My memoirs

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part 1

As I promised I will randomly post facts that happened or happening in my life when I was/am travelling


There was a time in Thailand that I was facking every female hole. I just couldn’t stop.

Some guys told me that I am a sex addict. I was so addicted that I was in business with 1-2 girls every day. I think when we enjoy something we should do it if we dont harm anyone. We have one life and i prefer to be 50 yrs old and regret some things i have done than be 50yrs old and regret some things i havent done . Women in Thailand are average. In my opinion, population is at 6.5 rate even though I found some real gems. Their sexual skills are around 7.5 rate.

So, I was talking to two girls, among others, in thaifriendly, lets call one Alicia the other Fai. Two totally random names but happens to be the real ones. I am talking with Alicia and after 1-2hr I sent a photo of my dick. You know, for evaluation purposes. She replied I want this in my mouth and I was ‘’yes madam. I would like to make your wishes to come true’’.

I am driving to her place, after a 5 minute small talk she says you are handsome, then she pointed at my dick, ‘’I want this in my mouth’’ a voice said. No kissing nothing. She is getting down to business using a very wild secret thai technique. It was the best blowjob in my life. I finished and she was there, like a good soldier, she was still sucking and I was hard again.

After she was pumping her mouth up and down more than 30 minutes I finished again. The voice said one word ‘’sex’’. I had to make her wish come true, after all this is what I have promised. After a very long session I finished for third time and I was exhausted so I got dressed and took the way back

The time was 1500 and I had a message from Fai. She was interested to meet me. We agreed to have dinner in a very nice place across my house as she didn’t want to come in my place in the beginning of first date. We had an appointment at 1800. I was waiting there till 1810 but she didn’t come. As a result I drove back home alone. After 10 minutes I have a message on my phone asking where am i. I said ‘’home, you are late, I am a special, a special one never waits’’ She said ‘’oh come on, there is traffic jam bla bla bla’’, ‘’go home’’ I replied ‘’I am sad’’ I added. Then she proposed to come in my house for a movie. ‘’Movie? Sure’’ fack yea I want to watch a movie I thought. She came in a very impressive/expensive car

Phillip asked me later if she is pro. ‘’Yeah, pro at riding my dick haha’’ I replied. She is getting off the car and surprisingly is more beautiful than photos. Like a really beautiful girl. Very nice facial characteristics. I think I rate her somewhere between top 5 thai girls I met there. She had some leaks otherwise would be top 2. We are going to my room for a movie. The moment she is coming in, she is looking left, she is looking right and she said ‘’you don’t have a tv, how we are going to watch a movie, you lied’’

In my mind I thought ‘’movie’’ was a universal code word for ‘’sex’’. Apparently, they don’t have code words in Thailand. ‘’we can watch a movie on my laptop, no worries’’ I said smiling like a little devil.

I knew by the time she will be on my bed there was no returning. And so she spoke, and so she spoke ‘’ok, nice’’ She is coming on my bed holding my laptop which was turned off. ‘’what is the password’’ a voice said ‘’fack my life, I don’t remember my password, how is this possible, I am screwed’’ I said with a dramatic voice and then I started laughing very hard

‘’I know what you are. You are a playboy’’ she said. ‘’you can call me as you wish, woman’’ winking at her. As she stated before she wasn’t looking for one night stand, she was looking for a relationship but I was clear with every girl that I met in my life. I am not a relationship material. I consider myself a humanist. I have a talent to pleasure women. It would be selfish if I used this talent to please only one woman. This is what I am telling every girl. I am 100% crystal clear that I am not looking a relationship. At my 27th years of age I had only one relationship but the girl was special. I don’t think I ever met a woman like her in my entire life. The only reason we aren’t together is my travelling lifestyle. I spent more time abroad than in my country

Anyway I started pulling off my tricks like a magician

There she was, saying ''I ll have sex with you if you stop facking other girls''

Well we all know the end of this story ;)

After two hours, Ramy was yelling ''George, we are going to bowling and then drinks, are you coming or not?''. ''Give me 10'' I replied. ''As you understand you have to leave woman'' I stated. Then we drove her car out of our village. I was about to leave when she started crying and mumbling she wanted to be my girlfriend.

I felt very bad. I get it. If someone tastes some of me, will want more . I am an addiction, ambrosia or nectar if you wish

I felt really bad because I came out as an asshole but I was very clear with her. My only weakness is when I see a beautiful girl crying. I fought my desire to comfort her and I just said that we will be in touch. Never saw the girl again, she sent messages but it was for the greatest good to not be in touch

Rest of the night was very nice. We had fun playing bowling and drinking. Ramy asked if I am aiming to complete the hattrick but I was fine. It was time for a teammate to score

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