The tournament

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100€ live

I played my first ever live tournament yesterday. I am planning to play some live events during Malta ept in 17 days and i thought it would be a good idea to practise as i have played live cash 1 time and never a tournament

The buy in was 100e, as a result the field was extremely soft. What was shocking is how differently the bad players are thinking in online mtts and live mtts. I saw people folding AJs for 8-9bbs to co shove from the btn. I saw some people limping A7o 10bbs bvb. What was even more shocking was a player 3bet folded while he had behind 17ish bbs with JJ

The tournament was quite smooth. I was chipleader most of the time or very close to chipleader. We were on the final table and people were discussing poker strategy using the word ''feel'' every time and never the word ''range''

I reached heads up against another italian guy. Most guys were very cool after the bubble busted but this particular guy was quite funny. I think i had 60-65% of the chips and i was preparing for our hu battle

Unfortunately he asked for a split. In the beginning i didnt want to split but he told me 300e more is a big amount of money for him (first place was 1.8k second 1.2k). Even though i would be really happy to play against him heads up, i understood his point of view and i agreed to split

All in all, i think that live tournament is ok when it is shorthanded but extremely boring 7+ handed

I do think the best way to approach live poker is to have a notebook and keep tracking all the action. At least that way it would be more interesting

Scheduled update is on next Sunday (including graphs). Seems i am doing ok on both freerolls. My weight dropped a bit but it would dropped more if i wasnt eating crap every day


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