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Future goals, funny hands and challenge acceptance :D

Hi everyone! I was started my blog. I'm playing poker since 2011. I was played a lot of freerolls at pokerstars and redstar poker. My results wasn't awful, but i want more than 50$ after 6 month. I watched a lot of poker shows especially The Big Game, Poker After Dark, last EPT's and WSOP's, many videos on pokerstrategy(1st level VIP :D) and even was reading some book! Last month i was registered on 888 poker and I was played some cash and MTT tourneys there. After 20 tourneys(1-4$ B.I.) my ROI was 400%, ITM 30% and 3 Final Tables apperance . It's was really fantastic!!!And i decided move back to pokerstars and make some real fkin pro moves :D 
I won 10$ on Full Tilt's freerolls and i replaced 10 bucks in pokerstars from FT. Now 3-4 weeks later i got 300$ bankroll on Pokerstars. I'm playing zoom tables and a little bit SNG and MTT(3-5 tourneys in 7 days).My future goals are: 
~600$ bankroll till 1 June 
~gold star till 1 June 
~planinum star till 1 September 
~3-5k $ winnings till my birthday (24.09) 
~more skills,more sick moves and i need to better math coach 
~ofc learn english :D (sorry guys, i have no time for it) 
something like this :))) ty for watching 

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