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masuronike: How much VPPs do you have at the moment? Are you going to grind 6max hypers again in december?
June 12, 2013 19:52
Hey guys sorry for the delay, hopefully you will still find some of these answers interesting. I have about 190,000 VPP at the moment which unfortunately means I am way behind pace for SuperNova Elite (1 Million VPPs). I still am going to try my best to make it this year so that does mean there is a good chance I will be playing a lot of hypers in December (and before). I would like to try avoid a huge amount of volume in December to be a bit more relaxed but because of my VPP count at the moment it's unlikely I can take December off. The games also tend to be extremely reg infested during the end of the year with most regulars making a late push for SNE, or milestones.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:22
MartinAltman: Hey David, nice to see you here. Could you compare the skills of cash game players to mtt players? Do you feel like you have a big edge postflop while playing mtts (and sngs)?
June 12, 2013 20:16
Of course it depends on the stakes, and also the player, but generally speaking cash game players are going to be better post-flop on average compared to SNG or MTT players. There are however of course some very strong post-flop players in SNG or MTTs, especially the better higher stake regs. That being said some cash players do seem to overestimate the edge they have in MTTs, because there is definitely some different skill sets. For example understanding and applying ICM, understanding stack leverage and utility and therefore knowing when preserving your stack is important, identifying and exploiting scared money on the bubble, late game, final table etc and general gameflow/dynamic feel. Also, a lot of cash players are very bad at short/shorter stack play. I do think that being said a smart cash player will learn most of these things to at least a basic level a lot easier than a smart tournament player will learn how to play well post-flop with 100BB though. Tournament players usually also have much better endurance, from being used to playing 10 hour sessions without breaks all the time so a cash player jumping into a full Sunday schedule can easily get burnt out/exhausted if they aren't used to that kind of grind. Without intending to sound over-confident or arrogant, I definitely think I have a very big edge post-flop in both MTTs and SNGs with pretty much all stack sizes vs. a big percentage of regs. (Less so in High Stake Hyper SNGs since the regs there tend to understand the ranges better than I do with more experience/study, and how to play those ranges with say 15BB or less).
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:34
johnaz: What was your biggest aha-moment in CG.
June 12, 2013 22:04
Hmm one of my biggest aha-moment in poker in general (maybe not specifically cash) was just realizing that considering anything in poker standard just because a lot/most other players think it is was very bad for growth. Just because everyone on 2p2 small or mid-stakes thinks you can't flat certain stack sizes, doesn't mean it's true. And even IF it's true, completely writing off the idea is just silly, you should at least think for yourself why it's true or what the benefits/disadvantages of this supposedly "bad play" are so you can learn. Being open-minded will definitely get your further than just listening what everyone else says is standard/correct and just being close-minded about that stuff.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:39
Scarmaker: Why exactly do you play Zoom poker? Do you only play Zoom?
June 12, 2013 23:15
I just prefer the huge convenience of it. The benefits of being able to start your session anytime, play for as long or short as you want and not having to worry about table-selecting etc is awesome for me. It's also a GREAT game to play whilst travelling with a small-ish laptop screen (good volume without needing much monitor space) etc just make it a format I really enjoy. I also have gotten used to a lot of the "dynamics" or differences of zoom so I think I play pretty well. I don't only play zoom, I play almost anything NLHE, mostly SNGs and MTTs.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:41
Scarmaker: Hey Dave, thanks a lot for doing this! What are the key adjustments one has to make to move from classic cash games to Zoom?
June 12, 2013 23:15
Hey no problem, I think in Zoom there isn't that many differences as some players seem to think but the main adjustments in cash to zoom is that you can probably steal a little bit wider or open a bit wider in general compared to regular games (especially at smaller stakes) as people are playing/defending slightly tighter ranges (thus more fold equity) since they can quick fold and get a new hand, instead of wait. In addition you probably have to get used to not having as much information about players and the "session stats" not being anywhere near as useful. For example, if a regular on a normal table is playing super loose on one table it may because he's on tilt, or there are a lot of fish on this table. In Zoom you don't really get to use this kind of information since every table is so different.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:28
Quadvquadme: Hey David, i heard your favourite player is Graeme Putt 'Kiwi G', can you explain a little bit why?
June 13, 2013 02:05
You are mistaken
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:22
Quadvquadme: What is your opinion on MTT regs? and where do they rank within the poker world?
June 13, 2013 02:06
Quadvquadme: Your graph shows you to be down greatly before the sunday 500 bink, i guess your coaching lessons with KIWI G paid off
June 13, 2013 02:06
It was probably the time spent with your lovely sister! (The girl featured in 8/10 of my last avatars)
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:45
Scarmaker: That last question from Quad felt like a needle to me Was that a needle? Who exactly is KIWI G?
June 13, 2013 02:22
He's trolling. Kiwi G is a old live player.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:23
Scarmaker: Following up on your answer to Masuronike's question, do you remember any time where you had to grind because of the VPPs or some other reason but REALLY regretted it because you wanted/supposed to be somewhere else?
June 13, 2013 02:25
In general towards the end of my grind last year, I made 400K VPPs in 50 days. During this time I had to play a lot more than I would have liked otherwise although I don't recall ever having a specific day where I had to miss out on some event/opportunity to hang with friends because I had to play fortunately. Despite being pretty tired with all the grinding, I made it fairly comfortably, not playing that many hours and also having a few days left. This is because I played a high number of tables (like 20+) without game-selecting, and high enough stakes that I was making at peak 3000 VPP an hour. The time zone is pretty good in that the peak hours are in the morning to early afternoon, so usually in the later afternoon or evening when most going out things happen, I wouldn't have planned to grind anyway.
 photo MissOracle June 13, 2013 02:44
MissOracle: If anyone has any questions you can post them here and I will take another look in the next day or two. Thanks
June 13, 2013 02:51
Quadvquadme: "He's trolling. Kiwi G is a old live player." the best damn live player that ever was and will be.
June 13, 2013 03:05
Quadvquadme: t was probably the time spent with your lovely sister! (The girl featured in 8/10 of my last avatars) AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. never
June 13, 2013 03:06

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