The football challenge

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8 a side


One of my challenges is to win the 8 a side trophy with my friends in the next two years. Last year we lost in the semi finals which was cruel. The league has a very weird system that you are playing in a group of 12 teams. Then the first is playing against twelth, the second against eleventh etc. In order the first team to qualify needs one win, in order the twelth team to qualify needs two wins. The higher we finish in regular season the biggest advantage we have

Last year I didn’t play the first three months and the team was around 8th having several defeats against average teams. I joined them later and we managed to finish third even though I didn’t play football for 5 years




Even though we won the first game 4-0, we were terrible in the second leg and we lost 3-1. It was a bad experience as it is the second time I am loosing in the semi finals. Last time was an 11 a side school vs school game and we lost in penalty shootout

The competition is average, but there are some very solid teams. I am really hyped, especially this year, as they informed me the competition in my position will be tough. We have some guys who didn’t play much last year because they had some injuries but they are back. I am playing attacking midfielder, central midfielder and defensive midfielder. Favourite position is central midfielder, but my best is attacking midfielder. I love players who could play solid box to box like Lampard or Davids or Gerrard

I haven’t joined the team yet but they informed me, we won the first three games. We won the team which eliminated us last year, 7-3. Last 1.5 week I wasn’t careful and I drunk a decent amount of booze, even when I was alone and I ate junk food 5 times. I have a thyroids issue so I gained the weight quickly and I am back at 91kg

My goals for this challenge will be:

-Loose 16kgs in 8 weeks. Even though I feel comfortable playing football, I am getting tired faster than I should. With proper nutrition and proper training I think it is very doable to loose 2kgs per week. I hired a personal trainer and I have a solid plan in order to achieve my goals

-Will be great if average 1.5 goal per game and 1.5 assist per game. As long as, the average number is around 3, I will be super happy

I am super excited about this. It is the least exciting for the poker community I guess but it would be nice to track my record


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