The 1st week

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Challenge, week no1

The 1st week



Not the best start in my challenge. I am still busy with my appartment. I ordered light fixtures, paintings and fireplaces this week. Enough excuses though




a) I hit the gym 3 times. My goal is to workout around 5 times per week. It is an improvement but I need to motivate myself more



b) I expected to put 0 hours of grinding. I managed to play 5.1 hours

c) I finished one book. I was reading the same book 2-3 months ago but I didnt finish it



Some really nice quotes:


''If we live, God will live with us. If we refuse to take risks, HE will return to heaven and he will stay there as a concept of philosophical discussion''


''He walked through the abyss which seperates the human being from his dreams. Now, he couldnt even return back''


''The realisation of death enhance human beings to live longer''


My rate: 8/10


d) I drunk only 1.5 (3*0.5) glass of wine which is a huge improvement from drinking 5-7+ glasses of alcohol every week




a) I ate non healthy meals every day. I need to change this as fast as possible in order to observe a huge improvement. Most of them were homemade pop corn meals and not purely junk food but it is a leak nonetheless. I was 93.5kg when I started. The weight will be updated every Monday when I wake up



b) I should have put more grinding hours. I was very busy but I had enough time to play another 5 hours, minimum



c) 0 extra cardio which is unacceptable




I watched 3 movies this week


  • Steve Jobs It was quite entertaining movie. It shows that no matter how hard you will be kicked, you can be successful if you are passionate and crazy enough



  • Spotlight Another interesting movie. It shows power can corrupt even the most key members of a society. Moreover it shows that people are naive and they are afraid to dig deeper. Knowledge is a very dangerous weapon. Most people prefer to take the path of unknowledge. All you need is dragging out one piece and the pyramid will fall



  • Revenant I really enjoyed the movie. Most people think it is overrated. I think it will win at least 30% of the oscar awards. Amazing performance from Leonardo Dicaprio. I do feel the movie focused to promote on how good Dicaprio can perform. Very good story, amazing pictures and outstanding performance (again) from Leonardo Dicaprio



My bets are on


Best Movie: Big Short

Best Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio

Best Actress: Brie Larson

Best Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Second Best Actor: Christian Bale

Best Picture: Revenant

Best Editing: Mad Max








I am thinking to buy this product because I am really curious about the presentation




but I wasnt really impressed by the introduction



My next book will be




My 2nd week goals:









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