The near 100k month

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end of October 2014 update




This is the best month in my poker carreer so far. I hit my biggest upswing since I started playing poker. Even though it isnt quite big for my abi, I feel grateful after 7 months of a sick downswing. Pre rakeback profits are 45.6k and another 48.8k in rakeback. Near 100k month



I always thought if I will ever have a very big month I would be super pleased or super excited or at least happy. It didnt make any difference. I dont even feel happy. I do think the reason is because my goal isnt 100k in one month but 1m in 2 years. I dont feel I achieved anything. I am still running horendous bellow ev but I am trying to focus on the positive aspects of my carreer



since my challenge started:



There are many regs who are still playing harder against me than they used to. There are several people who are thrash talking me or they are making -1 -2 bubble calls. I dont know if it is funny or annoying but I am going to write about them after my challenge. So far, I am writing their names down





I decided to take a week off poker (played only 120ish games) and make a plan on how I would like my life to be in the next 6 months. I am extremely thoughtful. Firstly, I broke down my priorities


  1. Poker

  2. Fitness/gym

  3. Football/try to reach as high as I can


My initial plan was to hit the gym Monday-Friday 1000-1130 every day, grind 1230-1800, 1830-1930 football training. Saturday grind 5hrs, work out 2hrs, Sunday grind 6hrs and play the Sunday football game. This will average around 38.5 grinding hours if the games are running. There are big issues with this plan


  1. It will be a heavy schedule, I expect to be tired even though I will have a proper diet and I dont know how it will affect my poker game

  2. My average buy in will drop significantly. I expect by 75ish dollars which means I ll earn less money

  3. I dont know how this schedule will affect my mood. Working out always boost the energy levels but too much working out has negative effects

  4. Another issue is that the diet to have a lean/low fat body and the diet to play football is totally different. In the first one you need low carb diet and in the second one high carb diet, but I assume this can be solved


Any advice/suggestion from someone who has experience from a same situation will be much appreciated. I expect till the end of December the games to be really bad so i am not going to grind that much. I have two months to try things out


If I had to choose between football or gym I would choose gym, because I cant reach any national A league in the next 2 years no matter how hard I will train. Moreover, I feel it is more important to fix my body than playing football and have an average physique


To be honest, I feel like I am thinking of it, way too much. I secretly hope I could play in a national division while I actually have less than 5% chance. Realistically, I should hit the gym 5x per week and play football for fun with my friends


Obviously, I have the option to try the hard schedule for 1-2 weeks and if I dont feel happy I could adjust my schedule


I will give 5x50 freerolls to hit the gym 5 times till next Sunday. I am still 91kgs as I ate junk food 4 times, I drunk jaggermeister/redbull and wine another 3 times but I worked out only 4 times which is a huge dissapointment obviously


I will manually enter rakeback as bonuses, so far 48.8k


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