spiritual healing: Spiritual Healing Sydney

Best online Spiritual Healing Sydney. Remote distance crystal healing in Sydney . Remote distance healer using light energy that can be sent any where .
1 day ago

Scarmaker: Live Pokers n' Shit - The Ups and Struggles of fhe Past 3 Weeks

From Rozvadov through Prague to Bratislava, I have been hitting up casinos both as a player and as a reporter.
9 days ago

Puyan: Its Time for DNegs to Quit Pokerstars

He stayed because he thought he could influence Amaya, but he didn't.
41 days ago

wilsonmoore: All about Online Casino Bonus Codes

Online casino gaming is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. More and more people are trying casino games online everyday. The reason for their popularity is just simple
41 days ago

Puyan: A Touristy Visit to Prague!

Checkin' out the beautiful city full tourist style!
68 days ago

TiltBook: Abarone68: I am 6-figures under EV in Spins and people owe me another $90k

He is the best AND the most disappointing Member of the Year we ever had talking with the best AND the most disappointing Scarmaker we ever had. The seemingly anticipated Awkward Banter episode four with Aaron "Abarone68" Barone is here!
77 days ago

Puyan: Boring Apple Still Edges Andriod, BetVictor Aftermath

Thoughts on Apple's Direction. Totally unpoker related!
85 days ago

Puyan: BetVictor Misinformation Mayhem!

BetVictor changed their 4x multipliers to 3x after one month of launch and didn't update their website?!
93 days ago

TiltBook: BONUS: Ivka's super boring and stupid pLAYERsvk story!

A little something something that did not fit into the first parts, but was a shame to leave out!
101 days ago

TiltBook: 0ivka: Poker's just like foosball - it's all mind games at the top level!

The torture, the wait, the anxiety... it is over! The second part of Awkward Banter 3 with 0ivka is finally, finally here! Yaaaay!
110 days ago

Puyan: Where is DNeg's 2017 Pokerstars "God" Promotion?

It was repeated constantly that a great promotion will happen in 2016. 8 months in, where is it?
114 days ago

chvojassen: Nabídka konzultací - produktivita, cíle, návyky, time-management

Pomáhám pokerovým hráčům zlepšit jejich produktivitu a mindset. Hráči se mnou řeší mj. tyto problémy: nedostatek motivace/ stanovování cílů/osvojování nových návyků a zbavení se zlozvyků/time-management.
114 days ago

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