Second week

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The obsession


Second week of my challenge is over. I am very happy with my volume and my routine. I read an article about routine two months ago. The author wrote that if you want to improve something then you have to do it for 30 days. For example, would you like to workout more often? Force yourself to workout for 30 days straight. Then your body will seek to exercise, when you miss a workout your body will complain

Same is happening to me right now. My initial plan was to grind 1.2k games in two weeks. I played 1663 instead

hyper graph since challenge started:

mtt graph since challenge started:

Also, i managed to drop down to 87kgs instead of 89kgs which was the initial two week goal. I ate junk food only 2 days. I wouldnt eat pizza/burgers at all but i lost a decent amount of money the last two days and i was in the ''fack this mood''

Moreover, i played two live events 1x50e and 1x100e which i used my rebuy. I finished 4th for 800e. I played for fun as i was very tired from online grinding and i had the desire to spew money. It seems i won some. Profit from live events is 550e. I had a very entertaining table. I busted like a boss, loosing 4 allins in row and everyone (including me) was laughing. Actually, in my last all in, i had AKs vs Q5s and i was railing for Q55 board, unfortunately board was QTx giving me many outs. Thankfully, xx turn river and i was getting the fack out

I won all my freerolls by miles which is quite suprising. I have a prop bet of 200$ running that i will manage to reach elite before 21st October (at 895k vpps atm). I did the bet because i was thinking to play ipt main, ipt highroller and ept main. I decided to not play anything for several reasons. Most important is that i like my routine at the moment. Secondly, my hourly is way higher than live. Thirdly, i dont enjoy live. I felt boredom even playing against entertaining opponents. I assume in the main events, people will be much more tight as they informed me

I was eager to meet many guys but i assume this isnt going to happen unless i change my mind again. I might play one day event but i think 3+ day events is a big commitment which will ruin my routine

weekly hypers:


weekly mtts:

I will give 3x50$ freerolls this week. I will not use chat for one week. The freerolls are going to the first 3 persons who will have a screenshot of myself chatting this week. I am abusing the chat the last years and i am curious to see how it feels to not use the precious stars chat. I guess i will feel less love from regulars

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