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Scarmaker: Sooo, are you actually that tilted? What made you THAT tilted?
May 29, 2013 02:27
I used to be when I first started. I was always yelling when i get bad beats in my room haha but later on i got the hang of it and avoid letting emotions change my gameplay or style.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 16:59
Scarmaker: As far as I know, people playing 18-man usually mix them up with 27-man or even 45-man sit & gos. Do you play 18-man exclusively? If yes, why? Or in other words, are there any crucial diefferences between 18-man and 27-man sngs?
May 29, 2013 02:29
I never got the hang of the 45s and 27s though i touched a bit of it back then. I play 18s because they generate enough volume itself for me to play long hours. The games imo are pretty soft at most times vs 6max and other formats because most regs don't take the time to study ICM which cost them a lot of money. The one issue with 18s i have is NO BREAKs which kills my hourly when at times u gotta go to the washroom badly haha
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:03
sonic AA'S: hi bud how to i find the freeroll passwords please
May 29, 2013 13:43
no idea i never played it lol
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:04
limels: Whats your daily routine? Numbers of hours playing? How many at the time? tiled or stacked? How u keep motivated to playing? Do you have time to study the game and how u do that? Whats my biggest leak? lol thanks
May 29, 2013 15:01
i wake up at around 930 or so shower eat and start at 10:30 or 11am and play about 125 - 150 sometimes more depending on how i feel. I finish at around 5:30 to 6pm grab a quick meal and start running another 30minutes later till around 12 - 12:30am. I do study but not as often since i think i know most ICM spots but if i'm confused or not sure about a certain one i will definitely have a deeper look into it. I keep myself motivated by SNE goals such as Milestones i'm about to hit to see how far i'm away from hitting my yearly goal. For your leaks i have no idea since i stack my tables.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:08
johnaz: after what time did you started to crush?
May 29, 2013 16:17
well i started playing 18s last year primarly and i can tell you that every reg had me as the worst reg alive. I had no idea what iwas doing completely clueless cruising by. Studying will actually change ur game inside out which made me improve a lot this year.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:10
ImSoooTilted: Hey i'm ready to guy when you guys are :)
May 29, 2013 16:57
radazatl: You mentioned having no breaks as an issue, have you ever considered using pissbottles?
May 29, 2013 17:42
yeah i hv one
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:45
Mihnea: What type of ICM tools do you use/recommend? What bankroll do you recommend for beginning at 18 man's (100/200?) talking a little bit about variance? What materials do you recommend regarding poker education and which influenced you the most (books/videos/forums discussions/coaches, etc )?
May 29, 2013 17:44
umm in term of ICM tools icmizer is pretty good but in terms of ranges you have to play around with it. I use it a lot along with replayer to have a feel of my playing style and mistakes i make in game to try to avoid it in the future. For 100/200 i take BIs at 100 to 200? Probably a good 20k to 30k will do the job. in terms of reading books the only one i read was aceontheriver lol
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 17:47
feedandy: Ive played 2k 18 mans with ROI of 14% and avg buy in of $26, fish on a heater? whats been your most prolonged upswing and downswing? -draken08
May 29, 2013 17:56
my biggest ds this year so far was about 8k im currently on a 7k one atm. If u look at my $30s graph im up 6k over 12k games i believe and breakeven for about 10k games. At one point i was on a 200BI ds lol. I don't really count upswings but take downswings seriously haha
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:00
Mihnea: How do you cope with the long hours of grind? How do you manage to mix poker with social life (girlfriend/friends, etc)?
May 29, 2013 18:05
in terms of social life i dont really have one or need one cause my gf conpensates for all the need to go hang out with my friends. For long hours i just try to keep myself motivated at most times. I try to tell myself when i'm losing that its just a matter of time before it turns around. I'm confident enough that my game is better than my current results (when i'm losing/running really bad).
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:11
feedandy: Also wrt to the no breaks issue, Im sure I read somewhere on 2plus2 that PS are going to trial 2 hourly regular breaks for the 18 and 27 mans first. What HUD set up do you use and do you spend much time looking, in depth, at other regs play styles?
May 29, 2013 18:05
well hopefully stars do i need them! I have my hud setup for VPIP PFR and 3bet pretty much only stuff i use haha
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:12
Mihnea: Why Mercedes? :)
May 29, 2013 18:06
well my gf and i looked at other cars such as A5,Q5 and BMW. Appearence wise and style she liked the a5 more than anything but i preferred SUV cause its more spacious and more fuel effiecent since our car run on diesel. Mercedes looks more luxurious too :)
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:15
feedandy: 18 mans forever?
May 29, 2013 18:22
as of now yeah duno whats better later down the road
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:24
pLAYERsvk: What are your weaknesses and strenghts as poker player compared to other regulars?
May 29, 2013 18:29
i think my biggest weakness is giving fishes or regs too much credits for hands pre and post. In terms of strength i believe i find more exploitable spots than the average joe and is smart enough to make profitable laydown where most regs would make a suicuidal call
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:37
feedandy: Do you game select at all or just play what TN registers you for?
May 29, 2013 18:30
i manual select my own games
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:38
pLAYERsvk: Do you limp to trap? Do you make non-allin 3bet bluffs t20, t30 with marginal hands? if yes how do you aproach those moves.
May 29, 2013 18:33
limp trap not so often because regs smell it easily. I do sometimes include some 3betting or 4betting to avoid getting exploited all the time by the more spewy regs. I try to avoid burning my stack early game with marginal hands such as 99 and AQ where as in a MTT you would gamble when u raise and then some fish jams as my advantage is late game
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:43
pLAYERsvk: "i manual select my own games" how? what is good game for you to register?
May 29, 2013 18:45
i seperate regs into 3 categories. Winning, RB pro and Fishy. If a game has like 15 winning regs and 2 rb pro i'll obviously avoid that due to varience and makes it more of a dick measuring contest. I'm looking for ways to make the most money not to give away. I see regs down 40k playing these games and i just lol on the side and wait for a better game to fire up
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:49
Kornone: Did you have any aha-moments while studying 18mans that really changed the way u play today?
May 29, 2013 18:46
yeah my game used to be very abc which includes minr the nuts and jamming my weak to decent range. I then started finding more and more spots near the bubble and ways to exploit other regs which turned my game entirely
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 18:52
pLAYERsvk: Do you make mistakes? Do you sometimes feel like "ou this session i didnt do very well.."? Or do you always perform your strategy 100% correctly.
May 29, 2013 19:00
yeah i make mistakes all the time almost everyday. I just try my best to minimize it. I always make misclick allin calls since i stack and go like FFS.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:03
feedandy: Are there any disadvantages, do you think, to having all your results (on sharkscope etc) on public display? There seem to be quite a lot of regs that hide theirs
May 29, 2013 19:01
umm obviously blocking makes ur results more hideous and less known which can be used as an advantage but most guys i know that have their stats blocked is because they're down huge amounts and dont want ppl to know they're a fish.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:06
pLAYERsvk: If there are 10 players left, (5 on your table) and you are small blind with 10bbs ef. stack. Everyone fold. What is your strategy?
May 29, 2013 19:06
depends on whos on bb if it is the biggest nit and i have 23o r/f. The default play would be looking if ur hand is profitable to shove.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:07
depends on whos on bb if it is the biggest nit and i have 23o r/f. The default play would be looking if ur hand is profitable to shove.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:08
feedandy: What are the most difficult situations you find yourself in? I find it very hard on the bubble as CL with a big, no understanding of ICM, fish a close second, for example
May 29, 2013 19:12
that is probably the easiest my difficult ones are being shortest 2nd shortest or middle stacks and holding a marginal hand facing a shove from CL. It is easy to determine a call when they;re on ATC it's hard when their range is polarized
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:17
Kornone: R u going for SNE this year? How many days are u playing every week?
May 29, 2013 19:12
yes i am im currently closing in on 400k i play 7 days a week pretty much
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:17
Kornone: Do u find the 60s softer than the $30 18man?
May 29, 2013 19:15
umm sometimes yes sometimes no
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:18
pLAYERsvk: Are you nervous flipping big pot at 500s ? At what stakes are you money scared?
May 29, 2013 19:16
never played a 500 since it never fired but for 300s not really i just pull it aside to rail since it is a bigger BI than usual. Id probably be scared if there was like a 2k or 5k 18man since it way out of my BR
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:20
pLAYERsvk: if there was some godlike player, who knows answer to every strategic question in 18man sngs. Knows how to play everything perfectly.. what would you ask him?
May 29, 2013 19:25
tough one. probably post a hh that icmizer cant answer
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:29
feedandy: How much have you made from BOP this year?
May 29, 2013 19:25
not sure but i think around the ball park between 3 to 5k
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:28
Kornone: How many tables do u play continuously?
May 29, 2013 19:33
usually around 11 - 18 but if games r firing up rapidly probably 24 - 30
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:36
maXX: How many hours/month you play since start of the year?
May 29, 2013 19:39
i was playing about 200 to - 240hrs a month
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:41
feedandy: Other than yourself, who would you say are the top 3 regs you play with?
May 29, 2013 19:41
currently probably buschapa, ratataboom1 and latenthreat. The better regs that quit or switched games r push0rdie and mazurite
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 19:45
masuronike: How the fuck you can play 200+ hours monthly? I played it just once but next month i had to take off from poker, because i had 39 degrees temperatures
May 29, 2013 20:17
motivated to maintain SNE and i know if i don't play 200hrs a month i will not be able to make SNE
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 20:22
masuronike: thats why I have another question, do you have any kind of real life?
May 29, 2013 20:17
yeah i do i still take days off go out hang out just not often like a couple times a month.
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 20:23
masuronike: What was your biggest downswing and biggest run in your career? You can answer in terms of buy-ins and dollars, thank you!
May 29, 2013 20:19
biggest downswing was probably 25k i was really bad back then. Playing too many tables not understanding icm knew nothing about the game at all
 photo ImSoooTilted May 29, 2013 20:24
ImSoooTilted: ok i gotta go guys i'll ttyl my tables r getting loaded haha thanks for having me c ya
May 29, 2013 21:02
solta1234: who is your toughest opponent?
May 30, 2013 21:47
el japo305: CLAVE
May 30, 2013 21:54
johnaz: you guys asking for password, do yourself a favor and quit playing this game.
May 31, 2013 21:48

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