photo bommel186: German Student living in Austria, part time Poker player, love hiking and Enduro Mountainbiking...
Welcome to my little Poker/Lifestyle Blog...

Well Guys here it comes, my first Blog Update on Tiltbook. Let me at first give you a short introduction about myself. My Name is Benny and i'm playin g poker for several years, mostly MTTs and SNGs. But I didn't feel that much confident. So last year I started to play mostly CashGame with some Sunday MTT grinds...

Than two month ago I had to Cashout my Bankroll instead of 80$. Motivated by Team Online Pro xflixx I started my own "Grinding it up" Challenge. But it was not all about Poker and I decided to build up a Bikeroll beside my BR. I started to transfer 25% of my weekly winnings + all VIP Boni to my Bikeroll. My Goal is to buy a new Enduro MTB for the next season. Maybe I gonna ride some regional races. At first I stardted with ZOOM poker and everything was pretty well up up NL10. There I hit a big downer and I decided to switch to the regular Tables. Everything turned around and I'm on a sick heater. And that's where I'm at the moment.

But I'm not playing poker all day. I study civil engineering in Austria, at one of the most beautiful places I've been. It's a small University in the middle of mountains. It's really nice to hike and of course to ride Mountainbike. To my regret I'm not that much interested in wintersports, maybe I will try something this winter. We'll see. I will post some random Pics, Graphs and some random Hands beside the blog. I hope enjoy!!!

At the end of every post I gonna show you my current standings...

Bankroll: 479,26$

Bikeroll: 307,31€

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