My three year journey

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Livin la vida loca – The Belthazorrrr way – Three year journey



My name is George, i am from Greece and I play under the username Belthazorrrr. I am still raping / getting raped by 6 max hyper turbo format, mainly in 200-1000$ stakes. I feel like I am the last of Mohicans in a slow dying scene




Most regs are moving away or mixing with other formats preferably spins. Yes the format which they think is hurting the games the most. The format which was the reason to accuse Pokerstars as rake whores. Apparently helping Pokerstars raking more and more is the way to go


I am not judging their decision but I think 99% of regs are massive hypocrites. From ''the games are dying 7 years ago'' until ''6 max hypers arent profitable'' a year ago. From ''I will never play again in pokerstars'' to ''some mtts and spins are ok'' Quite funny how everyone is bending over in the end




Of course that was my reaction




I was 100% sure that boycotting would not had any impact because their calculations were fundamentally wrong and I knew most of the regs will mix spins (as they do) because instead of every dumb lie I read, it is a very profitable format


I decided to start a new thread for two reasons mainly. I had too many goals in the previous and I lost my way, now I will have only three. I wasnt sure how the six max hyper scene will be and I couldnt set an accurate goal. Now the good stuff

I will keep everything very simple. I will set three goals and I will break them down in yearly plans. The challenge is from May 1st 2016 until May 1st 2019


  1. GRIND 90 000 SNGs

  1. READ 120 BOOKS

I really enjoy reading books. I read 4 this year. Think and grow rich from Napolleon hill is a must read

  1.  FITNESS 



I will try to write more stuff about my personal life. I think it will be a very interesting thread as I am planning to travel a lot. I am in Asia currently. I would like to visit as many places as I can and do as many activities as I can


I will post articles or other stuff I find interesting whether I agree or not

2016 GOALS:

  1. GRIND 24 000 SNGs

  2. READ 30 BOOKS






  1. 150 grinding hours

  2. 35 working out hours

  3. 3+ books

I was quite busy this year as I renovated an appartment that I will own in the future. It is a big appartment including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining and living room areas. It is around 128sqm and I am very proud that I create amazing things in an age that most greek people are living with their parents

I am living abroad more often than in Greece the last years, yet I decided to renovate an appartment that I will always have. It was quite expensive but the results are qute satifying



Dining Room:

Living Room: (I have secret lighting in the ceiling with different colors, you know, when the party is coming)

Working office:

Where the magic happens:


Even though I am very young, I have travelled in many countries like Malta, UK, Bulgaria, Curacao, Laos, Malaisia, Thailand. I am planning to add much more



I have very interesting personal life but I am not sure how much I will write about it. I did a nice post in a previous thread but it took around 4 hours to construct my thoughts and how I wanted to represent it. I will try my best but no promise



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