2016 goals

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THE goals




New year is coming and most people will try to set goals and they will fail. The problem is that most people are waiting the new year to set their goals. The time to START your goals is now. The time to set your goals was yesterday ...............but i am not different




I was very sceptical what kind of goals I should set. I know what I would like to improve in the next months but havent thought, how I will achieve them. It is really difficult to set all around goals and achieve everything BUT


Here comes Belthazorrrrrrrrrrrrr




I took a week off poker to really think my goals, break down my plan and decide if this is something I would like to try. Most people are lazy as fack. This is why most humans are underachievers. Most people dont even have goals. I am reading many articles to understand how we fuction. The first important aspect I learnt is ''a person should set goals in order to have motivation''. It is simple as that. How are you going to achieve something if you dont know WHAT are you trying to achieve? How are you going to achieve something if you dont know HOW you are trying to achieve it?


The second important part is that your goals should be out of your comfort zone. A person who is constantly setting easy goals will never improve. Imagine a sprinter who is running 100 meters in 11 seconds. He will never run 100 meters in 10.5 seconds if he will not set the goal at 10.4 seconds. Both concepts are equally important. In order to improve and move forward you have to set your goals out of your comfort zone


As Leo said ''These telephones arent going to dial themselves''



Yearly Goals:


1) Fitness


a) Weight 80kgs steadily. Not this unhealthy state of dropping at 80kgs, then weight 93kgs, then back to 80kgs etc


b) Work out at gym, 200 times


2) Poker


This goal will change if I will play staked. Plan is to play on my own roll low stakes and bumhunt higher depending how I will run. In a year that most people are loosing their time whining in every single thread, in every single post, in every single chat that poker is dead, I will prove that poker is healthy and profitable even though amaya is trying really hard the opposite


a) 200 000$ from all formats, including live

b) More than 29 000 sngs played online


If I will play higher, as main stake, I will adjust the goals accordingly



  1. Mental part


Read 40 books



  1. Eating healthier


I will allow myself a total of 100 meals junk food and 200 glasses of alcohol. This is about 2 meals and 4 glasses per week. When I will achieve this, it will be a huge improvement as I am eating at least 7 meals of junk food every day. Alcohol quantity unknown



  1. 40 thread updates


I would like to keep this thread alive but I am very lazy writing. Lets see if i can change it


  1. Visit 2 countries at least


I already miss people in Malta and Thailand. I would like to see them again but I would like to travel in other places aswell. Mexico, Colombia, Carribean, Spain, Portugal who knows


  1. Sleep with 20 different girls


Last year was amazing regarding this aspect, as I was banging every female moving


This year was very meh hitting middle one digit number. I am not doing this to brag but to move out of the comfort zone and start hunting again. I would like to relive 2014 once more. It goes without saying this is a minor goal, barely one


  1. Visit my siblings 30 times


I am a person who cant keep in touch with people. Even with people i really like. I would like to change this



  1. Donate 5% of my total winnings


I will donate 5% of my total winnings anonymously. We have to help other, less fortunate people. Even though I am helping people who are close to me by giving them items or mental help, I never gave a portion of my winnings to unknown people


In order to achieve them, I have to break them down into smaller steps


Semester goals (until 30st June 2016)


  1. Fitness

a) 80kgs

b) 125 times working out at gym

c) 1290 times of extra cardio on elliptical


  1. Eating healthier


a) 50 meals of junk food max

b) 100 glasses of alcohol max


  1. Poker


16 000 sngs


  1. Books


Read 25 books


And smaller:


January goals:


a) Work out 20 times at gym

b) 8 meals of junk food

c) 16 glasses of alcohol

d) Read 4 books


The final form of weekly goals 1st January until 10th January


  1. Work out 5 times

  2. 2/4 meals/glasses

  3. 1 book



And remember







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