End of November 2015 update

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month wrap-up

I havent updated my blog for a while. The main reason is my disappointment for pokerstars as poker leader. When pokerstars announced the vip I wasn’t disappointed neither frustrated. I thought something among the line ‘’ok, no worries, we can still make some money doing what we enjoy.’’ A luxury that most people don’t have


What triggered my frustration was the statement from Daniel Negreanu ‘’It is like running a promotion about a ferrari and when you achieve the requirements of the promotion, you get a typical quote of we have decided to change the promotion for the better of the customers and now instead of a ferrari you are getting a Hyundai’’ and ‘’A big company and THE leader of poker should be transparent’’


I always try to think in a more positive manner than a negative one but this statement made me mad. Why? Because at that moment I felt I got scammed…..again. Apparently, pokerstars is thinking it is a good way to justily their leadership by scamming his clients. The amount of 42k is equivalent to a new store that I could open or a big investment I would make


Moreover the games are running inconsistently. The traffic is picking up at completely random times and it is very hard to follow if I am trying to do other stuff. It is a common secret that traffic is better after 1500-1600pm but now there are times that it is completely dead for 3-4 hours more, while there are random days that is it very good from 1200 onwards. I cant schedule anything if I need to grind and I have to stay in front of a monitor all day


What is even worse is this story affected my life a lot. I haven’t trained in gym or played football neither grinded poker at all the last 1.5week. I am eating delivery food every day, even twice per day and I am drinking on average 4/5 glasses of alcohol per day. As a result I gained much weight. I told my brother if I will not be at 80kg by the end of the year I will give him 500 euros as a freeroll. Current weight is at 94ish kg


I am trying to force a return in my normal healthy routine but I find it extremely hard, as I have zero motivation. Quite facked up situation as I was in the healthy zone for a while and I really enjoyed it. I have no mood to play football but I have a slight mood to start working out again. There is a chance to help myself if I start setting weekly goals again


Goals of the week 1-7th December

  • Work out 5 times
  • Drop 3kgs
  • Read 1 book
  • Play 500 games


Monthly results







I will give 3x100$ freerolls this time. The freeroll goals are 500 games+5x working out+read 1 book+drop 3 kg from 94kg until 7th December


In order to claim the freeroll you have to follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/belthazorrrr and post your nickname here. Only the first three people will get the freeroll


You can understand the laziness from not posting any funny gifs neither checking my grammar mistakes


Have fun everyone :)

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