Slow start

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I have a very slow start for my goals so far if I could call it ''start'' The reasons behind this early failure is a mix of different stuff that I mismanaged


Moving to Thailand have pros and cons. The biggest con is the time zone. I have to wake up very early or very late in order to put a solid grind. Unfortunately I am a morning person. I tried to wake up late but I didnt had any mood to grind or work out as I felt extremely dizzy and not rested



Lesson learnt. I will wake up early now as it was the millionth time I tried to shift in a night schedule (unsuccessfully) Now I will see the sunset again



I like to watch sports especially football, if I wake up early I will miss most of the euro action. Does anyone know a site which you can download or stream games that ended? Nba has nbaleaguepass but I dont know anything about football


Another important reason is for the first time on my life I find grinding difficult. I havent grind properly the last 3 weeks and it is tough to get back in a working routine. I did expect to be easier, it seems I am way wrong. Every time I load some games I find myself thinking everything but poker



It is the first time I am having experience of something similar but I will find a way to confront it


This issue affects other aspects of my life aswell. I dont have any mood to date. I just want to fack and hang out with my friends. Ah speaking of facking we had a very crazy night. We were having some drinks and a guy asks me what do you think of ''x'' girl? I think she is nice but she seems very tight


''No George she is very bangable and crazy'' Thats all I wanted. I bought ''some'' drinks and game was on



After 2-3 hours of drinking a guy dropped a sick suggestion. ''We should go back to my place and have a pool party'' Then the girl asked me if I would like to come with me and my reaction was



When we returned back home I suggested to come in my room, you know, to give her some clothes to swim



Long story short I banged her once and we went downstairs to enjoy the pool party. You know what they say though, one isnt enough. I was horny again and I was slowly banging her in the pool with other people around, I thought no one will understand it as I was barely moving


After a while one guy was like ''of course I am to a guy and everyone else is banging in my pool'' Shame on me



She was one of the worst sex i ever had. The girl was quite terrible at facking. I remember she tried to give me a bj, I was relaxed leaning back and she did something I have never experienced before. She moved her mouth right and left very fast instead of up and down. I was shocked and I was like



The girl told me she was 24, next day 20 and my friend told me she was 19



That explains a lot


My time wasnt completed wasted when I wasnt grinding. I was thinking how I should invest my money and I thought I should try sports betting aswell. After a month and a half I managed to have 19490 net profit



I didnt grind much but I made some money which is always nice


A funny video I found, I watched this a million times and I still find it funny


Goals update:





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