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Ramalhah: what do you do to "kill" time on tables when you are "card dead"? (online and live)
June 25, 2013 21:17
About 2 months ago I spent 30 minutes trying to perfect golems voice from lord of the rings. I kept repeating " my precious" over and over. I got pretty good at it. I dont recommend doing this.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:05
Scarmaker: Hello Daryl, thanks so much for doing this, it is well appreciated! I know you had a deep run in the WSOP Main Event two years ago finishing around 80th place. I remember you were a chip leader at some point doing like Day 4 and I wonder what does that feel like when you are sitting right there with a chip lead in the WSOP ME. I am sure that from your perspective as a poker pro it is not supposed to be that big of a deal, but since this was he one tournament that all poker world is looking up to, it must have came along with it's own special feeling?
June 25, 2013 21:19
It was actually pretty amazing and fun. It might be the most memorable thing in my career.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:03
MartinAltman: Hey Daryl! I'm a former TPE member and your vids definitely had a big impact on my game and opened my eyes so I would like to thank you this way. I have a few questions too. 1) I heard you left a school early to play poker - how did your parents react to that? Did they support you during your career? Would you be able to pick lets say top 5 mtt players of all the time or at least players that you have a big respect for? Are you still playing (if so, how is it going?) or do you still live in USA and therefore you don't play much online? Do you play at wsop? Hope you are doing well.
June 25, 2013 21:57
" 1) I heard you left a school early to play poker - how did your parents react to that? " I left school when way before i ever heard of poker. My grandparents ( I didn't live with my parents) didn't really consider school to be too important so they didn't really care. " Did they support you during your career? " At times yes , at times no. When I was winning they were definitely supportive, not so much when I was losing though. After Black Friday they really hated my traveling and playing poker and in hindsight I don't blame them. I was constantly away from my family, and grew farther and farther apart from the people I was closest to, my wife and daughter. I remember one time I came home at 2am after a week of being at WSOP I sat next to my daughter who was sleeping in our bed and woke her up. She turned looked to look at me, hit me and then went and cuddled next to her mom. If you have kids you can imagine how mad your kid would have to be with you to do that. This was a pretty low point. "Would you be able to pick lets say top 5 mtt players of all the time or at least players that you have a big respect for? Really hard to say but here it goes. LuckyChewy, DJK, Ivey, Shaundeeb, Timex. "Are you still playing (if so, how is it going?) or do you still live in USA and therefore you don't play much online? " I'm living in the US and play 10 hours a week. It is going well.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:02
Seda16: Have you ever planned to quit MTT and started playing another format, or you just wanted to stay a strict MTT player? If you considered such a change, would you go to sng grinding or cashgame?
June 26, 2013 16:49
I went through a long period of wanting to play HU cash. HU cash is so fun and difficult. I just hate all the bumhunting and waiting forever for a game.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:49
greent0m: Most of sng I get 22 and oponents doing all in,I should drop or call? .. ;(
June 26, 2013 16:50
I dont understand.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:48
fulixas: Hi , Daryl ! We all now everyone wants to get these 50 $ from TiltBook. And I want . And i dont ask many questions just a several , because I still didnt get it :(. When do you started playing poker? What was the most memorable and the most shocking moment in your poker career? And what is poker in your life ? Hope get the answer soon :) Good Luck at the tables :)
June 26, 2013 17:00
"When do you started playing poker?" I started when I was maybe 12 ( 13 years ago ) playing games like pineapple and 5 card draw with my grandfather. He always beat me and I used to think he was the best ( he wasn't ). I started playing online when I was 14 grinding freeroll 80 hours a week lol. What was the most memorable and the most shocking moment in your poker career? Winning the Sunday Million for the first time. "And what is poker in your life ?" This is a good question, idk man. I love poker, I love teaching poker and most of all I love thinking about poker. It is the only place where I feel like i can be creative and expressive. Not in the typical sense like art or music or whatever in terms of like the way I use numbers and logic to figure out new things. To me math when done correctly is akin art ( really geeky I know) . If there was one constant in my career and my life it was always trying to think different, be outside the box. Poker allows me to do that.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:48
Seda16: Was there a moment in your career when you wanted to stop playing and change your profession and start doing something else? If yes, is the closest moment during Black Friday and what profession or job would you wanna do if you stopped playing poker for a longer period of time.
June 26, 2013 17:01
Yes. After Black Friday I remember feeling hopeless I didn't have any other skill sets or any education. Wtf was I gonna do. For about 2-3 months I basically just went into a depression and did nothing all day. After that I bounced around from one idea to the next. I went from investing, to opening a business, to computer science, to reading/learning about just about anything. When I did that I eventually discovered what I know I really wanted to do with my life, Education. The path i took to finding what I wanted was really hard and depressing. I often felt like i was going nowhere and after I effectively quit something I felt that same hopeless feeling I felt after Black Friday and slipped into a depression until I found a new thing. I'm happy I took the path I took though. I got to learn about and try a lot of things and I think if you do that you will eventually stumble upon what you truly want to do.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:38
palinho07: If you could pick one person to be heads up with at a final table, who is the one person you would want to bust out the most ? :))
June 26, 2013 17:16
Isildur, just cuz he is the best ever.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:25
Andre: Hi Daryl, greetings from South Africa. Question: What was the one concept/skill set you learned early in your career that really accelerated your poker progression? Both online and live. Best regards, and I wish you all the best.
June 26, 2013 17:16
The ability to find and solve problems using logic, math and gathering data. If you can do this well ( it's very hard ) you can basically figure out anything you want.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:24
palinho07: What is the best and worst aspect of being a poker player? When you are not playing poker, what are you doing in your spare time?
June 26, 2013 17:34
For me the best part is trying to get better. I love being able to wake up every day and have fun, interesting and exciting problems to solve and then seeing it pay off in the end. Worst aspect is the variance. Poker is really tough on you mentally and when I go through long patches of losing I feel really hopeless and frustrated. This just starts a vicious cycle where the more you lose the worse you feel, and the worse you feel the worse you play, which obviously leads to more losing. When i'm not playing poker i'm either coaching, learning about coaching or spending time with my family. Education has become my new passion and i'm fascinated with it. I plan to just play poker sparingly while doing something in education. For now i'm just doing a lot of coaching eventually i hope to do something else. I think education in the US is pretty awful and I'd like to do something about it.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:23
nicusor93: Hi Daryl, i'm from Roumaine and here the poker, the live poker it's not being played like in USA, or other nice countries from Europe. I want to ask you, if a tourney will be organize in Bucharest, capital of Roumaine, you will participate? This is a personal question , and now for $50 :) How do you feel when you are playing with players like Negreanu, Ivey, Tony G? But if you kick one of them? Nice to write you man, you are the best, keep doing this, you have only one life, try to live it ! Sorry for my bad english.
June 26, 2013 18:34
I don't travel much to live MTTs anymore. So I wont be able to make it. I haven't ever played with those players before but I know when I played with guys like Cheong and Ben Lamb that they were amazing players. I really just view it as a really fun challenge and it's kind of inspiring to see how hard someone can actually crush MTTs. Those guys just run over their tables from start to finish, it's pretty special.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:08
hijack89: You are agressive player. You have 30BB and your opponent have 40BB. Before flop you raise to 3BB with A♣A♦ and tight passive player calls. You are first to act on flop 4♦Q♣K♦. How would you play it?
June 26, 2013 18:52
Whats your position? Are there antes in play?
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 20:05
jach25: ¿what do you feel lose whith A-K against Q-8 of color ? are angry in that moment o what do you think? greatings from El Salvador Central America........
June 26, 2013 20:29
I didn't really care too much. It was the worst player I could of lost to, Cheong is an amazing player but I still had a lot of chips and was having a lot of fun.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:06
jach25: the concentration is the most important in poker colud you give a advice how maintain the concentration when you are the boss in the table how recomend play against player loosers passive and donks player? you have some strategy for that or???
June 26, 2013 20:35
Maintaining concentration is really hard. It's easy when you are interested in what you are doing but this isn't always the case when playing. I'm not sure what you can do when that happens. Vs fish they r either rly tight and i bluff them a lot or they r rly loose and I dont bluff ad just vbet thin.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:08
jach25: when realized that it could be a poker pro? you play too much hours online you play in casinos live or how was it?
June 26, 2013 20:43
Mostly online.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:09
jach25: you love poker or you love the money of poker or both what dou you think about that you wanted be millionarie whith poker or just want fun??
June 26, 2013 20:47
When I was a kid it was strictly for the love of the game. That is still the case mostly.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:09
jach25: what is the success for be a good poker player? practice,concentration or what do you recommended for be little by little a good poker player and live of poker?????
June 26, 2013 20:49
Work your ass off. Play a lot at stakes within your bankroll. You don't need to play live but you do need to play online.
 photo DarylJace June 26, 2013 21:10
johnaz: do you think you play better online or live? is there any real difference for you?
June 26, 2013 21:35
SoFnWhat: What games would you recommend to someone looking to get started playing MTT online? Are the 180 man tournaments a good start or is there really no substitute other than playing large field MTTs?
June 26, 2013 22:02
gardjone: I whant to know ,what you think when you bluff your opponents,look them in the eye for a long time,the face of the person that is recognized for some players , mean how you recognized this somthimes,how do you think that is reasonable to try to talk to people in the process of game,especially when someone tries bluffing me or you,is that good or not for ,,hand,, .
June 26, 2013 23:47
luchoq10: If you were not poker, what would you do with your life?
June 27, 2013 00:55
Scarmaker: AskThePRO with Daryl Jace is officially over! Thanks very much to Daryl, to all who posted any question and even to all those reading this AskThePRO!
June 27, 2013 03:31
Hey thx guys. I enjoyed doing this.
 photo DarylJace June 28, 2013 21:55
ProBlackbird: I would like to know how to become a successive MTT players as well in SNG too, have been really stuck in -roi recently. I was thinking to move in non-turbo games but not much sure. I have many years experiences but would be nice to get advice from a Pro.
June 27, 2013 10:21
realista73: l would like to know this flop whit no A you hold KK. DID YOU EVER FOLD THIS HAND
June 27, 2013 16:20
manumh: While we know that the princio of tournaments you have to play only strong hands and discard risky. The question is: once we increase our chips have to change the strategy and consider letters that we had not played there in the beginning? such as playing a pair of 9 in early position.
June 28, 2013 17:53
Andre: Thanks Daryl. Your answer actually helped me and I made some hero calls in a cash game. :)
June 30, 2013 09:34

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