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This week's special guest: Jae YugiohPro” Kim

"Hey guys, my name is Jae. I play as YugiohPro on Pokerstars and produce training videos for DeucesCracked.com. Since 2012, I'm one of the biggest online MTT winners playing all buy-in levels for Pokerstars Tournament Leaderboard Points (8th in 2012, 11th in 2013)." Jae Kim amassed over $2,300,000 in tournament cashes over his career with high largest score being a win in $215 Sunday Warm-up three years ago for stunning $125,000!YugiohPro is also going for SuperNova Elite this year and you can read his 2013 summary and 2014 goals in his twoplustwo thread.

Jae will be live on TiltBook to answer all your cool questions on Wednesday, 29.01.2014 at 20:00 CET at www.tiltbook.com/AskThePRO. And as always, remember the best question posted wins $20!

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Scarmaker: Hello Jae! Thank you very much for doing the AskThePRO, love to have you :) Busting me out of the Hotter $44 the other day, I wonder, is there any player you would feel bad about busting out of a tourney?
January 27, 2014 14:54
Thanks. Starting this now! Sorry for busting you, I'll look up your screenname. I have a color for friends, where I'll play near GTO and not go out of my way to take them out. Bigbluffzinc, Frenzuh, MissOracle, Lipofund, Pmahoney, and a few others. But they play pretty tough and fair in general so I won't feel bad unless it's the final few tables of a major or something.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:03
Scarmaker: Also, given how successful tournament crusher you are, you would very likely do great in the live setting as well, yet after checking your hendon mob, you don't have any cash in any of the EPTs or WSOP events. Are you running that bad or are you really not playing them at all? If you are not, then why?
January 27, 2014 14:55
My Hendon Mob is kind of scattered because there are a few Jae Kim's and I don't really consolidate my cashes. I had a deep run in one of the WSOP events this summer and a win in an EPT 1k Side Event. I've actually only been to one EPT though. Definitely looking to get into more live tournaments this year and following.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:04
MillerSTGT: Hey! What is your favorite trapcard? I used to like Magic Cylinder very much.
January 27, 2014 15:03
Seda16: Since Korea's timezone isn't really best for tournament players, how are you dealing with this? Are you trying to play when most of the Europe does?
January 27, 2014 15:05
Yes. I usually play from Midnight to 10 AM or something. Pretty brutal schedule for normal well-adjusted beings but I guess I'm a night owl.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:05
Simis3971: Hey! If all variants of poker were equally well-remunerated, which would be your favourite? Suppose your'e playing on table with poker superstar in the early stages of the WSOP main event, would you take more chances against them because of the glory of knocking out a big name? Or be more cautious because you know about their abilities?
January 27, 2014 15:49
I only play NLHE. I don't think I'm anywhere close to perfecting it, plus it's the biggest game by far (which is really important for tournament players). I stack tables as well so PLO or something doesn't mix with my grind. I've played with quite a few "superstars." I'd basically play normal against them after developing reads. There are a few players that would probably make me play a lot more cautious than normal, especially OOP (Ivey, Dwan, Galfond, Blom, etc).
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:06
fulixas: Hello Jae, Thanks for doing this stuff. :) So, maybe you have any souvenir or something that helps you to win so much money? haha Tell me about your poker story, first time, first win, first badbeat! Why you choosed your nickname YugiohPro? Because you are Pro in YuGiOh? :D Or maybe its some special nick? Do you win so much money in live tourneys? What was your biggest live tourney hit? Why you are suggest to play only mtts? What you advise for players with bankroll with 100$ and they want to play mtts? How to not lose that bankroll? Thanks for answers, wish you big future hits!
January 27, 2014 17:16
No souvenir. I guess I have a turtle pin my now ex-girlfriend gave me. Now it's gone, maybe that's why I'm losing in 2014 so far :P. I don't really believe in things like that though. My poker story is kind of on Poker News: http://www.pokernews.com/news/2013/11/online-chat-jae-yugiohpro-kim-on-relocating-to-south-korea-a-16707.htm Biggest live hit- About 35k Only MTTs- There are more than enough going at peak hours to fill your time. It's better to specialize in one game. Advice for low bankroll- $100 isn't enough to play anything significant. I would recommend either seeking a staking deal (only to build your bankroll) or save up enough to at least start at $5's and higher using about 300-500 BI management.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:09
Seda16: Off poker question - Korea is known for being a paradise for progamers. Have you tried to become a professional Starcraft player?
January 27, 2014 18:14
I think the Starcraft pro gamers actually practice a ton. Only the guys at the top are making a lot of money (at least it was like this for SC1) and they're kind of robot slaves. I actually think they should transition to poker :P And I suck at Starcraft and all RTSes :(
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:58
Seda16: Why is Korea so OP at everything? It's the best country ever, I want to live there
January 27, 2014 18:15
Seda16: If you could recommend one coach to players, who would it be?
January 27, 2014 18:16
I would recommend videos on all training sites before finding a coach. In general, I'm not a big fan of seeking coaching until you feel your game has plateaued.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:09
Seda16: If you look at your whole poker career and had to choose one highlight, that you see at the "breaking" one, it either can be positive or negative
January 27, 2014 18:18
Winning the Warmup back when I wasn't a very good player on a 10k bankroll.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:10
radazatl: Hi! Would you explain briefly when do you think it is a good play to limp bvb, especially in later stages of a tournament? This is one of the moves I have never really used and I would like to incorporate it in my play. http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/6727465_9FA399B299 Something like you did here. :) P.S.: I promise not to use it against you! Thanks! :)
January 27, 2014 18:18
Trki: I saw your people play SC2 ... so in name of all european players i bag your government to make some cool restrictions about poker ...ASAP ! :D Okay now seiously... what is the best book you read about poker?
January 27, 2014 18:23
Overall I would say Harrington on Hold'em since it opened my eyes. But I'm guessing the only applicable book now is The Mathematics of Poker. It's harder to get books in Korea but I know there are still a few good ones being published each year.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:11
Flyingpowder: Hiya Jae~What or who has been the biggest influence on you're poker career? And favorite music whilst playing? Thanks-Fp
January 27, 2014 21:12
BigBluffZinc (high stakes SNG/MTT player and Backer) without a doubt. I listen to a lot of everything while I play but mainly EDM, RnB, and Rap. I actually start every session with a set playlist of songs. Currently: Tonight (favorite song)- In Search of Sunrise 9 Craters of the Moon- In Search of Sunrise 9 Who I Am- Diplomats I would recommend Ghostface Killah- One when you feel like battling.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:14
steliansis: Hey Jae. In this thread i only read about your online career, but i see a picture of you in a Live tournament. What are your Live tournament winnings. What do you prefer- home games poker with your friends, or solo gaming online? What was your first deposit in online gaming :P and lastly if you can tell us a short poker story it will be great :) Good luck at the tables.
January 28, 2014 01:02
I don't like playing home games with friends. I think I first deposited in college on PartyPoker. Must have been 2005 or something. Story- Back in the day, when I had about a 30k bankroll, I played 100NL Rush Poker. I butchered a turn spot with AK and made a bad river call. I had big tilt issues back then so I went on Monkey Tilt. Went to 2/4 HU, lost a flip. Went to 5/10, lost another flip. Went to 10/20 HU, lost another flip. Went to 50/100 on Doyle's Room, bought in for 5.4k and got in TT vs 33 and lost everything. Don't tilt.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:16
pLAYERsvk: hi, we sometimes play together $60,$100 9man turbo sngs. Can i ask you what do you think about these games? How do you rate field of regs there and what do you think it is possible to make profit playing top regs in these games?
January 28, 2014 15:36
I game select them and don't sit in the all reg games. I don't think I (or anyone) is really winning money in a 7-8 reg game. I think a lot of the regs play pretty poorly and have leaks but most of them are better than ICM at me and tight enough which cuts my ROI down a great deal. I think you're very good though :P
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:17
Sr_motim: Hi Jae, Won't you do any more live videos @ DC?
January 28, 2014 16:33
I decided to take a break from making videos for a while. I'm no longer coaching and I felt myself starting to hold back information from my videos. I don't believe in collecting paychecks for videos while not giving it my best.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:18
Scarmaker: How do you feel about this webpage? https://www.facebook.com/pages/Catholics-Against-Yugioh/
January 28, 2014 23:51
Seda16: What about you and live poker? Alot of online guys just can't stand playing live (including me), but you live pretty close to Macao, which is the best place to play live poker right now. Are you planning any trips there? Or tournament series like Aussie Milions?
January 29, 2014 12:59
Yes I make it out to Macau for every major event. Aussie Millions is kind of far from Korea. I'll probably stick to Macau events, Stars Asian events, and WSOP this year. I'd be a lot more inclined to travel far distances if I had won something big by now :P
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:19
Seda16: A good player today can be recognized by simple question: Is Pessagno good or no?
January 29, 2014 13:00
I think I can recognize idiots by how they respond to that question. It takes a ridiculous amount of hubris to believe Pessagno is bad given his results.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:20
djalexlee: What you think is the best strategy in small buyin mtt, with less then 40bbs more then15bbs in the midle stages before the money? You go after maximizing every ev spot? Searching for folding equity? stealing blinds, barelling and light3b lags in good spots with no holdings? or try to focus on valuebet spots with hands that play good post flop and have showdown value, since the player pool is not really able to fold hands? Thnx and wish you the best :)
January 29, 2014 13:57
I play every tournament close to the same. I attack every +ev spot while balancing other considerations (including tournament life). You can make general population tendencies but don't sell your opponents short.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:20
SirLordJames: Hi there, thanks to be here with us! What was that deciding moment of your life, to turn out to be pro a do just poker for a living. Do you consider anything else to do as a job? And finally what do you think about Dennis Rodman? I read, he was recently at you southern neigbors.
January 29, 2014 15:08
I went to law school on a 75% scholarship to try to see if I could make it in poker. I had a pretty good first year (about 50k), then won the Warmup in my second year. So somewhere around that time. I'm pretty lucky I found poker. I don't think I could work a regular 9-5 since I live at such weird hours and have problems waking up for regular commitments. Dennis Rodman is one of the best NBA players by far but he really has nothing to do with me. That's North Korea and I'm in South Korea.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:22
ante262: Hi m8 how many hours/day do you play poker? How many tables at once? and do you ever have downswings,if you do,how do you deal with them? thanks :)
January 29, 2014 15:26
When I do play it's usually 10 hour+ sessions depending how deep I run. I usually try to keep 20 tables going. Downswings are pretty normal, I was actually on a 15k downer this year at about a $70 AB. I just keep working hard on my game and expect to see results.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:23
MillerSTGT: 1) How long were you playing poker before you decided: "I'm going to do this for a living"? What would you consider the turning point (in terms of poker ability, a significant cash, etc) that pushed you toward doing this professionally? 2) What is the best advice that you can give about succeeding in large field tournaments that helped you 'turn the corner' and start to see great results?
January 29, 2014 16:16
1) Already answered. 2) Take every reasonable +chip ev spot you see. If you make mistakes (calling or reshoving that are -ev chip ev), refine your ranges.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:24
latamgrinder: Big fan of the guy
January 29, 2014 17:04
latamgrinder: this is annoying, i have to scroll up to type a new message and then scroll down to read the new ones, hope the developers change this
January 29, 2014 17:06
dexon303: Hallo Jae. Hows life?
January 29, 2014 17:11
It's good. I've posted a lot of updates in my goals thread on 2+2. Went through some personal issues but everything is on an upswing now. Hope everyone is doing great :D
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:59
tompolis: Hey, what mom told you when you started playing poker? :)
January 29, 2014 17:12
My parents are going through some tough times so the money has helped them enough. They keep hinting that I should give it up but I don't have the heart to tell them it's poker4lyfe :(
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:59
masuronike: I think you mentioned somewhere you are in BBZ's stable. Why? Is it mostly because of coaching, or staking or both? Do you coach? If yes, what is your hourly rate?
January 29, 2014 17:50
Yeah I was on my own for most of 2013 and still have a six-figure roll. I had some family issues in 2012-2013 where I bought some equity in my parents' failing business that took a really large chunk of my bankroll so me and BBZ worked out a fair deal. I'm back on the BigBluffZinc team for 2014. Combination of wanting to try bigger buy-in games for SNE and feeling kind of isolated in Korea. I think talking strategy and bouncing ideas off him still helps my growth as a player. I coached at $150/hour but I'm not taking students any more. It takes a lot out of me.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:30
masuronike: Is achieving SNE important for you? Or it is just some kind of personal challenge? MTT players are mostly haters of SNE status
January 29, 2014 17:50
Yes I would love to hit SNE one day. The dream for me would be to grind 50k VPP a month to maintain SNE while trying to win the MTT TLB. It's definitely a personal challenge. So far I haven't even come close to the pace.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:31
PumaPerez: 1) are you involved in any kind of charity? 2) whats first to come to your mind when you win tournament? 3) what would be your advice to give a random MTT player if you have to choose just one?
January 29, 2014 19:13
1) nope. I subscribe to the theory that the money is best in my hands for now. I'll decide what to do with it later once it's all accumulated. 2) I don't really react any more but I also haven't won something really big in a while so who knows 3) Perfect your push/fold ranges first
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:32
lessQQmoreAA: How do you deal with the younger generation of loose, fast online players? These types of players seem to take the skill out of the game — they become calling stations and strategic play is really watered down. Thoughts?
January 29, 2014 19:53
Everyone has leaks to exploit. Strategic play will never be watered down until we move to 5 bb starting stack hyper play. Adjust or DIEEEEEEEEEeeee
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:33
Seda16: I am glad I see you agree that Pessagno is great <3 He is a top lad
January 29, 2014 20:31
Scarmaker: I find it interesting that you totally skipped some of the fun/causal qeustions or replied to some the way you did. Are you really that super serious about poker? Or are you like that in general?
January 29, 2014 20:50
Yeah maybe I have the wrong approach for TiltBook. I read the interviews of some of my friends and I just wanted any poker player who opened this to get a lot of advice about playing MTT's in general with no filler such as my favorite color, the kind of underwear I have on, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and such :P I'm sorry if it comes across super serious or something. I actually like to joke around a lot(I think a lot of this comes through in my videos).
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:56
I will go back and answer some flavor questions to close the last few minutes out!
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 20:56
Okay guys it's 5 am here, going to head out now. I'm sorry if I came across a bit serious in some of my responses. This was a pretty big honor for me so I came prepared meaning serious business I guess. Hopefully we can all be friends and message each other cute emoticons and more personal stuff in the future.
 photo YugiohPro January 29, 2014 21:02
Scarmaker: I did not mean it in a bad way... well, maybe just a little bit, as I think there is no place where humour does any bad... but it was really interesting to see you chuck way those questions totally
January 29, 2014 21:06
Scarmaker: Well, thank you very much Jae for doing the AskThePRO, was a great read! :) MillerSTGT wins the $20 prize for the best question posted, so congratz! :)
January 29, 2014 22:20
blender803: hy there! what was you worst bad beat in a mtt?
January 30, 2014 00:36
ussef61: Hi Please tell me about how to use the notes and the use colors label for a Opponent at pokerstars this option how help player for better action? Please have a example thank you
January 30, 2014 09:35
Sr_motim: For someone who should be enjoying life and says here and there that things are turning good, you seem a bit grey. Turn that shit, what's the point in achieving things and stuff if you don't smile to life?
January 30, 2014 11:15

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