2013 review

 photo atunazzz: http://tunazzz.blogspot.com/
short review of my 2013 poker results

Hi everyone, happy new year! I will now review my 2013 results. Looking at the yearly graph is very motivating me to improve. Here is the yearly graph:

I can't maintain a consistent upward going graph, nor is my graph going straight down. I think a lot of my swings are directly connected to my tilt and other psychological problems. Next year i should try to improve it and i think i've done a good job lately as now i already have a habit of checking my results only after a session.

Most of my volume was on three stakes: NL25frZ , NL25fr and NL16fr respectively. 

NL25fr zoom:



I will do some thinking about my plans regarding poker and make another post about 2014 and January goals.

And one more time, happy new year! Here is a gif of a 3D projection on Vilnius cathedral.

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