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This hu hyper blog should help me keep me focused on my game

Many people tend to make major mistakes after a bad day. They fall under two main categories:

1. The ones who try to get in even more volume the next day to make up for the losses

2. Those wo dont play at all or only a few games for the next days


Both are bad adjustments to your actual situation. The first player will get in too much of his volume on a not perfect state of mind, the second one will have generally problems with his volume.

Another important point is that you have to improve your b-game, and what better training ground could it be to stick to your volume goals regardless of previous results.

I always try to set a weekly volume goal, splitted exactly for every day. Of course you can deviate from those goals but having them as a general guideline helps avoiding a lot of stupid stuff.

This is an example of how a week at hu hypers sngs could look:


Monday: off

Tuesday: 50 games

Wednesday: 100 games

Thursday: 70 games

Friday: 100 games

Saturday: 150 games

Sunday: 170 games


If you stick to that plan you will not make any mistakes by playing too long or too short sessions because of previous results. Another advantage is that with this system you stop chasing your losses. Who cant relate to that problem? After your session your down 4 buy ins and you have the feeling you have to continue until your at least even. But who cares? Why should it matter? At months end it really doesnt matter when you got out of the red, the same night or the next day

Also a fact that i am not playing the same amount of games every day can help keeping your brain muscle more active. Its important to keep giving the brain different impulses every day. I am sure if you dont change the stimulation of your brain often enough it will get tired faster.

It also allows you to plan study time better. In my example add one or two hours of study on Tuesday and Thursday, and dont waste time on studying on the good weekend days.

Let me know what you think about my approach!

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