4 month challenge

i make challenge for myself. I set a few goals for next 4 months( if i saw that things not going on way which i planned, i will quit with poker forever),so let’s start with goals *improve BB winrate – looking into my PT database, i have 9.99BB/100 over 170k sample which is preety bad,so main focus will be on that,so i will try to reach 15bb winrate in next 4 months.How will i do that? from now i will watch every day 2 videos from intermediate section and try to implement what i learn during the game. next thing will be a making notes on villains,especailly if i saw some crazy move. *improving my volume-so far,my best month was may when i played 33k hands,since i don’t have job anymore, i think it’s ok to play at least 45k hands every month. How will i do that? i will set alarm every morning in 7:30 and start with grinding in 8:00, and play till i be able to play my A game.next thing is add few more sites to play,so i can better select villains,and i have more action. *make 20k €– consider this 2 previous goals, i think this is minimun what i should expect to earn in next 4 months, so it’s 5k€ per month. if i will stick what i say in first 2 goals,this shoudn’t be a problem. *reach Advance level I will make update every 2 days here and on my youtube chanell. so wish me a luck and ofc gl to you guys!!!

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