The Kickoff

 photo belthazorrrr: I am 99% sure you dont like me. I am 100% sure i dont care,,, https://twitter.com/belthazorrrr
The challenge part 1

I am starting the challenge today. I am at 760k vpps. It feels i am procrastinating more than eager to start

In order to achieve the bigger goals, we need to break down each step how to achieve them

Poker goals: I need to play 1200 sngs/mtts in the next two weeks. I ll give 3 freerolls of 50$ in the first 3 posters. The format doesnt matter

Fitness goals: I need to do 10 workout sessions of minimum length of 30 mins. I ll give 3 freerolls of 50$ in the first 3 posters

Starting at:
waist 106cm
chest 100cm
bicep 38cm

You should expect updates every two weeks from now on, including graphs like these

I am going to grind mtts today. Hopefully, i ll ship something for a good start. Good luck everyone playing the main event

The fun ride is starting


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