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domin47: Hello, I mainly wanted to congratulate you, but I would like to ask which hand you think was the most important in SCOOP tournament?
June 5, 2013 16:33
hey thx a lot , maybe one of the last hands on day 1 where i cracked aces with my kings ,that was like 60bbs pot ,i would be left with like 10bbs or so
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:23
pitr: Do you think that in MTT is more important your hand or phase of tournament ? In which town do you live?
June 5, 2013 18:36
kinda both i guess ,but the most important thing is def winning key flips haha and i live in bratislava at the moment
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:22
Scarmaker: Are there any tournaments (both live and online) that you now probably have a decent bankroll for but will not play anyway because I do not feel like being a winning player in such field?
June 5, 2013 18:48
hmm maybe sunday 500s and 100r would a be good idea to skip but i already played them too last sunday lol
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:20
Scarmaker: Did you sell any action from the ME?
June 5, 2013 18:48
nope,i had 100%
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:18
tiltmyname: ako sa tvoj zivot zmenil po takejto velkej vyhre? pocitam ze ani predtym si nechodil do klasickej prace ale aj tak ake zmeny ti to prinieslo, pripadne co si si doprial :-)
June 5, 2013 18:59
ahoj ,no kazdopadne je to docela prijemny pocit mat najvacsiu trefu v svk historii pri svojom mene ale ze by mi to nejak vyrazne zmenilo zivot sa neda povedat ,budem hrat stale poker aj nadalej lebo ma bavi a uvidime co dalej :) a urcite si doprajem dovolenku so svojou priatelkou :)
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:18
MartinAltman: Hi, congrats for sick results. How did you get better? Did you have any coaches, watched vids or just studied yourself? Do you have a backer or you play on your own? Are you going to play all HS tourneys including 100r's etc. with such a big bankroll or just tournaments where you know you have an edge? What are you going to do with $ from your last hit? :) Obviously besides using it for buy ins ;) thx for answers and gl!
June 5, 2013 19:09
hey thx a lot...yep i always studied just by playing & playing and was learning from my own mistakes,always had problems with brm but by time its getting better and better i guess :) Had a backer (vojta_R) for like half a year but quit like 2 weeks before this score, kinda sick right ? :))) also i dont know if im gonna play some HSs ,i guess i will play only sunday majors now and ept sats which i would like to play the whole season,lets see... And right now im considering what to do with this hit (maybe house) but wouldnt like to speak about this right now :) Gl to u 2 ;)
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:15
DajMiCibulu: Planujes si zalozit tiltbook kde by si aj nieco zaujimave postoval ?
June 5, 2013 20:22
po pravde som nadtym nerozmyslal este ale uvidime,som tu novacik ale mozno sa mi to tu zapaci :)
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:24
masuronike: What are you going to do with this money? Do you want to invest them, or try to beat Isildur1 in PLO, or just put them in bank?
June 5, 2013 20:33
dont rly know right now ,considering to invest something but thats rly too early to tell ,and i dont think it would a be great idea to feed viktor with these money :))))
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:37
beed2: grats ;) going to Vegas for wsop ?
June 5, 2013 20:35
tyty ,naah im taking few months off ,not rly in mood to travel to vegas ...i will play only sundays i guess and will focus on ept qualies...
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:38
Scarmaker: How about live tournaments? Thinking of playing any EPTs or anything? WSOP has just started too, any chance you will fly to Vegas this summer?
June 5, 2013 20:35
im not thinking about vegas this year but def about epts ,i would like to travel around whole ept circuit :)
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:39
Scarmaker: How long and big (in terms of BIs) was your largest downswing so far?
June 5, 2013 20:35
thats pretty ironic ,but it was under my backer (close to 50k) still dont rly know hows that even possible lol
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:40
masuronike: If you want to take off some months, what do you want to do? Travel or just relax at home with girlfriend?
June 5, 2013 20:50
yep travelling seems like a good plan to me :) and then with a clear head hopefully gonna make a decent results on epts :)))
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:56
Scarmaker: Any worries that some people might try to hack into your PS account after such huge score?
June 5, 2013 20:53
def nervewracking mornings :D but i dont think such a thing should happen ,also gonna cash it all out so ...
 photo lucasino June 5, 2013 20:57
matoduri: Hey, first of all congrats! :) This year I decided to switch to multitable formats - so far like it a lot and I would really like to hear some of your opinions (although I expect that there is no one correct answer for these questions :) ). Don't know if u played MTSnGs before but would like to ask you - what would be your adjustment when playing MTTs compared to MTSnGs? Also is there any particular MTT tournament that you would advise for bankroll building in this format or it does not really matter? Good luck in poker and in your life as well!
June 5, 2013 21:54
thx a lot...i played a bunch of 180man sngs back then and i think u have to play em lil bit tighter as classic mtts however u need to have a perfect knowledge and adjustment for push/fold phase as they r turbos and at the end kinda crapshoot...so i wish u best of luck with learning how to crush em :) and about my advise of mtts for br building hmm i used to play kinda everything its just about your confidence i guess,rly tough to say :)
 photo lucasino June 6, 2013 15:09
radazatl: Do you really think you have a big enough edge to be profitable at EPTs, considering travelling costs and stuff?
June 5, 2013 23:33
obv not gonna play them with direct buyins etc just because the fact that epts have the toughest fields imo so thats why i will try my best on qualies :)
 photo lucasino June 6, 2013 14:58

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