~2 BI challenge~

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new challenge for me and my BR

usually I play 5 days/week and sat&sun - my weekends
my sessions near 2-5k hands or 3-8 hours/day
but I need more time for theory/reading books/watching some VODs etc. 
and I'm going to sport lifestyle! I bought 2 dumbells and ordered allready Swedish wall ( horizontal bar;bars)+2kg protein and healthy food
Now I make a meal plan(6 times/day) and exercise plan(3 days/week)+poker learning plan (5 articles/day;1-2 videos and when I read all the articles, I will start reading a lot of books allready downloaded). I got grandiose plans for present and future ^^, 
playing the rake - I play in a zero or even negative, I will put off the question of the platinum star and the supernova before the end of the year. 
Also, I need to improve my winrate, and for this I need to do more theory. 
At the moment, I'm trying to play tight(TAG/ABC/even NIT sometimes-.- ) I play mostly NL25, sometimes NL50, when I got upstreak :)) I hope you all too well.now closer to the business...

I called it "2 BI challenge"!  the basic idea is: 
- play independently of day/session length and MSS/BSS
- play the right amount of time until win/lost 2 BI per day 50$+ or better if upstreak (it does not matter it will be 10 minutes or 3 hours)
- play 30/31 day per month
- I will look at the results, if all goes well, I will stick to this strategy up to 2000 $ (now my BR ~700$ after cashout)
- everything should be fine :) 

so gl me and gl 2 all guys :) respect, peace and pocket Aces :D

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