Another non-sense blog..

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Hey, I'm Jay from the Philippines. My main games are full-ring cashgames. I currently play at microstakes NL2-10.

Hey guys what's up?

Since I created my account today, also decided to put up my blog here. As my description says, I play currently at NL5 full-ring. My goal as everyone else is to move up, quit my job as callcenter agent and start playing fulltime. Good idea? I'm not sure but I can't stand working and having a boss that you need to please every damn hour. I like working for myself, which means working alone. 

I've been in the poker scene for damn years. 

I'm currently looking for ways to improve. I'm working on a book right now about ranges titled "Holecards Confession"..

Anyone here who plays the same format can always PM me and maybe we can discuss some hands or strategies and help eachother so we can move up the stakes..


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