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AskThePRO with Faarcyde

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This week's special guest: Faarcyde

My name is Jonathan, I go by the name Faarcyde on most sites. I played full ring and 6 man turbos and hypers for a few years before transitioning into heads up sit and goes. I play $60, $100, and $200 turbos and hypers. I hope to play $300s and $500s by the end of the year. I stake, I coach, I make videos for HUSNG.com, Cardrunners and Yourdoompoker.com. I try to stay busy!

Jonathan has his own Facebook page where he posts regualrly, feel free to check it out at https://www.facebook.com/Faarcyde

Faarcyde will be live on TiltBook to answer all your cool questions on Wednesday, 12.03.2014 at 20:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO. And as always, remember the best question posted wins $20!


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Scarmaker: Hey there Faarcyde (love the nickname btw) and thanks for doing the AskThePRO! While it is obvious that you are a great grinder, the bio does not really say anything particlarly interesting about you. So, my first question I guess would be, can you pick one thing that you is the most interesting about you when it comes to a) the way you play poker and b) your life outside poker? Thanks!
March 11, 2014 01:28
Hey everyone. Thanks for coming. First question goes to Scarmaker! An interesting thing about me when it comes to playing poker…I can play for a long time, I think I have above-average endurance. I can play for 4-5 hours at a time although I don't do that too often. Something else…generally I would say the longer I play someone the bigger and bigger edge I have. I think I am relatively adept at anticipating changes in strategy and game flow which is pretty much heads up in a nutshell. As for life outside of poker…I try to stay busy there as well. I have a bunch of rental properties and hope to buy more in the future. I'd like to get to the point all my income is passive and have my money work for me. Then I will get to do as I please…travel, read, sit on a beach, start a charity, buy a motorcycle and ride across the Americas. I think that is a familiar theme with poker players. Yearning for the freedom it can provide. I am always trying to improve upon that.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:06
Scarmaker: Also, I do post this question everytime and I am very interested to read yor answer - what are the main leaks that other regs have that you think you have made the most money off?
March 11, 2014 01:29
Regulars are very good these days. You have to be unless you want to be another "has been" story. There aren't any players who are "okay" making six figures anymore. Just not possible. That being said, the biggest leaks I see are regular who autopilot too much. They have their default strategy of three betting a certain amount, check raising certain boards, bluffing occasionally. Which is fine, but if you want to be something other than a standard bum hunter you need to be very sharp in your adjustments no matter how small. Something I always remember, I think it was Mersenary from HUSNG who said you don't need to worry about big spots that much. It is when you are making small mistakes repeatedly that is really going to hurt your return in the long run. Big pots don't come along that often, but you defending 10 percent less than is optimal is hurting you every second of every game you are the big blind, which in heads up is every other hand.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:11
Seda16: What point in your career you consider as the "breaking" one? Moment when you said: ok I am going to make a living out of this.
March 11, 2014 18:51
Note: I am listening to Kendrick Lamar "ADHD" right now. Hot track! Seda16, my breaking point was working with Samer "Braminc" Khuri. I would sweat the bigger games and saw Braminc playing $500 six max games. I messaged him on 2+2 and said I will do anything you want just teach me. And for some reason he did, that is why I am here. The moment within the moment was learning what "ranges" really meant. That seems elementary today, but 4-5 years ago everybody was still figuring out an effective application of it. CTS and SlowHabit released an e-book called "Let There Be Range" which I think really changed the poker landscape and it filtered down to the rest of the poker community rather quickly.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:16
Seda16: If you could go back anywhere in your career and choose to do one thing differently, what would it be?
March 11, 2014 18:51
Switching to heads up earlier. I missed a great couple years where people were making half a million plus rather easily. Everything SEEMS easy in retrospect but I am confident I could have been a Livb112 if I wasn't so nitty with moving up / switching game types. In most respects I am too nitty…with bankroll management, in investments, in my personal life, etc. I am trying to change that though.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:18
blender803: What do you think that are the most three important steps in becoming a professional poker player?
March 11, 2014 19:32
Listening to: Beastie Boys "Don't Play No Game." 1) Having the drive. I've coached some great players who just didn't want to put in the time. Anything worth having is worth working for. I wouldn't say I am some prodigal mind, I just outworked everyone else for a long time. I REALLY wanted it. I was working a job I hated making $40k a year and told myself, all I want from this life is freedom. I saw poker as a synonym for freedom, and so far it hasn't let me down. 2) Discipline. It seems corny but you have to be willing to treat this like a job. It doesn't sound romantic but it is the truth. It doesn't mean it isn't the best job in the world, but it is still a job. 3) Keeping it interesting. You need to continually challenge yourself or you will plateau quickly. Honestly, I think I may have done that myself. That's why it says in my bio I want to move up to $300s and $500s this year. I've been at the same level for a long time and need something new to stimulate me.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:23
blender803: If you had to start all over again, would you do anything differently?
March 11, 2014 19:33
Answered before. Switch to heads up earlier.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:23
mart4s: I want to know, when you begint to play poker, do you have some amount of cash as a final goal? what's your starting bankroll was?
March 11, 2014 19:48
I've always been really nitty with bankroll requirements because I never wanted swings to effect how I was playing. So I usually kept/keep 200 buyins for my average buyin. That usually means somewhere between ten and twenty thousand spread over various sites.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:25
Ramalhah: Hi Faarcyde, my name is victor and i LOVE to play sit´s of 6 players (micro) but i have two leaks on my game (not only two but is what i remenber right now) and i´m put them like questions, 1- opens table and voilá we are on bb, bt shoves and i know he is kind of loose, should i call him with any Kx or maybe Qx suited conectors?; 2- bubble time, on bb and around same stack as bt, bt shoves sb folds (around same stack too) and i´m with 66+, should i call him knowing even he doesn´t steal a lot? thinking "ok, im card dead and im gonna be very short next hand, i can´t get better then this ...) thank you in advance and one more thing, do you think that "poker is getting dead" like they say? probably who says that had no more guys like guy laliberté droping money to then (i think we dont need any names :P)
March 11, 2014 21:07
Ramalah: Those are very specific / player dependent questions. As a standard KQ should be at the bottom of your big blind calling range against an unknown opponent. With the 66 it is very close. Spend the most valuable $100 of your life and buy ICMIZER or SNG Wiz. Using an ICM calculator can help solve all the math questions you could ever imagine. It is a must have for anyone who wants to become a serious player. Or even a casual player who doesn't want to burn money!
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:28
pitbullSVK: Hi there man, i am playing 6-max hypers but i am just at micro limits...can u give me some advice? :) and next question what is your opening range in heads-up? thaaanks
March 11, 2014 21:40
Listening: Prince "Why the Doves Cry." Buy an ICM calculator like ICMIZER or SNG Wizard. Get a subscription to a video site. Those two things will be the best value for your money right now at the micro limits. My opening range heads up against an unknown is around 80 percent.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:30
vladerinho: Hello :) I have a few questions regarding the cartels. Are you in one ? why/why not? And how did you get in(if you did) ?
March 12, 2014 01:53
Not at the moment. I probably will be soon though. I was anti-cartel for a long time but it seems like there is no better alternative at the moment. It is basically impossible to play profitably unless you are part of a cartel at higher limits. As far as getting in, just ask around and find out who the leader is. They usually have a set of requirements to qualify although every one is different.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:32
johnan1988: Hi, how much ephasis do you put on the gameflow and timing tells vs fish? do you ever take extended ammout of time on purpose to make villain herocall or smth like that?
March 12, 2014 04:04
Gameflow: a lot. Timing tells: not much at all. I think timing tells are overrated in general. I am usually playing 5-6 tables so even if they are relevant I'm not paying attention. Game flow is basically everything. Think about after you win a big hand, the next hand you raise you are almost getting jammed on or reraised (in heads up SNGs anyway). You can use this to your advantage, whether it means folding any hand you aren't raise calling the next hand or limping more of your range. You can apply this thinking to any other number of game flow spots.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:35
destinysta69: Hi there. What would you say is your biggest poker accomplishment and what country do you prefer to play in? Thanks
March 12, 2014 05:54
My biggest accomplishment: still being here after all these years. It is tough to play this game for a living, no doubt about it. If I make it to ten years (I am at six now) that will be a real achievement! I play online in Canada, so obviously that has to be my favorite. Hopefully something with the US of A gets straightened out soon.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:36
Scarmaker: What is mrGreene so much better at that he is crushin it so bad even in comparison with other top regs?
March 12, 2014 11:10
Haha, I honestly have no idea. He has to just be a savant like Bobby Fischer or something. If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be playing $100 and $200 heads up SNGs! My educated guess is he has had some good luck, some great mentorship via Livb112 and a lot of natural ability. That is a nice combination.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:39
lessQQmoreAA: Hello Faarcryde, how do you deal with the younger generation of loose, fast online players? These types of players seem to take the skill out of the game — they become calling stations and strategic play is really watered down. Thoughts?
March 12, 2014 15:44
That is a misnomer there. If someone is "fast and loose" it doesn't water anything down. You just have to figure out how to react to it most profitably. Typically with the type of players you describe you would want to value bet thinly, be willing to splash around with them, and be willing to make some big calls. Chances are they will go to the well one too many times.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:44
johnaz: what is your daily routine and what is-are your goals aside from poker?
March 12, 2014 20:03
Wake up, eat something, play 5-6 hours with a couple breaks, work out, dinner, answer some emails, set up coaching lessons, watch some TV, read some books, hang out with my wife, play with my cats (not necessarily in that order), rinse, repeat. My goals aside from poker: build a successful business from scratch. I have a lot of ideas. The next few years should be interesting.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:47
Zelikis: Would you rather choose money or title?
March 12, 2014 20:06
Money, because then you can buy the title. And still have money left over :-p Thanks for the questions guys and gals.
 photo faarcyde March 12, 2014 20:48
Scarmaker: The AskThePRO with Faarcyde is now officially over and i would like to thank him very much for a great session and a great read! :) Also, thanks to all who posted a question, the winner of $20 is vladerinho, congratz! :)
March 12, 2014 22:30

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