Belthazorrrr'ing my way to 1 000 000$

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Life challenges

My name is George, i am from Greece and I play under the username Belthazorrrr. As you may already know I am one of the most beloved regulars. Some would say I am adorable

I play 200-1000$ 6max hyper sngs on Pokerstars, mainly 1000$. I havent reached supernove elite this year as my life consists of lot outdoor activities and travelling. I am currently on 750k vpps and if I manage to keep my sanity I ll reach elite by the end of October. My grind is 99.99% 6 max hypers but I plan to mess around with other formats


I had a very interesting discussion with a girl last week who made me thinking about my life. During our discussion I realised that even though I am happy with my life I dont feel fulfilled. I couldnt be happier as I have the possibility to do whatever I wish, but it seems that the things I choose to do arent enough to make me feel accomplished anymore

I had extremely interesting life the last two years and I did felt satisfied, so I need to discover what is going wrong now. Actually, one of the reasons I believe I feel empty is because I lived so intense that is very hard to be impressed by anything. I have travelled in UK, Curacao, Malta, Thailand, Laos and Malaisia in less 1.5 year and I experienced everything a human would wish for. I met many interesting people in every country I stayed. Everyone helped me reconsider many aspects in my life, honorable mention to Jesse, Puk, Luuk, Carlo, Ramy, Adam and Ted as they all helped me in my life in their own way(indirectly, some of them taught me even humility. It may sound as a joke to most regs I am playing with but I used to be way more arrogant). I didnt agree with everyone but this is the least important. I think we should always take into consideration what someone says no matter if we agree or not. It is much better to have two bad opinions about something than none as we can lead ourselves to the right (from our point of view) conclusion

I dont take photos of the places i visited, because i think that photos create memories and memories hold you back, instead i try to create new memories but i have saved these photos



Furthemore, I managed to climb the limits from 7$ to 500$ in the same time. (Un)fortunately, I am quite a drinking/partying person and I didnt manage to put enough volume for supernova elite but I didnt felt bad as I was enjoying the sh.it out of my life


I was trying to solve the problem, reading many psychology/mental articles. Most of the articles were leading to the conclusion that I dont have any goals in my life. This is so sad and so true. Every year I had a goal. This year is definitely one of my worst in business for several reasons. One of them is that I had a goal of reaching x amount of money but it quickly went down when I started running bad. I had no motivation to grind, playing 10-20 games and stopping my session as I was feeling there is something wrong in my account. Second reason, is a person who I considered a very good friend of mine scammed me for xx,xxx amount of money. This is when it really hit me. What I am doing, what I want from my life, who I would like to be with. Money was never a big factor for me. I made huge sacrifices to help some people or to do what I thought it was right, bleeding so much money at my own expense. I always consider money as papers to have good time with the people I want, nothing more nothing less
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It was heartbreaking how my ''friend'' acted. Even the other friend I helped didnt act properly who is a total different case. I never expected people to think like myself and do what is right. When I do business, I act in a way to be satisfied with myself no matter how the other person will act in the future. Unfortunately, 90% of people I had business with are ungrateful

The last days, I took some time to think what I want about my life and set my goals. I came in conclusion that I need to achieve these from now on:


1 000 000$ I dont know the exact amount I have made from poker so far. I am playing for 6yrs but spent 4.5 of them playing at abi of 13$ and I never saved any money for the reason I mentioned above. Its not about the money but I feel it would be very cool if I could say I made 1million while I did what I love. My goal is to make 1 000 000$ from October 2015 to October 2017


Learn new formats. I plan to learn many formats and mess around with them including mtts, spins, nl cash, plo cash


Be 77kgs steadily with 15-17% bodyfat. When I was younger I wanted to be a proffessional football player. I used to train from 3 to 6hrs per day. As a result I was 70kgs with 13% bodyfat. The last 7 years I am drinking a lot and eating junk food 3-7 days per week depending on my mood to cook. I have a thyroid issue as well. The result is a very high variance on my weight of 15kgs. I think at least 3 times per year the last 7 years I am from 80 to 95 to 82 to 93 to 82 to 91kgs. This should be done till June of 2016


Save 1k per month for the first year and 2k per month in the second year


Win a trophy in a football competition with my friends

I will post summaries at the end of each month. I may post funny hands, stories from the past or present. The challenge will start when I reach 800 000 vpps so around a week or two as I will travel back to Malta


6 max hypers:
cash holdem:
cash omaha:
betting: (including prop bets, sports bets, freerolls etc)

live cash:

live mtts:


Total: 0 / 1 000 000$


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