Call me dumb, I know..

 photo cardman21: Micro-Stakes Cashgame Grinder
So I decided to put up a more detailed description to what I do in poker..

Okay so I did generate the hand I played since I started playing poker seriously. I've been playing poker for a long years, took it seriously for about 2 years ago.. It started when I found a book and started beating NL2-NL5. I was surprised how it worked. It's like a blueprint where even if I don't fully understand everything, I still generate some profit by doing it. Anyway here's my lifetime graph at NL2:


Now, here's NL5:

And then comes NL10 lol

I also had around 2k+ in tournament winnings. 

I know it looks insanely stupid to play this much at this low stakes. Let me just put it this way, I'm not good at managing my BR and personal money. I learned my lessons and trying to correct it this time..


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