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Ramalhah: Hi George, huge fan here, i follow you sometimes when you are on table and i notest that you have not afraid calling all in with a medium ace against other regulars, so my question is: on hyper turbos (6 handed) if i double up should i wait my opponents "kill" themselves or i should be more agressive and bet "any" two cards ? and please answer me one thing, you have the world record of vpp´s won (MANY CONGRATZ!) and you are a hyper turbo satelites "super" pro, what do you do with all that T$? i thought it was only to play tournaments on pokerstars. thank you :)
October 7, 2013 20:47
Hello everyone and thanks for all the questions! Let's get started! As far as "calling with a medium ace", it simply boils down to whether I think the call is +EV or not. Some of the regs get into spite wars where they will intentionally call with a marginal hand to try to get the other person to tighten up their shoving range, but I've never really been one to do that. It seems like usually what happens when someone starts spite calling, the other person will just start spite calling that person in return and both people basically burn $. If I double up I tend to play somewhat tighter I think on average, but everything is situational. There are definitely some good times to leverage a bigger stack to get people to fold. The T$ takes care of itself. I play a lot of cash sngs and mtts too so I never have had a problem with having too much T$. If I really had to I'm sure I could sell it for pretty close to face value anyway.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:07
TiltBook: Hello George (or do you prefer Jorj ? :) ! It is an absolute pleasure to have you here and man, there is a question that has to be asked right off the bat. How the hell do you keep yourself motivated to grind as much and as hard as you do, day in, day out? What is so different about you in your opinion that only few do what you do and even most of them are far, far behind? Thanks a lot!
October 7, 2013 20:50
Either George or Jorj is fine :) Not really sure how I keep motivated but it's not something I've ever had much trouble with. I always tend to have the mindset that poker will dry up eventually so I want to put in as many hours as I can while I can still make $. Honestly 5 years ago I would have never guessed I would still be playing as much as I am today, but I'm still making enough money that it's worth doing. If it ever gets to a point where I can't make very much $ playing poker I will probably not be very motivated any more and would likely move on to something else.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:10
Scarmaker: Hey George! Thanks a LOT for doing this! My first comment regarding this was something along the lines of "screw Negreanus and Hellmuths of the world, this is a real pro poker player." Could you please tell us a little bit about how do you view all these "old school live pros" who do not seem to be as good as their results indicate, apparently have some fundamental flaws in their games and yet they are the superstars of poker, getting all the attention, air-time and sponsorship? How do you view this personally and how do you view this in regards to other grinders out there? Thank you very much!
October 7, 2013 20:52
Negreanu and Hellmuth have mastered a very important skill in poker, and that skill is self-promotion. I don't even mean that in a negative way. It's not something I will ever be very good at, nor do I even want to be, but obviously they have both made many millions just from being interesting and compelling people. Also, while they do have some fundamental flaws in their games, they also do some things better than most of the younger generation, and that is to get people to do what they want them to do against them at the table. Hellmuth especially is a master at getting recreational players to call when he wants them to call or to fold when he wants them to fold.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:16
johnan1988: Hi, i saw you play a lot of sattelites, how much more $ per FPP do you make in comparison to the classic 0,016$/fpp? swings must be huge and you have to invest a considerable amount of time. I guess its worth it, otherwise you wouldn't do it. Will u share your winrates over lets say supersonic sattys or some other ones ?
October 7, 2013 21:05
I honestly don't have any idea what my win rate is in any specific satellite. I think they pay around 0.016/fpp on average but to me I'm basically playing a rake-free hyperturbo against mostly players who don't normally play they hyperturbos, so it's a pretty good spot to use fpps.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:18
fulixas: Hi , Jorj !I'm very proud to ask such a monster! Omgg it's a PS PRO PLAYER! Thank you for doing this :) So the questions So about you :) When did you started playing poker? Who teached you to play poker? What was your first win? And how it changed your life? And is this thing real that PS PRO's always win because stars system gives them sick outs and that's why other people don't play with PRO's ? :) And about myself I have won 907$ on POKERSTARS PRO's vs Pokersites 15k gtd buy in was 5.50$ and a bounty there was on 5 PS Pro's Maksim Lykov and some other members for 100$ but i didn't knock out them but I have finished 4th for a 907$ That was quite sick OMG :D For you it would be like a standart win :D but for me it's brilliant. :) That is my best win ever! What do you recommend to play with a small bankroll with 50-100$ ? How can I stay on course all the time in poker and always play my best game? Could I play HU or I have to play mtts and grind only there? :)I hope some day I will win so much money like you do :) Ok I think it's enough, Good luck at the tables :)
October 7, 2013 21:30
First time I played poker was in 1998. I went to a local Indian casino to play some blackjack and saw one of my friends playing poker there so I sat down in the game with him. The game was $1/$3 7-card stud :) This was a few months before Rounders came out and I think watching that movie was when I realized that poker could be a fun way to make a living. I taught myself poker for the most part but I used to read a lot of poker books when I was first learning, and also have posted/read twoplustwo since 1999. I played mostly low limit stud and holdem for the first year or so but quickly moved up to much bigger games and was playing as high as 600/1200 by the year 2000. I practiced horrible bankroll management when I first started, but I was definitely lucky to run good at the right times in my poker career. I'm not a very good person to ask what to play with a small bankroll since I've never really played any small games online, but I imagine any micro limit game is pretty soft if you take the time to learn it. As far as staying on course, that's all up to you. Just find something to motivate yourself and keep disciplined. Set small goals to improve your game and keep yourself putting in the hours. Good luck!
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:25
Scarmaker: Even though you seem to indeed be quite an all-around player, playing all kinds of games, different types of sit & gos, MTTs and even playing live, I understand you pretty much never play cash games. Is that because you believe the winrates in ring games are way too lower in comparison to sngs? Or what are the reasons for not playing cash? Thanks!
October 8, 2013 02:46
I just don't play cash because I've never really taken the time to learn it. When I played live poker I played pretty much exclusively cash games but that was before no limit holdem was popular so it was mostly limit games. I think I could get somewhat good at cash games but I think there are so many experts at this point that it would take a lot of time for me to get really good at it (if I ever even did) and so therefore it's not really worth my time to learn. That could change in the future if I start to make less $ at what I'm doing now, you never really know what the future will bring.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:27
Scarmaker: Is it true that you are planning on donating all your VPPs to charity after you die?
October 8, 2013 03:05
Well I am a robot so I will never die...
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:28
razvanel1987: Hello Jorj, are u still betting on sports and what was your betting system? What was your biggest downswing at 6 max satellites? Also, what do you think about the future of 6max satties in poker? Thank you!
October 8, 2013 11:00
No I don't really bet on sports any more except small bets with friends so I can sweat the games. Not going to talk about my betting systems for obvious reasons, just in case I ever do want to get back into it. Biggest downswing in satties, I think I had a 200k downswing just last month but then followed that up immediately with a 400k upswing. You can look at my graph at the top of this page.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:30
razvanel1987: Are u still tilting when u have bad days and how do you handle this? I saw scossett tilting in chat like "wp, sir, good call, mr." when he is unlucky. Also, can u tell me how to interpret EV line? Ty, Jorj
October 8, 2013 11:30
I rarely ever tilt. The only things that really tilt me are when people spite call me on purpose, or when I make a bad play because I misread a situation or something like that. I don't really like to type stuff like that in the chat because then it makes people realize that they are making a bad call and they might go improve their game, just seems counterproductive. I don't really use the EV line, sorry.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:32
glenn161274: Jorj you are the player i would most of all like to aspire to become, how would i go about doing this. I mean what would be the biggest help you could give me so i could have even a fraction of your success. I have no problem playing a lot of tables and playing over 10hrs a day, but what are the most important things in becoming a 6max Hyper grinder. ?
October 8, 2013 14:39
The most important thing is to find your niche and just get really good at one game. It is almost always way better financially to be the best at one thing rather than good at a lot of things. That is true in poker and in life. So just work hard and more importantly, work smart until you're really really good at something.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:33
glenn161274: You have nearly 15 million vpp's lifetime after the recent WCOOP series, how do you use all the Vpp's ? and for a Hyper player what do you think is the best way to use the Vpp's ? Play more Hyper's with them or save them to cash them in ? Also as you take the T$ from all the Hyper's you win, apart from the occasional MTT you play how do you use all the T$ ? Do you have people who buy them for the exact same rate.?
October 8, 2013 14:52
I never have a problem using T$ because I play mtts and cash sngs as well, and even if I did I'm sure I could sell them for face value or close to it anyway. I just use the fpps to buy bonuses from the store usually, and I also enter a lot of the fpp satellites.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:35
ImSoooTilted: i heard scossett is having a real bad year. Does this mean even as good of a player like him or u are capable of losing 400k+ on a given bad year in these sattes?
October 8, 2013 16:19
Yeah 400k is nothing really if you're playing the 3500s, that's barely over 100 buyins which is a pretty standard downswing to have in the satties.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:36
TheLastNail: ur ultimate goal w poker? aka: what makes u play so much still after having ur life secured for good, do u get burnouts, how often? any tips to fight them? all the best; jozef
October 8, 2013 19:31
The ultimate goal is really just to make $ while I can. I'm not really one to play for the fame or for the accolades. Never really have a problem with burnouts, luckily I'm just very intrinsically motivated.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:37
dexon303: What kind of live events are you planning to play in 2013?Ty Jorj and best of luck in the games.
October 8, 2013 20:22
Probably not playing any more live events this year, wifey and I have twins due next month!
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:38
Scarmaker: What was the best online moment/experience in your career and the best live one? Was your best live one better than the best online one? :P
October 8, 2013 20:42
Best live experience was probably the two final tables I made at the 2011 WSOP. Was really fun to have tons of people rooting from me from across the globe, many of whom I hadn't talked to since high school or college! Best online experience, I don't really know, the $400k upswing I had the last 10 days of WCOOP this year was pretty nice :) Live experience was definitely better just because of the amazing support I got.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:40
TiltTanker: What key concepts did you study the most to get to your skill level today? How did you go about improving these concepts?
October 8, 2013 21:06
A really important concept to try to learn is to get to know what your opponents range of hands is in any specific situation. Only way to improve on this is experience really. You eventually learn to see an opponent play a hand a certain way and you can extrapolate that hand to decipher what kind of hands he might play a certain way in a completely different spot.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:43
crazyrdud: i have a question,a very simple one. Why do generaly people limp with King Queen and raise or all in with Ace and low kicker? I whant to know your opionion.
October 8, 2013 23:52
Never really seen this specifically, so can't really answer, sorry.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:43
FishFromSVK: Hi George! What do you think that is the most important thing for becoming really successful MTT player? I have also another question that is not directly poker-related. I want to ask if you have ever measured your IQ. You don't have to answer this, but I think that the height of IQ is the main difference between "only" good poker players and the perfect ones. Do you think that a person with lower IQ can become not just good but perfect poker player with succes like you ? (Don't try to underestimate yourself! :-D ) Thanks for your answer :)
October 9, 2013 00:41
I'm definitely the wrong person to ask about becoming a successful mtt player because there are many mtts players who are better than I am. A really important skill especially in shorter stacked tourneys is to learn proper shoving & calling ranges though. Don't know my IQ, I got tested in like 2nd grade but I couldn't tell you what the # was. I do think IQ is a very important factor in a person's potential in poker. I'd say it's pretty much impossible for someone with an average IQ to become an elite poker player. Having said that I know a lot of people with IQs that are surely higher than mine who are broke poker players.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:46
almightyonee: Hi George! It's really cool to ask a question so good a player as you :) I would like to inquire about learning poker ... What do you think is the best way to improve your own game. As well, what is your advice for ppl who are starting to play. And the last - what advice / sentence most influenced the game and help you achieve such a great success. Many thanks for your reply!
October 9, 2013 14:47
Best way to improve is just to find a game that you think you can win at and try to learn everything you possibly can about it. Try to learn things that you think no one else knows. Obviously that is easier said than done. :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:47
Scarmaker: As a player who most likely has quite huge understanding of the game and its fundamentals, how probable do you think it is that we will see people creating bots in like 10 - 20 years time that would be able to crush mid/high stakes?
October 9, 2013 15:06
nearly 100%
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:48
sierinsh: Good evening, George ;) I have few questions for u :) I’m often sitting at a table where most of the players are competent to very good, but there is usually at least one player who has no idea what he’s doing. I know I’m supposed to go after this player and find ways to play pots against him, but that often gets me into trouble against the others. What’s the best way to isolate a bad player? How did you go about developing your poker face so that others couldn’t read your unintentional body language? How do you deal with the younger generation of loose, fast online players? These types of players seem to take the skill out of the game — they become calling stations and strategic play is really watered down. Thoughts? Thanks for the answers, have a good evening ;)
October 9, 2013 17:16
A lot of times in order to have the ability to isolate a bad player you need to have the other players be afraid to play a pot against you, or at least respect you enough to get out of your way. Sometimes this will involve you getting into big pots with marginal holdings against good players. Obviously don't take this too far or you will just be spewing, but I know from experience that it's much easier to play against someone you know will never really pick on you. As far as poker face, I think just being conscious that your poker face is something you should be thinking about is half the battle. Just try really hard to do nothing unnecessary during a hand, try to stare at a spot and not move, or whatever. Basically it doesn't matter what you do though as long as you do the same thing when bluffing and when not bluffing. Younger players don't take skill out of the game, they just force you to apply different skills. If they are calling too much then you need to value bet more and don't bluff as much. If they are betting a lot then you should be a little more patient in finding a hand you want to go to showdown with, then give them some rope so they keep betting against you.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:52
masuronike: Hi george, do you think you are the best player in 6max satties? Tell me who are the best 3 players in those sngs. Whats your goal in your poker career atm?
October 9, 2013 17:48
I think I'm the best, don't really mean that in a conceited way, I just doubt anyone has put as much work into them as I have. Don't really want to name who else I think is good. Goal is just to make $ really :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:53
nicusor93: Hi George, what means for you poker? Tell me about your future plans in poker :)
October 9, 2013 20:22
Don't really know my future plans in poker. I'm guessing I will stick with it as long as I'm making good $ at it though.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:54
masuronike: Are you still playing poker for money or its more like videogame where you want to earn as much points as possible?
October 9, 2013 20:23
Yeah comparing it to a video game makes a lot of sense to me. It really is fun to see my account balance go up, in a similar way that it is fun to beat your high score at pac man or whatever. In a way though, even though I'm past the point where I really need the money I'm making immediately, it would just seem like such a waste for me to not make $ while I can at poker. Who knows if I will be able to in 5-10 years or whatever.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:56
nnnytram: Helou jorj, How are you? :)
October 9, 2013 20:42
Doing good, how are you? :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:56
maXX: Hello sir, i would like to know how your daily schedule looks like when you are grinding hard. How long sessions, what you drink and these such things. How many hands/hour you play nowadays? Best regards!
October 9, 2013 20:47
My schedule is usually Sun-Tues except during WCOOP and SCOOP when I play every day. I pretty much play all day on days when I play, probably like 10-12 hours on average. I drink water pretty much exclusively, although I will have a coffee in the morning if I wake up groggy. No idea on hands/hr although it varies a lot since I play like 4 tables sometimes and 40 other times.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:57
RakeBackStars: How many times have you been busto?
October 9, 2013 20:53
Never really been busto, been lucky to run good when I needed to. While I still had a job in like 2001, I sat down in a 75/150 stud game with my last $1200 and ran it up to like $13k. Easy game. :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:58
Your_Father: How ti improve at 6max HTs without coaching?
October 9, 2013 21:44
Get really good at ICM and really really good at learning other people's ranges in every spot.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 00:59
masuronike: Did/Do you have problems with your weight? When I play big amount of hours daily my weight increase really fast, any tips?
October 9, 2013 22:43
I've actually lost 90 pounds in the last 2 years just from eating healthier and smaller portions. I actually tend to not eat as much on days when I'm playing because I'm so focused that I forget about food and don't really notice that I'm hungry. It's the off days when I want to snack more.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:01
Quadvquadme: Are the hyper sats you grind beatable pre rakeback? Secondly are they not just exaughstive icmizer studies with very little postflop? When you began poker what limits did you start at? What would you assume your hourly to be if you didn't have team pro but just SNE?
October 9, 2013 22:58
Yeah I beat them for like 1% pre-rakeback I think, not exactly sure tbh. ICM programs are definitely a huge factor but its also important to exploit people in spots where they aren't playing correctly. I began playing 1/3 stud in the casinos in 1998 and played low limit stud and holdem for like a year before I really got serious about poker. No idea what my hourly is tbh, it varies so much based on how I run at the big games.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:04
sauron92: Any particular thing you think you do better than most other regs? How much time do you spend on active studies? (in-game doesn't count). Is it correct that the 3k's often run softer than the 2-300's do or is that just HS regs trying to invite meh regs to join? :D
October 9, 2013 23:43
I think I'm better than most at figuring out other people's ranges in spots and using that to my advantage. I don't spend a ton of time actively studying any more, at most a couple hours a week. Mostly it's just me writing down hands where I'm not sure whether I made the right play, then trying to figure them out in more detail after my session is over. In the $3k's there would be a few players who were probably worse than pretty much any player in the 2-300s, but the average reg in the 3k's is considerably better than the average reg in the lower games. I would guess my roi % is about the same in both.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:29
sauron92: Also, any educational background? If you had to pick another job - which job or sector would it be?
October 9, 2013 23:45
I studied Computer Science at Arizona St. I basically graduated but just never finished my last 2 classes because I got a full time job and then never bothered to finish. Then I quit that job a couple years later to play poker :) If I ever went back to work I'm guessing it would be either in something computer related (if I really needed $) or something psychology related (if I wanted to do something I was interested in).
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:25
mcc3504: Who is your support group? ie guys that you talk strat with for hypers and poker. How much time do you spend studying/working on your game as opposed to playing?
October 9, 2013 23:48
I honestly don't talk to very many other poker players. I'm kind of a loner by nature. :) Out of guys that play hypers I probably talk to scossett the most, but the vast majority of our conversations have nothing to do with poker and way more to do with sports games that we bet on with each other. :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:31
Scarmaker: How would you rate this joke on a scale from 0 to 10? -- http://tiltbook.com/Scarmaker/Status/61346
October 10, 2013 00:21
Haha, I mean, yeah, I'm pretty glad I get to represent PokerStars and not some shady scam site like Lock.
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:33
Thanks for all the questions everyone, gotta go pick up my kid from day care now :)
 photo jorj95 October 10, 2013 01:34
TiltBook: Woohoo! Loved the session, thanks very much George for doing it, everyone for great questions too! :)
October 10, 2013 02:27

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