The fitness challenge

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30 days


The 30 day fitness challenge


I always like to push myself for achievements most people think are not possible. I played 20k sngs in a month, which is quite difficult. Another challenge I had was to climb from 7$ to 500$ in a year and I did it comfortably in just 9 months. I had a prop bet in summer to loose 15kgs which most people didnt think it was possible. I dropped from 96kgs to 85kgs in 20 days. (Un)fortunately, I met a very entertaining woman during my challenge who likes games. Drinking games to be specific



From that point on everything went south as expected. I am 100% sure that I would have achieved to loose the additional 5kgs in the remaining 10 days but I will never know. I feel the need to push myself really hard again so I am going to do a challenge. I am very curious to see my results in the end if I am going to achieve it. I already hit the gym 3 times this week but I dont think I put 100% of my effort as I am still drinking/eating quite unhealthy



Even though I lost some weight and my measurements are not exactly these, I am going to take into consideration the first measurements I did 2 weeks ago



What is this challenge about?


-I have to hit the gym 27 times till 6th of December

-I have to do 30 cardio sessions in the afternoon of at least 45minutes (football included)

-I have to update measurements/progress every day starting on 7th November

-Junk food allowed only 2 times

-Alcohol allowed only 5 times of 2-3 glasses

-I have to post when/if I eat junk food or drink alcohol


Sums up to 57 fitness sessions which is quite hard but I am extremely curious to see the results. Will be a fun ride


I will take photos in the end of each week and I may upload in the end of the challenge if I succeed





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