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AskThePRO with Adam “coffeeyay" Sobolewski

Hi! I'm Adam (Coffeeyay) and I play Hyper HU SNG's. I'm from the US, but currently live in the Shetlands Islands (a small group of islands approximately 200 miles off the north coast of Scotland) with my wife Laura and newborn daughter, Lillian Kitty. 

I created the CoffeeHUD, a specialized HUD designed especially for HU grinders, but to stand head and shoulders above others HUDs as well. I am also the author of the "Math in HUSNG's" Video Pack, and I'm the head coach for the HUSNG.com Staking Program. I have a BS in mathematics, a BA in physics with honors, and an MS in mathematics. I also have a university-level teaching certificate and have taught several semesters of calculus and physics. Also, check out free leakfinder video from $100 HU Hyper-Turbo uploaded on official HUSNGcom youtube channel.

Adam will be live on TiltBook to answer all your cool questions on
Wednesday, 12.02.2014 at 20:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO. And as always, remember the best question posted wins $20!

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blender803: hey Adam..what was your worse bad beat?were you in tilt after that?if so how you passed over?
February 12, 2014 13:45
I try not to remember most of my bad beats, as it holds me back from getting better. Obviously that doesn't always work though! One that sticks into my memory is from back when I was pretty early into my poker career: I had AA on a dry rainbow board. I got it all in vs complete air and he hit runner-runner for a straight. I decided to run the numbers on it and he was around a .6% to hit the hand. At first I was frustrated, but then I realized it was pretty cool that something so rare had happened. As for getting over tilt, I practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis. I believe both of those help me greatly with my mental game.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:06
Scarmaker: Hey there sir! First off, thanks for doing the AskThePRO! :) I wonder why did you pick hu sngs as your originally and... if you had to start over without the possibility of being a hu sng grinder, which format would you pick? (given that you would not have the knowledge you have now)
February 12, 2014 13:46
Very welcome. Glad to do it. :-) I originally started them because I enjoyed watching them. I love the action and from home games, I felt it would be my strongest game. I didn't feel like I had a large enough bankroll to play the cash stakes that I would like to, so I started with HUSNGs. As time went on, I found that dealing with the different effective stacks, and only being able to lose 1 Buy-In per game made it much more enjoyable than HU cash would have been. If I had to start over, I'd definitely start with HUSNGs again. I love them!
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:10
Soundlis: Hey,what chances(%) are,if you push (in this picture) all in with 97,he will call you with AA,but if you dont push,he will show you KQ ?
February 12, 2014 14:46
Haha. :-) I'm pretty sure that if I push or not, his cards won't change. ;-) After playing a fair number of games vs I just L0Ld he asked me to do some coaching sessions with him, so I don't think it is fair for me to give thoughts on his specific ranges he plays. But, he's a very solid player.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:12
nicusor93: What it's the best method for bluffing on HU hyper? How many tables you play in the same time?
February 12, 2014 14:50
The best method for bluffing in HU Hypers is to go all in, as it usually produces the most folds. To be more specific, the key to pulling off a good bluff is to pick spots where your villain is limited to a weak range (capped), and you are representing a range that has a lot of very strong hands in it. I play anywhere from 1-5 tables. I very much enjoy being able to focus on 1 though as it allows me the most time to focus on that specific villain.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:14
steliansis: Hello. Why did you made your own "CoffeeHUD" Didnt you liked other HUDs if not say what is the reason and why the Heads-up players should use your HUD :) I can also see you are a very capable and smart man when you first started playing poker did you used your mathematics skills in poker in the begining
February 12, 2014 14:52
I made the CoffeeHUD because there were no HUDs specific to HUSNG's at the time. I originally planned on just using it for myself, but I had enough people show interest in it that I decided to partner with HUSNG.com to distribute it. HUSNG players should definitely use our HUD. It distinguishes between the many different game state that can occur such as effective stacks and preflop actions. For example, limping is quite specific for HUSNGs.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:17
I always approached the game from a mathematical point of view. Even as I was just starting, I would think about the game in terms of numbers as much as I could. I remember figuring out "Pot Odds" on my own without reading about it or seeing it in any video. It really changed our home game when I explained the concept to our group.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:19
mart4s: I wonder, how old are you when start playing poker? earning money? how does it fell to know, that's you are ****ing awesome?!
February 12, 2014 14:54
I started playing poker at the beginning of university when I was 18. I made a little money right away, but had many periods where I didn't make much money due to not working on my game as often as I should. I am very proud of the hard work I have put into my game to help me get where I am today. And... it feels great to be awesome. ;-)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:20
Seda16: Were HU sngs always your first choice? Have you tried to play Cash HU or other format of SNG or MTTs?
February 12, 2014 15:50
I answered this above. :-) HUSNG's where my first game I played (Other than at home with friends). At our home games I quickly found that I did very well when I was Heads Up vs other players and drifted that way. I haven't played many online MTT's at all, other than donking around in a few occasional tourney. :-D
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:22
HuSB1cek: how much is your ROI?
February 12, 2014 16:00
My EV roi at hyper HUSNG's has been around 3%. With added tables and poor game selection, I've had periods where it dipped to the 1% range on more than one occasion.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:23
Flyingpowder: Hi there thanks for doing this~ curious why the Shetland Islands ? Can't imagine it's first choice for escaping poker pros. Thanks
February 12, 2014 16:06
Actually, if you wish to escape from other poker pros, Shetland Islands is probably the best place to go! :-D Joking aside, I've always wanted to live on an island. Shetland is a nice mix of small and insular, but with very great amenities. For example, there are more swimming pools per capita than anywhere in the world! The people here are the nicest in the world, and the scenery is spectacular. Most importantly, it's incredibly safe and an amazing place to start and raise a family. My wife and I had our first child in November, and there is nowhere else I'd rather raise her. :-)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:26
lessQQmoreAA: Hello Sir, how many times have you gone completely broke over the course of your poker career?
February 12, 2014 16:09
I'm not sure I have ever went "completely broke". Although I have definitely busted my account on more than one occasion and have been staked, I never had a time where I felt I wouldn't be able to reload my account as needed.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:28
fulixas: Heyy adam! Huge HU - Hypers fan, Playing too sometimes, had a coaching and after that really great run! So that's the point, what would you do here with two pairs? If he check's I would raise to 60 if he raises I would reraise him 2x, Am I right? :) Now tell me about your poker story, when started playing poker, 1st bankroll building, and 1st HU HYPER! What is biggest mistake that hu players do? Bluffing too often? Are you bluffing often? How you play againt agressive opponents? Okay, thanks for answers Adam! Goodluck!
February 12, 2014 16:14
If he checks, I would bet 50, not 60. As stacks are quite shallow, we don't need to bet as big to built a pot and we can make our bluffs more profitable this way. If he bets I would likely call because his range would be polar. He will likely have some portion of very weak hands that I want to keep in his range, and a portion of very strong hands that want to get action by donking. By calling I don't lose as much to his strong hands and keep his weak hands in enabling them to bluff on later streets. This depends a ton though on our specific villain though. Some players only lead flops with draws, at which point raising is definitely best. Some players only lead trips there at which point we can hero fold. Without solid reads though I assume some combination of strong hands almost all of which beat 97, as well as some draws and some air.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:46
I just realized I answered your other questions below to Scarmaker, sorry about that. :-)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:57
Scarmaker: Regarding other regs, could you name a leak or two you think you have made the most money off?
February 12, 2014 16:21
The biggest mistake players make is playing too fit/fold. That is they only play their hand, and they don't consider what kind of hands make up their opponents range. This leads them to give up too often in spots where the villain's range is weak and and not often enough in spots where it is strong. Also, most of them do not bluff enough.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:32
Against aggressive opponents I try to have strong ranges in spots where they are too aggressive, and bluff a lot in spots where I think they have ended up with too weak of a range because of their aggression.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:33
Scarmaker: And regarding the fish, could you name one or two most common misconceptions regs have about the fish that makes them not as profitable as they could be?
February 12, 2014 16:22
One big thing I recommend is strongly to the players I stake is that we get away from using the term "fish". ;-) I try to use, "recreational player". As this player is our livelihood, I try to eliminate a negative connotation with them. As for a misconception, a big one is that they never fold. Another is that they are unpredictable. Most regs that believe they don't found have just not found when they found. And, a reg that thinks they are unpredictable, usually just has not found out how to predict them.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:37
Typo here. **Most regs that believe they don't fold have just not found where they fold.**
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:09
infinictus: How often are you thinking about poker when you dont play or do things related to poker? Can you highlight three most important tools you developed through your poker career? Thank you for your time and GL at the tables
February 12, 2014 16:29
I think about poker all the time; when I shower, when I eat, before I sleep. It obviously depends on the specific day, and my own motivation for what is going on in my poker career at that specific time, but it's always a big theme to my thoughts.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:38
Three big themes would be: Understanding opponents ranges, understanding that I also have a range, and understanding how to construct my range so that it exploits my opponents range. GL to you as well!
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:39
adyvl16: What bankroll do I have to play hyper=turbo
February 12, 2014 16:30
I strongly believe in the Kelly Criterion: http://www.husng.com/content/using-kelly-criterion-calculate-your-buyin-level
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:41
This applies incredibly well to HUSNGs. It ends up with a very pleasing form: Minimum # of BI required is 1/ROI. (Make sure to put ROI as a decimal. 1% = .01)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:42
Also... remember to remove your cashouts from your ROI. If you plan on cashing out half of your winnings, drop your ROI by half.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:43
bogdan0809: Hello Adam,how did you start playing poker?
February 12, 2014 16:40
I started playing in university in a live cash game. I had seen it a lot on TV and loved games so was eager to try my hand at it. I did well and fell in love with the game play and haven't looked back since.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:47
thepunisher: Ok my question is prob something still underrated in the online pokerworld, but i think in order to be at the top of your game you gotta have a pretty good life balance so my question is what do you do to find that balance is there any advice you could tell us to stay on a A-game level most of the time?
February 12, 2014 16:52
I agree that life balance is very important. As I'm married with a baby, I oftentimes don't have a choice about life balance. When you work from home, you can't get "stuck at the office" if you want to sneak away from a crying baby! ;-) I strongly believe in meditation and a healthy diet (I'm a vegan). They have been incredibly important tools that have been integral to my success. On top of this working a lot on staying mindful while in game and actively working on your mental game are incredibly important.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:50
Andre: Hi there Adam, good to have you on Tiltbook. 1. What would you say is the most common mistake/leak you see players make in HU Hypers? 2. Do you solely rely on HUD stats or do you think it can be misleading at times? 3. Why "coffeeyay"? I assume you like coffee :) Me too! Have a good 2014!
February 12, 2014 19:34
1. The most common leaks I see are players not thinking through the reasons behind hands and not choosing good preflop ranges vs their specific opponent.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:51
2. I try to use bayesian statistics to augment my understanding of HUD stats. Here's a link to an article I wrote about the topic: http://www.husng.com/content/interpreting-small-sample-sizes-bayesian-estimators I also always pay attention to how the stats are changing and to the hands I see at show down. This will help me decide if my opponent is adapting or still playing their same strategy. HUD stats are a great tool, but like any tool need a lot of skill to be put to full use.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:52
3. Yes, I used to absolutely love coffee :-) I mostly drink green tea now to stay more healthy, but once in a while I still enjoy an espresso made with freshly ground beans from a good machine. I also try to stay upbeat, so I'm often happy about things and saying "yay" a lot. Combine the two and I came up with coffeeyay. I was fortunate to have it not be taken and so was able to use it without having to change spelling or add numbers. Yay!
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:54
contendernr7: Hi , i don't play hyper HU but i've noticed a lot of pros play it very profitably ,guess that's because you can play huge amounts of games per day, so my question is how many games do you have to play as a beginner to get an estimate on how good are you doing and how do the swings look like in this game format ? Thank you...
February 12, 2014 19:45
With even one game you can begin to get an idea of how good you are. Start by asking yourself questions such as: Did you know the best play at every spot? How much time did you have to spend to determine the best play? What strategies were you using to combat your opponent and what strategies was your opponent using?
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:55
Don't look too hard into your results ended up. That can take many thousands of games to begin to converge to a true winrate. Instead, focus on qualitative aspects of your game and your understanding.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:56
If you are having trouble answering these kinds of questions you'll know that your game needs to improve and you should start finding answers. Looking for training material (husng.com) or a coach is a great option. Another great option is to find several buddies and start figuring out the game together. This approach will leave you less at the mercy of variance and will help you improve your game much better than looking at your results.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 20:59
gardjone: Hello , hello how you got that nickname,How did you start playing hyper tournaments, and how was your first hyper tournament,and what you think your family about your poker career..
February 12, 2014 20:04
I discussed the nickname and my start a little earlier on. :-) As for my family, they were apprehensive at first. (Similar to most) As I was able to provide very good explanations and research to their questions about poker and explain to them my love for the game they eventually accepted it and now have become very supportive.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:03
Scarmaker: What is it that MrGREENE is so much better in than other HU regs? :P
February 12, 2014 20:05
I've never played him, but I think it's his incredibly drive to be the best. He has admitted that it is a borderline unhealthy obsession. If you find out his secret though, make sure you let me know! ;-)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:04
contendernr7: What do you think tells a player he can't actually be good really good at poker , maybe you knew some players that quit because they understood that poker is not for them :) ?
February 12, 2014 20:23
I think that the most important thing is whether they are willing to put in the time and effort required to be very good. It is very hard work and most players cannot skip that. If they are not willing and able to put in the work then poker is probably not for them. Their place is putting in work in some other field.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:06
Scarmaker: Shetlands look really nice an interesting even though I have never been there so far. What is the weather like there? Are there any poker events worth mentioning that take place there?
February 12, 2014 20:32
The weather is very mild. In the winter it never falls much below freezing, in the summer it never goes much higher than 25 degrees Celsius. It gets a bit windy in the winter, but that's about it.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:07
As for poker events I think a few pubs host some poker nights. The most notable event ever held was In 2008 when a local pub won the Ladbrokes poker leauge and was able to host a special celebrity event.
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:07
fulixas: Haha Thanks man! :)
February 12, 2014 21:02
Glad to do it! :-)
 photo coffeeyay February 12, 2014 21:07
matoduri: hi, hope you are still answering the questions as it's a bit late :) first of all - really nice to have u in AskThePro, just started your math pack so I'm looking forward to new knowledge to be learnt. Now to the question: how do you split your time between studying and playing? do you have specific days for studying/reviewing sessions, etc or do you do that every day you are playing? and how do you approach the reviews (i.e. if you don't have any marked hands, do you just pick random matches and go over them or do it somehow else)?
February 13, 2014 00:04
Scarmaker: AskThePRO with Adam is now officialy over! Thanks Adam as well as everyone else for participating, the winner of $20 for the best question posted is Flyingpowder, congratz! :)
February 13, 2014 17:34

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