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598 days ago
I've always wondered if its a good idea to have a pic in your avatar on the poker tables or just leave it blank and have that grey circle like on pokerstars. I think that if you don't have a pic you can be more anonymous than the other guys who do have a pic. So the question is, 'is anonymity important in online poker?' When I spot a leak a player has and know I can exploit it and see his pic, everytime I see the same pic instantly know what leak to exploit. Similarly if there is a reg that is hard to play against and everytime in future I see his pic I'll be cautious against him. So you could say in a way that having a pic gives people more information about you. So is there any advantage of uploading a pic at all? Yet I see a bunch of good players have pics. The pic does differentiate you from other players and gives you an identity. Do these good regs like to be identified?

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