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2015 non poker recap

Another year came to the end. Quite an interesting year as it was the first year of my life that I felt I had no goals until the end of September when I decided to start the challenge. It was the very first year of my life that I tried to search more important aspects of life to expand my personal growth



Poker is a very competitive sport. The only way to understand how successful one person is to take a look at his results(money won). Yet most people dont understand that money is a minor aspect of a happy life. I am not naive. I understand that more money means easier way to achieve happiness but this isnt entirely true




What happens when most people think money are so important? 0 friendship, 0 honesty and everyone is looking how they will have the most profit from the other person. This was the most important lesson I learnt in 2015. When it comes down to money there is 0 friendship and if you really want to be friends with someone then you should NOT have any financial transactions. The incidents that stigmatise me in 2015



-The real life friend


There was a guy in Greece who had no income. I proposed to teach him how to play low stakes 9 man sit n gos in order to have some kind of income. He had 0 knowledge how to beat even 3.5$, yet I was more than happy to teach him because he was a friend. Imagine a high stakes player taking a player who cant even spell icm and teach him everything. Do you even know anyone doing this and taking only 20-30% of a 3.5$ sng instead of playing? I did let him know that I was doing this because he was a friend of mine and I like to help people. I wasnt looking to have any serious profit but I should be rewarded somehow for the time I am giving him instead of grinding. Deal was for 2years


He never studied as hard as he should yet he had some kind of success due to very bad competition. His results were decent but he never played more than 1000 games per week which I think it is ridiculous. I told him either you have to make 1-2 small mistakes per game or you have to play at least 1000 games per week in order to consider moving you in upper limits. He made some shots in 7s and in 15s having disgusting ev results. My decision was to grind 3.5$ until he studied many hours, in order to learn icm good enough to make less mistakes. Every time we had a session I was finding 4/5 average to big mistakes per game which is abysmal if we take into consideration that 9 max icm is the easiest icm format


Suddenly, one day he said ''When I am going to move up?'', ''when you are making less mistakes'' I replied. I am pretty sure he never studied more than 2 hours per week as the mistakes he made were quite common and I couldnt agree to move up when


-every time he made a shot his ev results were horrific

-i could see how many common icm mistakes was making

-every time I asked him what is your range in this spot, was at least 10% wider or tighter


I always advice to focus on improving the skillset than moving up. He had no other job/income and he could focus 24/7 on improving. He was making decent money for himself/he had the opportunity to make decent money for himself in the current stake. Then he told me he doesnt want to have the deal anymore which was shocking for me. From my point of view, I had a ''friend'' who knew I barely had any profit from him, I taught him everything he knew, I spent many hours while I could have done something I enjoyed more, I gave him the opportunity to have some money instead of living like leech and he didnt appreciate anything



Could I have said ''no we have a deal you have to honor our agreement?'' Sure, but I didnt want a horse who doesnt appreciate what I have sacrificed for him or a horse who is unhappy with the current deal. I thought it was a loose/loose situation. I wasnt making any money and I had a ''friend'' who didnt even appreciate my initial effort. He was bad business and I had to let him go. He didnt gave any compensation (of course), we split his profits taking my x% and he started playing on his own


I understand that this is my fault as I overestimated our friendship and his brain capacity. His latter life choices were quite terrible and I was shocked how I made such a huge mistake in first place



-The poker friends


I had an agreement with two friends of mine. Every x vpps we will split our profits comparing to our ev. This way we would reduce our short term variance. The initial thought was to be together until we reach supernova elite BUT anyone could leave whenever he wanted if he had reached the x vpps per time


After the first x vpps the first guy dissapeared which was weird because he was running bad and he would have taken money from us. He never responded in skype and I assumed something fishy was going on. I continued the profit sharing with the second ''friend''. The problem was when I finished the 3rd piece of x vpps he havent even finished his 2nd piece of x vpps. I was running very bad at that moment and really low in real life cash. I decided to continue solo because I had many real life expenses running and I was in a big need for cash


I informed the second guy that I was going solo, he knew I was running bad but he didnt knew the exact numbers, ''ok'' he said. After he finished his 3rd piece, he said we should cancel this because it wasnt right to leave while I was running bad and we should include the first guy for his first piece. I said I dont agree to include the first guy because he dissapeared without saying anything and this is a scammy behaviour. I didnt even believe that his results were the real ones. (un)Suprisingly I learnt (later) that the first guy scammed some people for xxx,xxx amount


The second guy insisted that we should cancel this. I was thinking that if the second guy insists to cancel then something fishy is going on, he must be in a huge profit and he doesnt want to split. I learnt the exact amount I should get was 46 000$ as indeed the guy was running hot. I officially got scammed from a ''friend''


I asked his address from my backer (who is a close friend of him) but he said there is no way he will give it to me. The backer kicked out the first guy who scammed his friends but he did nothing about the second. I assume because they are close. Another guy proposed a way to compensate me for all this mess but the backer did nothing AGAIN



-The backer/friend


I know my backer for two years. The one reason I moved up quickly was my study routine and the other my backer who used to be my coach. The first year I had a contract that when my contract expired I could leave even if I was in mu. There was no clause to grind mu if my contract was expired and this was the main reason I signed it, giving away 40% of my profits. I know it was a bad deal but I was going to get coached by a much better poker player and I could chase higher stakes without the risk of grinding mu. I could loose one year but gain so much experience


I had so much respect for my backer/friend/coach that I decided to grind his part of mu (25k) in the new year even though he said there is no need as there was no clause in my contract to grind mu. Even though I have a very bad behaviour on the tables, I like to help people in real life. Thrah talking is doing the game more interesting



The first dissapointment came when he did nothing when his close friend scammed me. He didnt even try to compensate me somehow. Just nothing


The second and biggest dissapointment came on 10th December. Let me tell you the full story. On 30th October I asked my backer ''are you planning to stake me next year if i have reasonable demands or are you going to stop the staking investments?'', he replied ''i am interested in staking you still''


Last thursday, I posted my demands on the new contract and he didnt reply at all. At least something like ''ok I will take a look'' would be good enough but I guess writing three to five words is taking way too much time and way too much focus for just a high stakes horse or a good friend as what he said I was for him when the scamming incident happened



Anyway, I posted my demands which I thought were reasonable and he agreed that they were reasonable indeed BUT what he shockingly replied after I had to contact him again was ''hey , will not be able to stake you for 2016 in that kind of deal. is nothing personal , i def trust you endless and not trying to hustle another deal.just i am really looking to invest a lot of money into esports next ~15months as that is really where my passion is, so am trying to avoid tieing up large ammounts of liquid.''




One and a half month earlier he clearly states that he is interested to stake me, he agreed my demands are reasonable yet he denies to stake me and he doesnt even have the dignity to let me know in first place, but I had to contacted him with how I would like the new contract to be constructed, in order to let me know he is not interested to stake me. This is how you treat a good friend. Even pokestars let people know that they will trim rakeback two months earlier.



Some people will mention his money, his calls and I completely agree. I cant force him to stake me but this how you treat a person who


-is giving you 25k out of respect

-he doesnt scam you even though he thinks you are involved with the scammer guy and he knows you are very close friends

-you say is a good friend of yours





What bothers me the most is that he didnt have the dignity to let me know earlier so I could search for a backer or adjust my plans. All the plans I made for the new year are ruined and I have to start from the beginning. What would have happened if I revealed my demands on 30th December? I feel disgusted how he treated me as he shows zero respect for myself


Now should I take back my 25k as I have no respect for his persona anymore? Should I take more to compensate myself for his friend's scamming behaviour? I honestly have no idea how I should procceed and I need to think clearly than calling a shot while I am extremely frustrated



-The coach/friend of my backer


In the beginning of June I started working with a nosebleed cash game coach who is a friend of my backer. He is a very good poker player and I was extremely interested to work with him. He said he is going to take on 2-3 students as he doesnt like to work in groups and he thinks working in groups isnt +ev as he is going to make the games much harder. I thought ''perfect'' I will have a mentor. I was going to give a huge cut of profits in order to get high quality coaching


After two months I learnt that my ''I will take only 2-3 students'' coach has opened a stable with another guy and the stable is going to focus on the hyper format. I was shocked and I discussed with him. He said some bullshit reason that he is going to coach them much less hours than me. I didnt say anything because I was getting quality coaching and learning new stuff


On Monday 26th October we split the profits and I sent the money to his account. I informed I sent the money and he didnt reply. The day after, I asked if everything is fine with the money and he said ''haven't looked will do tomorrow'' then he procceeds to ''btw might have to cancel tomorrow have to take care of visa thing here'' where I replied ''no worries :) take your time, we will do on saturday'' This is the discussion from then onwards


[10/29/2015 2:40:48 PM] me: the session for saturday is on?

[10/29/2015 4:48:15 PM] him: yes

[10/31/2015 2:34:54 PM] me: are we going to do a session in 2.5hrs?

[10/31/2015 4:27:12 PM] him: sorry did wake up today feeling a bit sick would like to not speak to much

[10/31/2015 4:30:14 PM] him: I would say I might need 3 days to recover very sorry


Again I thought something fishy is going on because how the fack you know you need 3 days to recover? Why not 1 why not 4? What was even more shocking is that the same and following days he was going full ninja loading games like a boss without saying anything.




I was what the fack is going on and I replied on Sunday 1st ''k lmk when you will'' and he replied ''yeah could maybe be a few days I let you know'' I didnt say I saw him loading last night because I was really curious to see for how long this bullsht behaviour will continue


After 18!!!!!!!!!! days from when he informed me he would be sick for 3 days and loading games every day he wrote ''hi i feel good now so can start do session when ever''. Obviously I didnt answer as I have 0 trust to this guy anymore and I am quite frustrated from his behaviour/his lack of professionalism. It seems he thinks I am some kind of a retard. Quite funny that he contacted me when his upswing was over



It was just another random fact!!!


Why I wrote all these? This was my 2015 all in all. This is my 2015 recap. The worst year of my life. I feel stronger somehow



Money have 0 value. I dont mind if I spent the rest of my life grinding 15-30$ for 50$/hr. Relationships is what I value and what I think really matters. I trully believe in the moto ''they destroy an airport, we destroy a city''



What hurts me the most is that I lost 3 of what I considered good friends for money and a good coach because he is dishonest. All these issues with the addition of pokerstars changes which makes my goals unrealistic I dont find a reason to continue this challenge. Happy 2016 and be careful!!!


What 2015 taught me?


If you value a friendship enough, never have financial transactions that potentially could harm something rare to find



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