The beginning

 photo belthazorrrr: I am 99% sure you dont like me. I am 100% sure i dont care,,, https://twitter.com/belthazorrrr
Challenge week no 1

Hallo its me



I didnt manage to start the challenge as I was very busy with my appartment. I had three people working ten hours every day in order to finish their project. I couldnt grind at all and I had to stay at my appartment during their working hours





It took 18 days to get the job done. The specific appartment was a mess. I am quite happy with the transformation as I will own it from 2017. I am waiting to get the furniture until February 5th


I will post the after photo when I get all my stuff


The last two weeks were a waste of my life. I didnt make any progress towards my goals and I wasnt even capable to pursue them



The challenge will remain the same but I will push everything two weeks later.Actually I will add one important part. The............


Bankroll Builder Challenge


Goal: Unlock 1 000$ sngs until September

Starting Roll: 30 000$

Rules: I should have 200 buy ins of the maximum stake I can unlock




30 000$ will be the starting bankroll and I can load up to 200$. In order to unlock the next level

60 000$ bankroll is required to load maximum 300$ sngs

100 000$ bankroll is required to load maximum 500$ sngs

200 000$ bankroll is required to load maximum 1 000$ sngs




The other goals remain the same



January Goals:


I will not set any poker goals due to unstable volume and in real life errants I have to run in order to finish my appartment


  • Work out 10 times at gym

  • 4 meals of junk food

  • 8 glasses of alcohol

  • Read 2 books


Weekly Goals starting on Monday 18th:


  • Work out 5 times

  • 2/4 meals/glasses

  • Read 1 book


Starting at 93.5kgs


Gl in 2016!!!




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