The fourth week

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Another week is over. Quite interesting week. I was running very good most of the time and I finally reached Supernova Elite. I finally joined the precious club of the elite rakeback, during the worst year most likely, as it is a common secret that pokerstars is planning to decrease the rakeback


It goes without saying its not a big achievement, because it is quite easy to reach SNE in my stakes. I feel it is a great achievement though, as I was running 100-150k under ev most of the time and I reached elite 100k under ev. Hopefully, I will run better from now on



There are many regs who are reading my blog and they started spite calling me or playing harder than usual but I enjoy the competition. I tried to reach several regs but they are too snob to answer



Since I started my challenge I decided to have better behaviour at tables and I achieved it except once or twice. It is a huge improvement and I am very happy with that. I cashed another 24 800$ in rakeback






I am quite happy at the moment. I would like to thank every single reg who offered such a tough competition. Everyone knows that 6 max hypers is the toughest format, most likely. I really enjoyed the competition. It feels like every session is a trial by combat



I officially started my fitness challenge this week. Goals are to loose 2kgs per week and achieve an average 3 (goals+assists) in football. We have four wins in four matches and I played my first one yesterday. Even though we won 4/0, I was very bad. I gave one assist but I rate my performance at 5




Main issue is that my fitness level is extremely low. The opponents were running a lot and I was forced to run a lot too. As a result I was really exhausted when I was receiving the ball, making several bad passes and two very bad shots



There is a 90% chance I will start training with an eleven a side team which is one division bellow national leagues. My plan is to hit the gym in the morning and train in the afternoon. I am really focussed on what I have to do in order to improve


I understand there is less than 10% chance to reach the level I was younger but as long as there is a chance I will be there, working as hard as I can. Obviously, poker is and will be the first priority


Results updated:






Goals of the week:

758 sngs
drop 2kgs, starting point 91kgs
average 3 football
gym or training sessions 5x

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