First week

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First Blood

The first blood

First week of my challenge is over. I wish I could write something along the lines of ‘’I have a very good start, I shipped this this and that and I am running xxx,xxx amount above ev’’ Well propably this isn’t going to happen in this thread. At least not this week

It was a very interesting week. I moved back in Malta, met with some friends of mine that I haven’t met since July, shipped my first live tournament(it was the first played), felt really tilted because I busted every ****** mtt in stars. At least I am quite happy how I played
I am happy with my volume, I am happy that I am working out every day but I am not happy with the amount of money I have lost. Moreover, I am not happy that I ordered junk food every day. As a result, I have lost only 0.5kg

My downswing inside my downswing made me thinking how much I would like to play the ept. I was planning to grind quite a bit, playing all the hyperturbos, ipt main, ipt highroller and ept main but I don’t know if I would like to expose myself in more variance. My postrakeback hourly is higher than a good roi in live mtts and it makes more sense to keep grinding in my games, assuming i am winning on my roi. If i ship an event, well, this is a different story


6 max hypers abi 575$

Mtts abi 356$

6 max hypers: -37 110.18$
cash holdem:
cash omaha:
mtts: -10 028.71$ 
live cash:
live mtts: 1 450e = 1 625.84$
rakeback: didn’t cashed out any fpps or vpps even though I reached 800k vpps

Total: -45 513.05$ / 1 000 000$

I ll give 3x50$ freerolls for not ordering more than 2 times till next Sunday and loosing 1kg more(its one combo freeroll). I am 90.5kg atm

I am reading a very educating book written by Richard Webster. ''Seven secrets to success'' if anyone interested in books

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