To late register or not to late register?

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To late register or not to late register?

Spring is here! Which means fishing, and reading novels by the lake again. Since there are no oceans or other interesting bodies of water anywhere near me, I have to settle for the old, faithful lake!

But anyway, when I cannot go to sleep, read, or write I fire up my laptop in order to progress my poker career. This I try to accomplish by doing my best to book some tournament wins.

One of the interesting conundrums, atleast for myself, is figuring out if I want to play regular structure tournaments or turbo structured tournaments that day. And by extension of the former idea, should I just late register all the tournaments I play that day and start with 20 big blinds, or do I play from the beginning?

So I figure I am going to go through the pros and cons of each method and try to explain why I have been late registering most of the tournaments I play recently.


A. One of the positives of late registering is you cannot eliminate yourself in the first few hours. Since tournaments are essentially a game of survival and you cannot win the tournament in the early stages, would it not be logical to skip the early stages altogether? Yes, you miss out on the oppurtunity to chip accumulate early on, but you also protect yourself from an early elimination in what is likely a very soft tournament you are playing and therefore give yourself and oppurtunity to play cards with weaker, big stacked players in the more important, crucial late portions of the event.

B. You shave off some time off of your session, so you could go and do things that you enjoy besides poker. By not playing the early hours, you essentially could shave off 2-3 hours off of your whole session, which is a blessing if you are busy, swamped with other work, or just tired and ready to catch up on some sleep.

Writing about sleeping actually made me pretty sleepy, I'll continue with the negatives in the next installment.

Good night!




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