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AskThePRO with hypnotherapist Elliot Roe

Our this week’s guest in indeed a very special one as he isn’t and never has been a professional poker player. What he does though is improve the game of other pro poker players in a way that only few on this planet do.

Elliot Roe is a licensed Hypnotherapist based in Las Vegas who specializes in helping poker players resolve their mindset issues at the table. During his career, Elliot has worked with over 150 poker players from NL25 all the way up to some of the best known high stakes pros. Details of his services and testimonials are available on Elliot’s 2+2 coaching listing on twoplustwo

Elliot's take on mindset issues differs from many of the other mindset coaches. He uses his expertise in hypnotherapy to explore players’ past experiences to help to resolve their issues at the table. By helping clients to  understand and resolving the issues of their past  it enables change in their behavior at the table.



Hypnotherapy and it's uses in poker are explained in Elliot‘s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls4H5GLAs0I&feature=autoshare

Elliot also makes pre-session warm-up and warm-down MP3s to help prepare your mind for poker sessions. The MP3s have been used by thousands of players including Chris Moneymaker and former WPT Player of the Year and tournament crusher Jonathan Little who offered his own testimony regarding Elliot’s services:

“I listened to the mp3 every day before and after the $25,000 WPT main event and I feel like I put in 4 of the best days of poker in my life. I was paying attention well, not tilting, and picking up small tells much better. Thanks Elliot!“ – Jonathan Little

Elliot offers a special 10% discount on his MP3 for all TiltBook members! Just send Elliot a personal message to get the payment details! I myself (Scarmaker) got a chance to try one of those for free (the pre-session one) and I do have to say I absolutely loved it and I am listening to it pretty much every other day. Its very relaxing and gets your head clear and set up perfectly for your upcoming session! Will probaby purchase the rest!

Do not miss the opportunity to ask Elliot pretty much anything you want! He will be live on Wednesday, 04.12.2013 at 20:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO. And as always, remember the best question posted will win $20!

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Scarmaker: Hey Elltiot, I am really looking forward to this :) First off, thanks a lot for doing this as well as letting me test out your mp3s, I am recently trying more and more to work on getting my mind clear as I was terrible at this and especially the pre-session one really does help me a lot when it comes to this + gets me ready for the session and very confident :) So, thank you very much!
December 2, 2013 19:50
Hi, thank you for having me on
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:03
Scarmaker: I understand you are not really anywhere close to being a poker pro and so I wonder if you actually do play, if we can meet you at the PokerStars tables and if yes, what games/stakes do you play and why?
December 2, 2013 19:51
Unfortunately you won’t see me at any of the pokerstars tables as I’m based in Las Vegas and we can’t use it here. I used to play some low stakes MTTs on sky poker for fun back in the UK but here access is blocked. Now if I want to play I head to the strip and play the $100 MTTs the juice is so high you can’t make much money playing them but it’s a fun way to spend an evening. If any of you see me at a table take a seat it will be +EV for you.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:05
johnan1988: Hi, how long is the original MP3 ? Doesn't listening to the same MP3 every day kinda dimish its effects on players mind?
December 2, 2013 21:34
The original MP3 is around 22minutes long, some players were using it prior to each session and I had a number of requests for a shorter version. I launched a 15 minute version available to resolve that issue. Repetition isn’t really an issue as hypnosis is a form of guided meditation and just like meditation the more you practice the deeper and more effective it will become. The key is to relax fully and allow yourself to accept the suggestions in the MP3. It creates space between your outside life and prepares you to focus completely on your session. Picture it as a warm-up a bit like stretching before sports. It doesn't guarantee success but it certainly reduces your chance of injury (in this case to your bank roll).
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:11
PokerFacts: Cool to have you Elliot :-) I would like to know how exactly have you originally got involved with poker?
December 2, 2013 23:44
Hi, when I first qualified in hypnotherapy I started working with golfers helping them with stress and focus on the course. One of my friends mentioned that she worked in the poker industry and said that if I thought golf was stressful I should check out poker. She started taking to me about the importance of mindset and tilt issues and I felt hypnotherapy would be a perfect match to help. I joined 2+2 and offered free sessions as I learnt about poker and designed my MP3s and course. Over the next year the results and feedback were excellent and I decided to move to Las Vegas to progress my career. Now I’m living in Las Vegas using hypnotherapy to help poker players with tilt and MMA fighters prior to fights. Ironically the majority of my poker clients are online players and based around the world so although I’m in the poker capital of the world most of my sessions are on skype.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:14
CCJayhawk: What advice would you give to players who know they tilt, but don't know it when its happening.
December 3, 2013 06:17
I think the best advice I can give would be to spend some time after each session really questioning how you performed mentally. Did you get anxious, angry, lazy, overaggressive, can you justify the way you played your hands? You will eventually start to see themes and become more aware of your mindset and whether you are on tilt. I think the majority of players can at some level recognize tilt whilst they play but choose to ignore the signs rather than face the problem head on.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:16
Scarmaker: As a person helping all kinds of players with their mindset issues, did you notice that any thing along the lines of different formats of poker (tourneys/cash/sngs/PLO etc.) coming with different mindset problems or is it all pretty much the same accross all formats? Is there any format that seems to be the "toughest" to you when it comes to handling tilt and stuff?
December 4, 2013 04:08
Yes there are certainly differences between the various forms of poker and also between the issues between online and live players. The most mentally demanding seems to be HU both cash and SNG as the game becomes far more personal. HU players come to me to work not only on tilt due to variance but also tilt caused by specific regs and playing styles. PLO is another format that tests a players mindset to the limit and the higher levels of variance. In terms of online vs live players typically online players are more likely to want to also work on social anxiety issues and live players tend to have more real life leaks like pit games, sports betting and addiction issues etc.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:20
VeraPohlova: Have you ever (does not matter if it had anything to do with poker or not) met any person who you felt like had NO problems with his mindset at all?
December 4, 2013 04:10
I’ve met people with very strong mindsets but typically it is still something they are looking to improve. It’s a bit like asking a sports coach is he’s met the perfect athlete, even if the athlete is better than his peers he still wants to improve and become better/faster/stronger. Mindset is no different we are all human and even the calmest most positive person will still be aware of some weakness they are carrying. So I guess to answer your question I’ve met people without obvious issues but as perfection is unattainable they still have areas they want to fine tune.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:27
blender803: what do you choose between winning ept or wsop?
December 4, 2013 15:01
WSOP (Bigger prize)
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:29
Trippinn: Hi Elliot, purity of thought and a positive thinking mind in poker is always going to be +EV while playing poker online or live. But what I think is most important is how the mind reacts after a bad running session as this is going to effect your every day life and interaction with other people. So my question is how do you treat your clients to maintain a healthy mindset and leave their bad thoughts and feelings on the felt?
December 4, 2013 16:10
I help my clients to try and view poker as a more professional enterprise and encourage long-term thinking and targets. Once a player can see the game has a potential to generate an hourly and annual wage it typically helps to reduce stress levels. The daily variance becomes less powerful once you can see the bigger picture. The hypnotherapy work also looks to resolve deep routed emotional issues. Stress caused by an over aggressive reg may have roots in being bullied in childhood. Once we have worked through these issues emotional both on and off the tables start to change. Many clients notice improvements in relationships with friends and family through resolution or acceptance of these long held memories.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:36
nicusor93: Hi, if this music could not exist for you, what it's your second thing who help you to concentrate?
December 4, 2013 16:33
Meditation and yoga are very effective tools for improving concentration.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:37
kipishaz: sorry, i've read and listened all this stuff but im still not conviced yet. there just too many things way wrong than i think. you mean to tell me, that this mp3 saves you from tilt and brings my A game? what about real coaching, hands reading and situation to get ready to always exploit your A game and not even get into tilt. 5 minute brake mp3... another wonderful thing. you think that if you play good and just because its a brake, you are going to start loosing, or what? i my self use these 5 minutes to stretch my self and jump around to keep me balanced from sitting that long. and you suggest to just keep sitting all tournament long in one place? no wonder people get sick mentally and cant control them selves. sorry, it wasn't really a question, but im just too confused atm... P.S. and yeah, i have once listened to some motivational book. waste of time to tell you the true.
December 4, 2013 16:47
Hi, I think the issue here is in communication of what the product does. The MP3 will not “cure” tilt or “make” you play your A game every session. It is a warm up that puts you in a position to play your best poker. Players have busy lives and all sorts of thing flying through their minds when they take the seat. The MP3 creates a level of relaxation and helps focus your mind specifically on poker prior to starting your session. I agree that in some cases players in MTT’s are playing well and don’t need to use an MP3 in the break. However there are other times that the game is stressful and you might be feeling down and short stacked. These are the times a 5 minute MP3 can help . I offer the 5minute MP3 for free so if anyone wants a copy just message me your email.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 20:46
oxyzak: Hello Elliot, what´s the difference between hypnotherapy and "standard" approach (Jared Tendler´s books) on mental game? What´s in your opinion one book that should everyone read? If you were an american president for one day what would you do? Thanks a lot
December 4, 2013 17:30
Hi, yes my approach differs greatly from some of the other mindset coaching methods. Rather than looking to resolve issues directly at the table using a CBT approach I use hypnotherapy to try and understand the root cause of the players issues. When hypnotized a client has hypermnesia (more vivid memory recall) we use this to find the source of a problem at the table and then use therapy techniques to reduce and resolve it. Examples that frequently come up in poker are: Ego wars stemming from bullying. Procrastination from not needing to work hard in school/college. Anger from parental issues. Etc, etc Once the client and their subconscious can accept the past the start to find their emotions and control at the tables improves. My youtube video goes into more detail on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls4H5GLAs0I
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:00
Sorry missed the other parts of the question, I recommend everyone should read The power of Learning by Josh Waitzkin (excellent book by the chess prodigy turned world champion martial artist). If I was president for a day I would remove business donations from the US political system as I feel it's impossible to be democratic if politicians can legally be bought.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:24
Apologies, it's "The Art of Learning" http://www.amazon.com/The-Art-Learning-Journey-Performance/dp/0743277465
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 22:39
Scarmaker: Following up on oxyzak's question, I have heard some ridiculously good things about the book called "The Power of Now" by E. Tolle. I am assuming that you have heard about it yourself and prolly read it, can you tell us a little bit more about it from your pointview a person who seems to be an expert when it comes to mindset?
December 4, 2013 18:30
It's a good read, he proposes the concept that the mind and the self and separate entities and by accepting that separation you can quiet your mind and take control. I wouldn't be able to do it justice in a few lines here but I do recommend it.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:02
Scarmaker: Can you tell us any story about... lets say a client (preferably a poker player) having the worst possible midset issues you have encountered? Does it happen in general that you say to yourself smth like "man, we have a really terrible case here"
December 4, 2013 19:08
I’m going to be more general here rather than talk about an individual. I have had some concerning cases. A number of poker players I’ve helped have had very little real life communication with the outside world, sometimes for years. Some players become pros because they love the game and others because it’s a great way to survive whilst isolating yourself from society. These are the players that I like to help the most as it not only improves their poker but I have a chance to help them change their lives for the better. In terms of interesting poker related issues I’ve dealt with players who’ve built and then tilted off enormous bank rolls, rage tilt resulting in broken hands and laptops, players who will only play regs, players taking tilt out on family members.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:09
PokerFacts: Working with so many poker players and seeing how profitable poker can be combined with being a specialist on one of the most key things in poker, have you never considered to go and try to become a poker pro yourself? :)
December 4, 2013 19:15
I really enjoy my job and helping people improve their lives, although poker offers potential financial rewards it would be impossible for me to be successful without quitting hypnotherapy and that’s not something I would like to do.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:11
1SickBusto: Hi Elliot, first thanks for sending me your mp3 back in the day, I appreciate it. So have a problem with breathing. I catching myself, in very shallow breathing, during a poker session. I know it's bad and unhealthy, but is something automatic and I can't find a way to fix it. Could you suggest me something ? Thanks!
December 4, 2013 19:16
Is it psychological or a health issue? Have you spoken with a Dr? Drop me a message and we can talk over it.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:12
Andre: Hi there Elliot, and welcome to Tiltbook. The most effective ways I use to reduce tilt and to clear my mind is to exercise before sessions and to live a balanced life, there are things more important that just poker. Yet I get too involved emotionally in a game that has lots of swings and let tilt alter my decisions when playing. Can you give me advice on how I can "unlock" the power of my sub-conscious mind to keep my emotions intact, regardless the outcome of a hand/session. Thanks in advance for the reply and I wish you all the best. :)
December 4, 2013 19:17
Hi, it sounds like you are already doing many of the things that should help your mindset. I believe the key to a balanced mindset at the table is seeing the game as a professional enterprise. Work to a schedule and see it as a job, when you are playing focus on the game completely but when it is over allow yourself to relax until your next session. It's always good to look at the longterm picture and allow yourself to see that daily variance isn't relevant over a long enough timespan.
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:17
qoon: Hi Elliot! What's the biggest mindset strength that you think your non-poker clients (golfers or MMA fighters) have but that isn't taught in poker mindset articles and videos and that poker players would benefit from acquiring?
December 4, 2013 20:30
I think the training mentality of the MMA guys is missing most from the poker community. Every successful fighter I've work with has a strict schedule sometimes training 3 times a day 6 days a week. Learning form the consistency and effort they put in would benefit any professional poker player
 photo Elliot December 4, 2013 21:20
Scarmaker: Thank you very much Elliot for doing the AskThePRO, I absolutely loved it! I would like to remind all again that Elliot is offering a special 10% discount for his MP3s which I recommend - you can get more info regarding this above in the article! The winner of $20 for the best question is our last-minute poster qoon :) Congratz!
December 5, 2013 06:15

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