013 17:28
I have played him but not for a long time. He was a good player when we played but I don't know where he's disappeared to.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:38
masuronike: Can you tell us about your hourly this year?
April 24, 2013 17:40
That's very personal masurnike :) I won't be exact but its over $100. I believe the high stakes hypers players have insane hourly rates around the $300 mark...
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:44
TheDrunklife: Do you mix game types when you play (18mans, 180s, 50/50, 6max, 9man)? If so how do you have all them in one massive lobby or..?
April 24, 2013 17:42
I don't play the first 3 game types you mentioned, mainly for the reasoning of your second question, just 6max and 9man. It's not very hard to differentiate between them. Just remember 'tight is right' in 9man! Also, the studying required to be good (and I get annoyed by playing badly) in other formats would obviously mean I'd struggle to get to SNE. It's something I may look into at the end of the year. I believe stars are planning on making lobby viewing more efficient soon by allowing you to view specific stakes for certain games which would make our selection problems less of an issue.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:49
mattusko: I played 9man SNG about 1 year and something, i like the game, wast the bast player but also not the worst, and suddenly i stop enjoying the game. I mean not poker but only sng's. So i started to play omaha :D, Do you think, is it only matter of time when i start to have fun there again? Because fun is important part in poker for me. TY
April 24, 2013 17:46
Well, I think when you have time away from a game and you restart it you tend to enjoy it a bit more, you feel refreshed and stuff. I think a lot of people finish a game when they run bad...no one likes running bad. ALSO, Stars have emoticons in the chatbox which makes every game fun...a little party hat goes a long way to cheering anyone up, especially after slowrolling Mossos.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:51
TheDrunklife: Tell us about your grind set-up. How many tables? Stacked or tiled? How long do you play for and how often do you break and for how long? Do you set out to play x hours or # of games per day, or do you adjust on the fly based on how you feel or how your results are going?
April 24, 2013 17:48
I have 3 screens but only use one for playing. I use some software called Table of Interest which stacks games that I'm not active in (eg not put money into the pot) and tiles games that I am in a hand in. I can choose to pull tables out of the stack if they require more focus (ie higher buy in games or bubble/HU situations). I play 2 sessions. 1st session I always 1500-2000 VPPs which usually takes 3-4 hours. And the 2nd session is at least 2000 more VPPs and if I'm feeling comfortable with my play I'll do a bit more. I try to never let results influence me but I've found I put the most volume in when I'm running under EV (which is never)...I don't know why that is.
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:55
masuronike: Whats your VPP count?
April 24, 2013 17:51
Currently at 285k VPPs. Want to be at 300k by the 29th April and then to put in 100k vpps in May. Basically had 3 weeks of not very much play between end of March and now because I went skiing and was sick for 10 days after so time to get back on pace :)
 photo bigstealer April 24, 2013 17:57
bigstealer: OK, it's time for me to go. It's been very nice to be asked to do this. I hope you liked my answers and wish you all the best at the tables, unless you are playing me :) Take care
April 24, 2013 17:57

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