2M VPPs 2014

Thanks to @jwawg91 for inspiring me with his cancelled bet (to play 25k sits in a month), i believed it's possible to get the 2nd SNE this year. So firstly, this month I'm gonna play at least 25k tourneys and get at least 400k VPPs. Gonna play 60-300 6max hypers, up to 21 tables simulatiously, at least 8hrs everyday. All the money i'll win i'm gonna spend for a good psychiatrist after i finish :D Next month i'll try too keep it almost the same way, at least 20k tourneys, 320k VPPs cuz the raining season finishes in the end of November so i wanna take some rest in Dec. Here i'll post weekly and monthly results. Let's go!
25k tourneys
25k tourneys in October

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