May 2016 recap

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The burning hell

Disguting month


It was one of my worst months of my professional poker carreer, close to my first worst months I had a few months back which affected my personal goals. Unfortunately I came short on every single part of my goals


I barely worked out, my poker volume was unacceptable and I read only one book this month. I could blame that I just arrived in Thailand, I could blame that I wanted to party a bit more and hang out with the people I havent met the last two year or the weather or the time zone or the intense allien activity on Thai sky



I will NOT. I am the only one to blame and I have to take responsibility of my action as I always do. I did run horribly bad this month on moniez line and fake moniez line. I have plenty of time to turn this around but I need to record more grinding hours than facking hours









1 000$ only



-28% roi in less than 300 games is always fun




It shouldnt be a suprise as czechpepestreets is running like god for second year in row, riffle and alex.1off start loading 1ks while I am running 5 years bellow ev (not even close to ev, but y ev is broken)



I guess no party for a while, back to work


On the very bright side, I am happy that I met some people I didnt hang out since September 2013, I read an amazing biography of Michael Jordan which I definitely recommend and I crushed sports betting for a decent profit


Sports betting stats:




Michael Jordan




I definitely recommend this book. It is quite exciting to take a peek inside the most successful sportsperson's life and thought process. I gave 5 star rating. I think it is a must read for everyone who feels unmotivated about his goals or he is interested on how you could become successful




There is no success without hard work!!!


June 2016:


As I came short in my goals in May 2016 I have to put the higher and succeed


Poker goals: 180hours or 3 600 games. Both should be meet

Fitness goals: 35 working out hours

Book goals: 4 books






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