recovery grind:)

 photo billynomates: "I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS"
hi im starting my bankroll nearly all over again after a 5 week downswing from hell so i said id make a blog to keep me motavated. im starting back at 5nl with $350 that i have left over from "downsing from hell" i have made mini goals to keep me going so


step1#  grind 5NL untill i have 75buyins for 10NL $750 and drop back if i fll under $650


step2# grind 10nl untill i reach $1250 125 buyins for that level

step3# reach platium star

step4# griiiind it using propper bankroll management to hit 5k even if it takes me a year:)

rules1#  cant not play mtts

rule2# do not play higher than bankroll lets me

rule3# use tiltbreaker

if anyone is doing the same type of grind buildn ur roll if it be wit sngs or small mtts let me no bout ANY advice nothing better than talkn bout poker to someone who loves the game

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